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Chapter 823: Demonic G.o.d Blood Sacrifice

After executing a secret art, Zong Zhenghao soared into the air, trying to flee the battle and stop fighting with Xiao Chen.


After reaching a height of one kilometer, Zong Zhenghao ran into a formless barrier and crashed back down heavily. His expression turned horrified.

When Xiao Chen saw this scene, he smiled coldly and sheathed his saber. All the remnant electricity in the air ama.s.sed to form a purple Lightning Talisman.

Xiao Chen pointed his finger and sent out a purple beam of light. The characters for immortal flowed on the talisman. Zong Zhenghao, who just landed, could not react in time. The talisman broke his weak protective Quintessence shield easily.

"Pu ci!" A b.l.o.o.d.y hole appeared in Zong Zhenghao's chest. He howled somewhat in dissatisfaction as he staggered towards Xiao Chen. However, before he could take ten steps, he toppled over.

The purple talisman returned to Xiao Chen's sea of consciousness. Then he made a pulling motion with his hand, and the Universe Flags turned into beams of light, returning to him.

For his first time using the Universe Flags, they were rather effective. He smiled faintly and retrieved Zong Zhenghao's spatial ring and rummaged through it.

Finally, Xiao Chen found the broken half of the Thunder Wood Sword. He could not help but heave a sigh of relief; he had feared that Zong Zhenghao had already melted down the broken sword. In that case, finding it would not have any more meaning.

Retrieving the broken half of the Thunder Wood Sword was purely for Ao Jiao and no other reason.

Ao Jiao revealed herself and played with the broken sword that Xiao Chen handed to her. She had an expression of reminiscence, but the sorrowful cast from before was gone.

She had already placed the Thunder Emperor's matter at the back of her mind. It became just a memory, something she could think about without feeling grieved. One always had to keep looking forward.

"Hehe, this half of the Thunder Wood Sword has plenty of good materials. Do you really intend to give it to me and not melt it down?"

Ao Jiao whirled the broken Thunder Wood Sword all over her hand, moving it around expertly like she had grown another limb.

Xiao Chen's lips twitched, and he pretended to be angry. "Am I that selfish in your eyes?"

Ao Jiao giggled, "Hehe, Stupid Master, you know yourself quite well."

"I suddenly feel like changing my mind. If I melt it down, I would be able to get one or two more materials for upgrading the Lunar Shadow Saber."

"Dream on. How could I return something given to me? It was mine, to begin with."

The two bickered happily as they quickly left the area, heading for the Profound Domain where the Ying Clan was.

Naturally, Xiao Chen could not rely on his own strength to travel to the Profound Domain.

Given the vastness of the Kunlun Realm, without even considering the boundless sea, one had to be at least a quasi-Emperor before one could rely on one's own strength to go everywhere unhindered.

This restriction was due to the spatial composition of the Kunlun Realm. Once one's speed reached a certain level, one could not go faster. One had to be able to tear through s.p.a.ce. If one simply tried to go faster, they would encounter more resistance and would waste more energy.

A Martial Sage would not be able to sustain this.

After traveling in a roundabout manner, Xiao Chen returned to the Central Province of the Tianwu Domain.

Due to the imminence of the Demonic G.o.d Blood Sacrifice, the peak factions in the Primal Chaos Domain changed drastically. All the factions prepared to take advantage of the chaos to earn big.

For the sake of that operation, all of them expanded their territory to try to strengthen themselves.

Several cities with transportation formations became tightly controlled. Only after spending a lot of effort did Xiao Chen finally find a way out, getting to use the transportation formation after paying a large sum.

However, while he was grappling with this problem, a few things happened that showed him the true danger of the Primal Chaos Domain. This place was a land where people of the five major races and some ancient remnant races gathered.

With the combat prowess of an Inferior Grade Martial Sage, one could not do as one pleased. Otherwise, one's life would be in danger.

This place was indeed a heaven for loose cultivators. They did not have to hold back or fear righteous cultivators. He whose fist was larger was right.

The strong grew stronger and the weak, weaker. The principle of the survival of the strongest applied here, on cruel display daily.

After seeing the horrifying acc.u.mulations of some major factions, Xiao Chen felt somewhat worried. If the Demons were to choose the Tianwu Domain to break through during the Demonic G.o.d Blood Sacrifice, it would be a disaster for the humans. In the front would be the Demon army and behind the loose cultivators waiting to take advantage of the situation.

However, there was still some time to prepare. Based on the news Xiao Chen obtained, this Demonic G.o.d Blood Sacrifice was at least ten years off.

Nevertheless, ten years was not really long. From his own experience, six years could pa.s.s without him realizing it. According to this world, he was twenty-three years old.

Even so, to Xiao Chen, the matters of six years ago were like yesterday.

As a Sovereign n.o.ble Clan, the Ying Clan had sunk their roots in the Profound Domain for several tens of thousands of years. Their faction could be found all over the Profound Domain, more or less similar to the Martial G.o.d Palace.

However, when it came to peak experts, the Ying Clan could not compare to the Martial G.o.d Palace.

After Xiao Chen arrived in the Profound Domain, he flew continuously, rushing directly to the headquarters of the Ying Clan in Qin City. This city was even more immense and majestic than Supreme Sky City.

Apparently, the name of the Sky Dome Realm's Great Qin Nation had something to do with this Qin City.

