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Chapter 906: Ninety-Nine Peak Spirit Veins

"This is the Ten Thousand Flowers Garden. Back then, the Sea Monarch specially built it to please his daughter. He collected thousands of beautiful flowers from all over the world. Spring, summer, autumn, and winter, hundreds of flowers would bloom for every season, never withering."

Princess Yao Yan explained to everyone as she looked at the beautiful scene before her.

Qi Wuxue felt the lingering Spiritual Energy in the air. He smacked his lips as he said, "This Sea Monarch is really wasteful. I can feel a great formation under this Ten Thousand Flowers Garden. There are at least ninety-nine Peak Spirit Veins. There might even be a Holy Spirit Vein at the center of the formation."

This was indeed wasteful. Aside from being beautiful for others to admire, the flowers in the garden had no other use.

Nevertheless, the Sea Monarch had used ninety-nine Peak Spirit Veins and one Holy Spirit Vein, expending so much effort to erect such a huge formation to make this garden full of flowers that would never wither.

The Sea Monarch had been extraordinarily brutal, an out-and-out tyrant. However, as a father, he had done everything that he could.

Xiao Chen thought about the Sea Monarch Headscarf on his forehead, something that the Sea Monarch's daughter obtained for her father after racking her brains over it. This father and daughter probably had an excellent relationship with each other.

Qi Wuxue felt very excited. He chuckled as he said, "Wasting so many Spirit Veins is such a disgrace. How about we just dig up this Ten Thousand Flowers Garden and split the Spirit Veins evenly?"

The moment Qi Wuque said that, the others could not help but show disdain for him. Leng Ao said mockingly, "The Muddy Sky Gate is a peak sect that ranks among the top in the Primal Chaos Domain, yet you behave like you are a beggar. Have you never seen treasures before, or are you so poor that you don't even have a few Spirit Veins?"

Xiao Chen was surprised. Along the way, this Leng Ao rarely spoke. He kept a very low profile. How come his tongue became so sharp at this moment?

After being mocked as a beggar, Qi Wuxue was about to lose his temper. However, Long Fei stopped him and advised against it, so Qi Wuxue managed to contain himself.

With that, Qi Wuxue's suggestion was left unsettled. As they walked around on the flowered paths, the group experienced the wonders of the Ten Thousand Flowers Garden once more. Some places had spring and others winter.

Each area of a different season boasted different flowers. When one walked around, the changing scenery made them feel like time was pa.s.sing quickly.

"I smell blood, our food! How heavy! How thick!"

Dense black smoke gathered from everywhere in the sky of the Ten Thousand Flowers Garden. There was a significant number of red light mixed in with the black smoke, spoiling the serene atmosphere of the garden.

When the evil Demon clones arrived, the battle naturally started immediately.

With a thought from Xiao Chen, the purple flame in his right eye covered his entire body without leaving a single crack. Then, he extended his hand towards the thousands of evil Demon clones.

Clumps of flames shot out from Xiao Chen's fingers, and miserable shrieks resounded. Be it the black smoke or the scarlet evil Demon clones, none of them could resist Xiao Chen's casual strike. The might of the Purple Thunder True Fire was unparalleled.

The Immortal Cultivator with the Purple Thunder True Fire was also finding this situation quite easy and relaxed. He killed no fewer evil Demon clones than Xiao Chen did.

Leng Ao wore his purple armor, lightning-attributed flames spreading all over his body. With electric light crackling, the evil Demon clones did not dare to go near him.

The even more astonishing thing was that Leng Ao's Martial Technique seemed to contain a lightning-attributed flame—a rare attribute. With every punch, a group of evil Demon clones died.

Qi Wuxue wore a pair of gloves. His hands danced around in the air as he sent many Muddy Sky Demonic Imprints flying all over and dazzling the eyes.

The strong Muddy Sky Demonic Imprint combined with that pair of gloves meant that no evil Demon clone could get near him, either.

