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Chapter 907: Running into Trouble

Grabbing this opportunity, Qi Wuxue smiled and said, "You look very prim and proper. Unexpectedly, your mind is rather dirty, not letting off even a dead person."

Xiao Chen could not help smiling to himself. This Sea Monarch's daughter was indeed very pretty. She did not look dead at all. It was normal for one to take a few more looks. Qi Wuxue's words were somewhat overboard.

Long Fei's instinct told him that this Leng Ao was not a person to offend. He did not want to enter into a conflict with him, so he hurried forward and helped Qi Wuxue by saying some pacifying words.

Leng Ao was extraordinarily calm. He did not say anything. Instead, he only glanced at Xiao Chen before following Yao Yan.

Qi Wuxue muttered, "This fellow is really boring. Earlier, his tongue was very sharp. Now, he does not even have a temper."

Xiao Chen entered deep thought. Something seemed to strike him, but he did not say anything. He simply trailed after Yao Yan and left this place.

After the Ten Thousand Flowers Garden, the group experienced several battles. Once Xiao Chen heard about the effects of the black pearl, he took the initiative to dispose of the black evil Demon clones they encountered, one after another. Now, he already obtained ten Heavenly Soul Pearls.

The two from the One Dao Palace clenched their teeth in anger. The Immortal Cultivator called Chen Lin almost could not endure and wanted to make a move. However, the green-robed youth stopped him.

Xiao Chen smiled coldly to himself when he saw all this, not caring about it. These two people had better not make a move.

When the group was about to enter the great hall, Xiao Chen felt a cry for help from the core jade pendant. So he quickly took it out and checked.

"The Northern Sea Alliance's Yan Chihai is in trouble.

"Lang Taotian is in trouble as well.

"And so is the couple from Spirit Returning Island."

In an instant, three distress signals came from the core jade pendant in rapid succession. When Xiao Chen checked the other jade pendants, he found that they stopped moving long ago. Clearly, these people had died before they could even cry for help.

As for the people who managed to send out a distress signal, Xiao Chen could feel that they were closing in on his group at an extremely fast speed.

He could not help but picture a scene of Lang Taotian and the others fleeing miserably, pinning all their hopes of survival on him.

What exactly did these people encounter for them to send out distress signals all at the same time? Furthermore, the others actually died before they could do so.

Princess Yao Yan's expression changed. She said, "It is more important to save people. Who is the nearest to us?"

"Haha! Rescuing people? You better worry about yourselves first!"

As Xiao Chen and Yao Yan spoke, cold laughter resounded in the surroundings.

Astonishment appeared in everyone's eyes as they quickly searched the vicinity. However, they could not find who was speaking or where the speaker was.

"Whoosh! Whoosh!"

A white figure flashed before the group's eyes. It was as fast as a fleeting shadow, causing ripples to spread out.

Qi Wuxue and the others quickly turned their bodies to track the white figure, to prevent it from arriving behind them. At the same time, they tried to capture its position.

Xiao Chen closed his eyes and slowly floated up. His entire body entered into a relaxed state like quiet hibernation.

Feeling dazzled, Qi Wuxue started cursing. "You faker! Where did this white-skinned ghost come from? If you have the guts, stop moving around for this young master."


Right after Qi Wuxue spoke, a jade-like evil Demon clone with handsome looks giving off a faint silvery light suddenly appeared before him. The two were now face-to-face, their noses almost touching each other.

This sudden development greatly startled Qi Wuxue, who jerked back. That jade-like evil Demon clone smiled, and its five fingers were like knives stabbing towards him at lightning speed.

The evil Demon clone was so fast that his hand did not leave a shadow. The startled Qi Wuxue could not react at all.

Just as the knife-like hand was about to stab Qi Wuxue's heart and take his life, the crisp sound of a saber being drawn suddenly rang out. Then, a bolt of saber-like lightning streaked over.

Xiao Chen quickly made a move, grabbing that jade-like wrist. Then, he raised his hand and tossed the evil Demon clone away.

His Vital Qi surged. That casual toss contained one thousand five hundred tons of force.

Qi Wuxue, who managed to survive, only felt his heart thumping loudly. He stammered, "Brother…Brother…Xiao, many thanks."

Xiao Chen turned around and looked to the front. He said calmly, "Be careful. It's not over yet."

A cool breeze blew, and the evil Demon clone rose out of the deep crater in front and flew over unhurriedly. It licked its lips, staring greedily at Xiao Chen. "Good. I can sense strong Qi and blood in your body. In our terms, you would be considered peak grade food.

"As for you two, you are pretty good supplements," the jade-white evil Demon clone said as he looked at the pair from the One Dao Palace. "The others…they can only be snacks."

Yao Yan whispered, "Xiao Chen, this evil Demon clone swallowed up a Martial Emperor. Two years ago, before it became powerful, I killed it with the Extreme Thunder Sword. However, I did not do a thorough job and created this disaster."

"I'll deal with this. You all step back."

The purple Origin Flame on Xiao Chen's body regathered into a saber flowing with purple light. He grasped the handle, and an electric light flashed under his feet as he quickly charged over.

Martial Techniques were useless on this evil Demon clone; he could rely only on his Movement Techniques and his skill with his saber together with this saber made of his Origin Flame. With it, he could injure the other party.

However, by doing this, Xiao Chen would be abandoning all defense. So the evil Demon clone would be able to harm his body easily.

The white evil Demon clone smiled coldly, and a jade-like sword of light appeared in its hand. It initiated an intense battle with Xiao Chen.