Although this city was the Ying Clan's headquarters, it was still open to outsiders. The entire metropolis was extremely bustling. The number of businesses here far surpa.s.sed that of Supreme Sky City.

After donning a black cloak and entering the city, Xiao Chen rushed to the largest inn in Qin City, the Heavenly Water Inn.

Upon his arrival there, Xiao Chen gave some instructions to a waiter and followed him to a VIP booth.

"Dear guest, please wait for a moment. Our Young Miss will be here soon." In the booth, the waiter addressed Xiao Chen with a respectful expression.

Having waited for around four months already, Xiao Chen was not afraid of waiting a while longer. He waved his hand to dismiss the waiter and took out the painting of the Azure Emperor drawing the saber to look at, as he had nothing to do.

He was already inured to that feeling of dying. Now, he could remain absolutely calm before this painting, as still as a mountain.

In that mysterious s.p.a.ce, the person in the painting broke every move that came his way.

In the time it took to brew two pots of tea, Xiao Chen heard footsteps. He carefully put away the painting and waited quietly.

"Young Master Xiao, it has been about four months, yet you became so cautious. This is really not your usual style."

"Creak!" The door slowly opened, and Ying Qiong walked in wearing phoenix robes and a faint beautiful smile.

Xiao Chen removed his hood and said calmly, "The other three Sovereign n.o.ble Clans see me as an eyesore. I have to be more cautious when coming to the Profound Domain."

Ying Qiong sat across from Xiao Chen, her alluring figure looking very charming. She revealed a deep look in her eyes as she smiled. "The descendant of the Azure Emperor, the first rank of the Proud Son of Heaven Ranking, how can you not attract attention?"

Xiao Chen did not wish to dwell on this topic. He quickly directed the conversation to the business at hand "You went back on our agreement. It is two months later than the agreed time."

Ying Qiong revealed a mischievous expression on her pretty face. She smiled craftily and said, "This is not considered as reneging on the agreement. If you did not want two sets of ingredients, I would have everything prepared long ago."

Normally, breaking an agreement would require the person who broke it to compensate the other party. Clearly, Ying Qiong did not want to suffer from such a disadvantage.

Xiao Chen did not wish to argue with her. He took out his half of the core Great Roc Spreading Wings Painting. Then he said, "Take them out. It is going to take a long time to refine the Breaking Sage Pill. I don't have much time to waste."

Ying Qiong did not drag things out. With a flip of her hand, three brocade boxes appeared before her, floating quietly in the air. She flicked her finger, and the boxes opened.

A heavy medicinal fragrance immediately wafted out. Xiao Chen extended his Spiritual Sense and easily verified that the three herbs were real.

"Good, you did not cheat me. You are indeed somewhat capable. You managed to bring me the three main ingredients," Xiao Chen said indifferently.

Ying Qiong smiled faintly and did not make any further moves. She said, "Hand over your half of the core painting piece first, and I will pa.s.s the three main ingredients to you."

Xiao Chen raised his eyebrows. He asked, "What's wrong? You don't trust me?"

"Haha, then do you trust me?"

Indeed, these two did not trust each other. This girl tricked Xiao Chen once in the Star Grave Palace. Naturally, he would not let this happen again.

Although half of the core painting piece would not allow Xiao Chen to advance to Martial Sage, it was still very useful. Ying Qiong feared that Xiao Chen would go back on their agreement once he obtained what he wanted.

For the sake of secrecy, Ying Qiong had not brought many people with her. Given Xiao Chen's many means, she would not be able to detain him.

Xiao Chen entered deep thought. After muttering to himself for a while, he said, "Very well. Since that is the case, how about we both push the item in our hands to each other at a constant speed?"

Ying Qiong did not hesitate over this idea. "That is fine with me!"

Xiao Chen raised his hand and pushed the faintly glowing core painting piece, propelling it at a slow speed.

Ying Qiong did the same with the three brocade boxes, gradually sending them forward.

Although the distance was less than half a meter, the four items flew at a speed slower than a snail's. After several minutes, the treasures of both sides approached each other.

Xiao Chen and Ying Qiong both heaved a sigh of relief. Once the items crossed the middle, they would be able to obtain what they wanted.


As the two stared at each other with their full attention, someone burst through the doors to the booth. Xiao Chen's and Ying Qiong's expressions changed, both of them quickly reclaiming their items.

The person who barged in was an old woman with high cultivation. Xiao Chen checked her out and sensed that she was at least a Medial Grade Martial Sage.

Ying Qiong appeared more fl.u.s.tered than Xiao Chen. She had a gloomy expression as she helped the old woman up. "What's going on?"

"Young Miss, leave quickly. The people outside are all dead already. I will not be able to hold on for long," the old woman said, coughing and vomiting blood. Clearly, she suffered from severe internal injuries.


Figures flashed outside the door. An old man in yellow appeared. He smiled coldly and said, "Thinking of leaving? You think that is possible?"

Ying Qiong's expression changed. She exclaimed, "Third Uncle! Why is it you?!"

Unexpectedly, the person who arrived was Ying Qiong's third uncle, a person with high authority in the clan and immense strength.

The old woman struggled to get up. After pushing Ying Qiong back, she said, "Leave! Quickly! Don't bother yourself with this old me."

Ying Qiong struggled internally for a moment. She already gained a rough understanding of what was going on. She leaped backward and flew towards the window of the booth.

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