Those present here were not ordinary people. The evil Demon clones filled the sky and covered the land. However, with just the few cultivators attacking, in mere moments, only three completely black evil Demon clones remained in the air.

These evil Demon clones had already evolved to a higher level. They were much more powerful than the scarlet evil Demon clones. Their facial features were already distinct, and they had a strong resistance to lightning-attributed flames.

A look of fear flashed in Yao Yan's eyes. She said, "Be careful, these black Demon clones are very difficult to deal with. The Merfolk Race suffered greatly in their hands."

Qi Wuxue chuckled with disapproval. He said, "I have never seen these black evil Demon clones before. Let me test them out."

After Qi Wuxue finished speaking, he took the lead and charged over, staring at one of them.

Xiao Chen frowned slightly. Since this was the first time they ran into the black evil Demon clones, they did not know how strong these Demon clones were exactly. This Qi Wuxue was rather impetuous.

The air filled with palm imprints dazzling the eyes. Qi Wuxue moved his ten fingers and then made all sorts of hand seals. The many Muddy Sky Demonic Imprints in the air combined with the lightning-attributed flames of his gloves, looking very erratic.

"Hmph! You overestimate yourself!"

The black evil Demon clone in the middle snorted coldly. Its figure flashed, and the moment it raised its hand, it threw a punch.

As the black evil Demon clone moved, it tyrannically sucked the Spiritual Energy in the world into its body. A black light seethed on its fist, and dense and thick energy shot out.


The erratic Muddy Sky Demonic Imprints crashed into a strong force and shattered, turning into nothing. Qi Wuxue groaned depressedly and retreated.

The black evil Demon clone flung out its hand, smashing the lightning-attributed flame. Then, a suction from its palm actually slowly swallowed up the flame.

In this simple clash, Qi Wuxue, who had a lightning-attributed flame, was surprisingly at a disadvantage.

The black evil Demon clone in the middle had already gained high intelligence. It smiled coldly and said, "Little girl, I did not expect that you would dare to return. You even brought a few helpers. Do you not know that our master is almost free and will descend upon the world like a ruler?

"It is good that you are here as well. After swallowing up this group of people, we will be able to evolve to an early-stage Sage Body."

"Hahaha! That's right. I have not tasted blood for a very long time."

"Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

Three figures turned into black beams of light, launching themselves at the seven very quickly.

Xiao Chen squinted. The black evil Demon clone that forced Qi Wuxue to retreat charged at him with a sinister smile.

"You are seeking death!"

Xiao Chen's expression turned cold, and the Purple Thunder True Fire in his eye gathered over his fist before he sent out a punch.


Xiao Chen knocked back the evil Demon clone with one punch. The purple fire landed on it and burned on its body. However, that evil Demon clone did not burn to ashes. Its body only shrank a little, and its aura weakened slightly.

"Hehe! The Purple Thunder True Fire, the nemesis of my race. It is indeed painful."

The evil Demon clone laughed its strange laugh again as it charged over once more. It opened its mouth and spat out a dark rainbow. This iridescent black light looked like a black dragon swimming and contained strong suction.

"Chi! Chi!"

The iridescent black light landed on the purple fire on Xiao Chen's body, then burst into flames. In the end, it turned into black smoke and scattered, unable to do anything to him.

"What's going on? Just what grade is your Purple Thunder True Fire?!" This scene stunned the black evil Demon clone.

Xiao Chen smiled coldly to himself. The purple fire on his body was actually all the Purple Thunder True Fire's Origin Flame. It was completely different from the flames gathered over his fist. However, there was no need to tell the other party.

"It is better for you to remain bewildered!"

"Hu chi!" Suddenly, the purple fire on Xiao Chen withdrew and turned into a saber flowing with purple light. He grabbed hold of the saber's hilt, and electric light flashed under his feet as he executed Ghostly Image Chop.

Many purple saber lights, among which the real ones were hard to distinguish from the fakes, chopped up the evil Demon clone in front into hundreds of pieces in the time it took for a spark to fly.

