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Chapter 833: Spirit Vein Revealed

Xiao Chen closed his eyes and extended his Spiritual Sense to its maximum range, scanning the area within ten kilometers. However, he did not discover anything.

Unless one sealed a Spirit Vein's origin with a special method, it should be easy to find from a great distance.

Don't bother looking for it that way. The Spirit Vein's origins are all covered with a peculiar layer of rocks. No Spiritual Energy will leak. Departed Spirit Flowers grow around where Spirit Vein's origins are hidden. If you find a Departed Spirit Flower, there is a good chance of finding a Spirit Vein.

Ao Jiao took the initiative to tell Xiao Chen how to find Spirit Veins here, providing him with detailed information.

Departed Spirit Flowers contained strong Death Energy, something that the Ghost Race and Corpse Race loved. It was not strange that Departed Spirit Flowers would grow where there was no Spiritual Energy.

Just as Xiao Chen pondered, a spiritual light, alternating purple, red, and blue, suddenly soared up in the distance. Auspicious signs descended from the sky.

He frowned slightly. This light was the sign of a Spirit Vein's exposure. Someone actually managed to find a Spirit Vein so fast. The three colors indicated that it was a Rank 3 Spirit Vein.

If a Rank 3 Spirit Vein were sealed under a mountain, it would be able to produce Medial Grade Spirit Stones. In the Sky Dome Realm, these Spirit Stones would be sufficient to start a sect—a large sect at that.

"Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

Naturally, such a mysterious phenomenon attracted attention. Several figures quickly flew towards the spiritual light.

Aside from cultivators, there were also beasts that let out horrifying roars. The Spirit Beasts native to the gra.s.slands were all startled. The auras they gave off were those of Rank 9 Spirit Beasts, equal to a Martial Sage.

Some of these auras daunted Xiao Chen somewhat. It seemed that this desolate gra.s.sland was not as peaceful as it appeared on the surface.

Electric light flared under Xiao Chen's feet. Then he turned into a purple beam and quickly flew over as well.

After a few breaths, he arrived at where the spiritual light was. The scene was chaotic with cultivators from all five races present.

The Ghost Race and Corpse Race cultivators fought each other over a black flower, while the Fiend Race, Deity Race, and human cultivators contended for a clump of spiritual light.

A crystalline glitter came from the clump of spiritual light floating in the air. It sparkled, lending great beauty to the scene.

Needless to say, the black flower was a Departed Spirit Flower. It contained Death Energy and could quickly increase the strength of Ghost Race and Corpse Race cultivators.

The clump of light was the Rank 3 Spirit Vein's origin. Humans cultivated Quintessence; the Fiend Race, Fiend Essence; and the Deity Race, mainly Mental Energy with Quintessence as a supplement.

However, no matter what the three races cultivated, when they reached the Martial Sage realm, they all cultivated Heavenly Sage Laws. The Spirit Vein's origin contained vast Spiritual Energy, which could be converted quickly into Heavenly Sage Laws.

Xiao Chen observed carefully. He noticed that none of the three races fighting for the Rank 3 Spirit Vein was a demonic genius of the younger generation.

He smiled faintly at the prospect of obtaining this Rank 3 Spirit Vein's origin without too much difficulty. As long as they were not demonic geniuses of the younger generation, the other Inferior Grade Martial Sages would find it hard to resist his strength.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

The situation changed abruptly. A figure suddenly charged over and sent out berserk waterspouts. Those cultivators struck by the waterspouts all vomited blood and collapsed to the ground.

With a wave of this figure's hand, everyone fell before him. Even the stronger Deity Race cultivators were no exception. Before they could use their Mental Energy Martial Techniques, the berserk waterspout struck them, inflicting heavy injuries.

The offensive power contained in the waterspout even seemed to be capable of piercing s.p.a.ce. It surged, causing everyone's eardrums to tremble.

"Not bad! It's a Rank 3 Spirit Vein's origin. Even in the Chaotic Demonic Sea, this is something rare."

The figure who arrived laughed loudly and stretched his hand out to take the clump of Rank 3 Spirit Vein light in his hand. All this happened in the time it took for a spark to fly.

Xiao Chen's expression turned grave at the sight of the other party's deep-blue eyes. The figure was actually one of the three Merfolk Race cultivators.

This person had a delicate appearance and looked no more than twenty-five years old. He wore leather armor with many formation patterns that Xiao Chen did not understand. The lines of the formation patterns had a faint light flowing along them. This armor should be something extraordinary.

After the cultivators of the three races suffered defeat before such strength, they were all secretly apprehensive. When they landed on the ground and saw that Merfolk Race cultivator holding the Spirit Vein's origin, they did not dare to do anything.

The young Merfolk Race cultivator put away the Spirit Vein's origin and looked at the cultivators below, who were raging but did not dare say anything. Then he smiled and prepared to leave.

However, the moment the young Merfolk Race cultivator turned around, he saw a white figure, which had shown up at some point in time, looking at him calmly.

This sudden arrival startled the Merfolk Race cultivator. When did this person appear? Why did I not sense him at all?

"Hand over the Spirit Vein's origin, and I'll let you go," Xiao Chen said indifferently, directly stating his intentions.

The Merfolk Race cultivator's lips curled up sightly. He retorted, "Give you something that I, Mu Yun, obtained, for nothing? Stop dreaming!"

This person had a rather explosive temper and spoke in a disagreeable manner. Without waiting for Xiao Chen to say anything more, he sent a waterspout at him.