The sword skills of the evil Demon clone were surprisingly pretty good. It could hold its ground against Xiao Chen. Yao Yan gaped when she saw this scene. The sword skills that this evil Demon clone used were precisely those belonging to the Merfolk Race Martial Emperor it consumed. At this moment, when it waved its sword, it actually succeeded in achieving seventy to eighty percent of that Martial Emperor's grace.

After fighting for a while, the white evil Demon clone tried to look for opportunities to get close to Xiao Chen to strike his body. However, he would block the attacks with his saber.

Xiao Chen was very patient. Calm remained in his eyes. He could not find an opening just for now. His opponent's sword skills only had the appearance of that Martial Emperor's grace but not the essence. An opportunity would come sooner or later.

The white evil Demon's frustration gradually increased. It originally believed that by relying on the sword skills in the memories of the Martial Emperor, it could suppress Xiao Chen. Furthermore, it thought that with the advantage of its talent, it would be able to consume him before long.

However, the fight dragged out. Its opponent was as calm as the ice in winter. His mental state did not change at all nor was he impatient, not showing any opening at all.

At this thought, the evil Demon clone's movements could not help going berserk. Its might became like a storm roiling.

Xiao Chen's eyes lit up. His opportunity was here. His opponent finally revealed a gap in its defense. He thrust his saber, stabbing towards his opponent's opening. The sharp counterattack fl.u.s.tered the evil Demon clone.

Xiao Chen pushed back his opponent in three moves. The saber in his hand turned back into the Origin Flame and appeared on his palm. His forehead flickered, and the purple Lightning Talisman infused into the flame.

The Origin Flame instantly gave off a dazzling light even brighter than the sun. Then, it gently shot out and crashed into the evil Demon clone's body.

With its might increased multiple times, the Origin Flame set the evil Demon clone's body ablaze, causing it to scream miserably.

The jade-like body of the evil Demon clone steadily lost its paleness in the flame, turning from white to black, then black to scarlet. Soon, it had become black smoke.

"Don't kill me! Don't kill me! I know where the Sea Monarch's body is."

"You know where the Sea Monarch's body is?" With a thought, Xiao Chen caused the purple fire to stop burning.

"That's right, that's right! I really do know! Back when I was just a will body, I wandered around this Sea Monarch Palace for more than ten years. Not only do I know where the Sea Monarch's body is, but I also know where some of the undiscovered hidden treasure rooms are," the evil Demon clone that had turned into black smoke said quickly as its pain lessened.

Princess Yao Yan revealed a grave expression. She warned, "The evil Demon clones are full of tricks. Young Master Xiao, it is better not to keep it alive. Back then, I was careless and allowed this evil Demon clone to grow to where it was today."

The evil Demon clone could not help but feel fear when it heard Yao Yan's words. It said, "This Young Master, there is a painting above the Gilded Coffin where the Sea Monarch's body is. The person in that painting looks very similar to you. You must be related to that person."

"A painting of the Azure Emperor!"

The Evil Demon clone did not know who the person in the painting was. However, Long Fei and the others did. Qi Wuxue laughed and said, "Brother Xiao, it looks like this evil Demon clone is speaking the truth. The Sea Monarch's body is definitely there."

Long Fei waved his folding fan and said calmly, "Since you know where the Sea Monarch's body is, then spill it! Now!"

That evil Demon clone already turned back into black smoke. However, a white-jade pearl remained in its body. Clearly, its strength was not gone yet, and it could rise up again.

Long Fei wanted to force out the location of the Sea Monarch's body and then kill this evil Demon clone, so that they would not leave behind any danger.

"No way. I won't be able to describe the way there. I will have to lead the way personally." This evil Demon clone was very crafty and did not fall for this trick.

Qi Wuxue snarled, "You can't describe the way there? I think you are just trying to trick us."

He formed hand seals and landed a Muddy Sky Demonic Imprint with traces of lightning-attributed flames on this evil Demon clone. Since the evil Demon clone was greatly weakened, this mprint made it scream miserably.

Xiao Chen waved his hand and stopped Qi Wuxue. Then, he opened his mouth and spat out the refined Dragon Phoenix Cauldron. He said coldly, "It is fine if you don't say it. Just get in here now."

Qi Wuxue had tortured the evil Demon clone quite badly. However, it was not willing to reveal the location. So whether it wanted to or not, it had to get into the cauldron.

Aside from the blazing hot Golden Crow Egg in the cauldron, there was nothing else inside. The evil Demon clone revealed a sinister smile despite itself. This was a good place. If it had another half a day, it could recover most of its strength and free itself.

This evil Demon clone was only one step shy of achieving a Silver Sage Body. As long as the white-jade Heavenly Soul Pearl was whole, it could recover back to its peak.

When I recover my strength, I will take my time swallowing you up. I will torture you slowly and show you pain beyond endurance, the evil Demon clone cursed viciously in its heart.

"Hu chi!"

Before the evil Demon clone could finish the tirade in its heart, it saw a stream of Purple Thunder True Fire fill the entire cauldron.

Xiao Chen did not pour in the Origin Flame in fear of burning the evil Demon clone to death. He only slowly tormented it, making it wish it could die. He could not afford to be careless with this evil creature.

The miserable shrieks resounded from the cauldron without pause. The evil Demon clone rolled around in the fire, suffering endless torture. It simply had no chance of recovering its strength. It was already fortunate to survive.

No matter what, the evil Demon Clone was currently the lowest grade black smoke body. It could not endure the roasting of this purple fire. However, the jade-white Heavenly Soul Pearl it had condensed in its body remained intact.

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