The saber images transformed into a sea of fire. Then, the place trembled as these shattered pieces got annihilated.

Xiao Chen dispersed the flaming saber flowing with purple light in his hand, changing it back into armor over his body. Then, he stretched out his hand and caught a falling round black pearl.

The black evil Demon clone left behind this round pearl after it died. Despite the attack of the flaming sea, the pearl remained perfect and flawless. Xiao Chen took a glance and could not make out anything special about it, so he placed it in his Universe Ring first.

As for the other two evil Demon clones, the two from the One Dao Palace worked together to deal with one, and the remaining four handled the other. The situation was worrying; neither side appeared to have gotten the upper hand in the interim.

"Let's go. This person's Purple Thunder True Fire is not something we can cope with."

When the two black evil Demon clones saw their companion instantly killed by Xiao Chen in the time it took for a spark to fly, the thought of withdrawing appeared in their heads. They turned into two beams of black light and quickly retreated.

"After them!"

The two from the One Dao Palace glanced at Xiao Chen's Universe Ring, revealing faint expressions of greed. Then, they quickly flew in the direction of the black evil Demon clones.

Qi Wuxue said, "Brother Xiao, the two disciples of the One Dao Palace seem to be very interested in the round black pearl that you just obtained."

"Strange. I killed black evil Demon clones before. How come I did not see any black pearls then?" Yao Yan said, feeling doubtful.

Xiao Chen took out the black pearl to examine it. Aside from detecting mysterious dense energy, he could not make out anything.

"Let's not worry about this first. We should give chase and take a look."

The five executed their Movement Techniques and followed after. The evil Demon clones fled very fast. The few of them flew for some time, but they did not see the two from the One Dao Palace stopping.

Only a long time later did the group see the two from the One Dao Palace alight on a flowerbed. However, the two simply stared ahead without moving, looking at something.

The group landed and looked to the front.

Hundreds of flowers bloomed before them. A beautiful girl lay nestled among the flowers and gra.s.s with her eyes closed. Her sky-blue hair glowed, crowned with a ring of fresh flowers.

There was a tinge of red on the girl's white skin, which seemed as tender as water as if it would bruise if wind blew on it. She looked like she was just sleeping and would wake up with a gentle call.

Entangled in a few flowers by the girl's side, the two black evil Demon clones could not get free. The glow on their bodies slowly dimmed. They had already turned back into scarlet evil Demonic clones, and their color was growing fainter. They would probably dissipate soon.

When Princess Yao Yan saw this girl, her expression changed. She looked around and said, "How did we get here? This is the Sea Monarch's daughter. She was buried amid hundreds of flowers. Most people would not be able to find their way here."

Xiao Chen looked around, and all he saw were hundreds of flowers blooming. They all competed with their beauty, filling the vast s.p.a.ce. This was a sea of flowers with no paths leading into it.

If not for the two evil Demon clones fleeing frantically, they would not have been able to find this place.

"Let's go. There is a Hundred Flower Grand Formation here. If we get any closer, we will be in danger."

The two people from the One Dao Palace stared at the trapped evil Demon clones, their eyes clearly showing dissatisfaction.

However, no matter how dissatisfied they were, they could not do anything. This Hundred Flower Grand Formation could easily kill black evil Demon clones. How could they dare to take another half-step closer?

"d.a.m.n it! The Heavenly Soul Pearls that we could have obtained are gone, just like that." The Immortal Cultivator with the Purple Thunder True Fire whispered in a depressed tone, "That is a treasure that can nourish the Yuanying. Just one could advance my cultivation by ten years."

The green-robed youth consoled his junior brother. "Junior Brother Chen Lin, don't be too depressed. There will be more opportunities later."

Before the group left, Princess Yao Yan bowed to the Sea Monarch's daughter. After that, she carefully led the group away. Xiao Chen noticed that Leng Ao's gaze was the last to leave the Sea Monarch's daughter.

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