The waterspout spun wildly, becoming like a beam of light shooting at Xiao Chen. The sound of surging water roared. The approaching waterspout looked like it could easily shatter a mountain.

In this person's hand, the originally gentle and clear water became so berserk, even intenser than flames or ice.


A saber light flashed, and thunder rumbled in the sky. The berserk waterspout parted into two, brushing by Xiao Chen's shoulders and not hurting him at all.

The cold saber flickered with sparks. Xiao Chen held the Lunar Shadow Saber and pointed it at Mu Yun.

When his opponent casually broke his waterspout with one saber strike, a strange look flashed in Mu Yun's eyes. However, he was not frightened.

"Not bad. You are somewhat strong. However, you are overestimating yourself if you want to block me with this little bit of strength.

"Rain like Saber!" Mu Yun shouted and pointed to the sky.

Dark clouds churned and heavy rain fell. The rain moved in a line, becoming like a saber.

High in the sky, a flying Spirit Beast attracted by the spiritual light happened to get in the way of the rain.

Suddenly, the flying Spirit Beast cried out miserably, and thousands of tiny holes appeared in its body. It died instantly without being able to resist.

Rain like Saber…the rain that fell from the sky, moving in a line, was even sharper than a saber.

Mu Yun's lips curled up. This Rain like Saber had killed many Martial Sages in the Chaotic Demonic Sea. It covered a large area and lasted for a long time. Anyone struck by it would not be able to escape getting pierced full of holes.

A vast sea appeared behind Xiao Chen, and ninety-nine pillars of water shot into the air. An Azure Dragon leaped out of the sea, and a larger dragon-shaped saber Qi condensed on the saber.

Before Mu Yun could complete his smile, he saw Xiao Chen chopping with his saber and splitting the dark clouds above in half. Sunlight shone down again, and the heavy rain vanished.

With his move forcibly broken, Mu Yun's Qi and blood surged. His Heavenly Sage Laws turned chaotic. He quickly tried to suppress them.

"Whoosh!" An electric light flashed, and Xiao Chen descended from the sky. He moved as fast as the wind, but his saber was even faster than the sound of the wind.

Mu Yun's figure wavered, and the afterimage he left behind got chopped in half. He held out his hand, and a saber appeared in it. He swung the saber and deflected Xiao Chen's saber strike.

Sparks flew. Xiao Chen immediately followed up with another move. His saber light separated and materialized eighty-one saber images. Each of these saber images contained his will of thunder.

"Dang! Dang! Dang!"

Mu Yun felt his arm turn slightly leaden. He blocked the eighty-one saber images in rapid succession. Every time he parried, he moved back a considerable distance. After the last saber image, he had retreated three kilometers.

Mu Yun could tell that this move was extraordinary. The Heavenly Sage Laws behind him surged, and a vast sea appeared behind him. After that, a saber pa.s.sed over his head and swept forward like a tsunami.


The sea of lightning and the vast tsunami clashed. s.p.a.ce fluctuated violently. Loud reports resounded endlessly. The ground and sky shook.

Blood leaked out from between Mu Yun's lips as he moved back one kilometer. Before he could stand firmly, he suddenly sensed an extremely dangerous killing Qi. However, when he looked around carefully, he could not find any traces of it.

Just when Mu Yun panicked, a pretty figure flashed to his side. This figure moved her ten fingers, and a gentle screen of water formed in front of her.

The instant the water screen formed, a rainbow light flashing like a meteor smashed into it. Ripples spread out on the gentle water screen, slowly dispersing the energy contained in the rainbow light.

The circle of ripples moved increasingly faster. Finally, the water screen actually could not endure this energy any longer. It dispersed in sprinkles of water that filled the sky and fell to the ground.

While the water screen lasted for only a moment, it managed to block the might of that rainbow light.

Xiao Chen did not get greedy. He sheathed his saber and backed off, his actions quick and decisive.

When he looked at who arrived, he saw a girl dressed in similar aqueous-blue leather armor that revealed a lot of skin. She had a pair of beautiful sky-blue eyes.

When Mu Yun saw the water screen break, he felt a lingering fear. Even the princess's Azure Sky Water could not truly block that attack.

If the princess had not arrived, that attack would have killed him for sure.

However, this place was special. Even if he died, he would only be sent out and not suffer actual death.

"Mu Yun, you should hand over the Spirit Vein's origin to this young master. I think this should be a misunderstanding," the beautiful Merfolk girl said gently. Her voice was like flowing water, very pleasant to listen to.

Mu Yun frowned slightly. However, he did not dare to disobey the words of this girl. So he took out the Spirit Vein's origin and tossed it over to Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen stretched his hand out to catch it before casually tossing it into the Immortal Spirit Ring.

He glanced at this girl and did not say anything. He stood on an Azure Dragon image and disappeared into the sky.

Seeing Xiao Chen's indifferent att.i.tude, Mu Yun could not help feeling even more upset. He said, "This fellow is too arrogant. He just left without saying anything, acting as if I stole his Spirit Vein's origin."

The Merfolk girl withdrew her gaze and said softly, "This person is not simple. The Sage Mark Monument is famous even in the Chaotic Demonic Sea and the entire Ocean World. Earlier, this person was standing on the very top of it. I have never heard of anyone being able to do that in the past ten thousand years."

Mu Yun argued in dissatisfaction, "However, no matter what, he is just an Inferior Grade Martial Sage. I don't believe that he would be a match for us if Princess Yao Yan and I work together."

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