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Chapter 781: Gentle Kiss

"Ao Jiao, are there still sects that preserved the inheritance of Immortal Spells in the Kunlun Realm?"

Ao Jiao replied softly, I'm not sure. According to rumors, there are some sects that still preserved the inheritance of Immortal Spells in the depths of the Chaotic Demonic Sea in the far east of the Kunlun Realm. However, these inheritances are not much, and they are very limited.

Furthermore, Immortal Spells are not like Martial Cultivation where everyone can practice it. Without an Immortal destiny, one cannot even start with the basics. So none of those sects is a major faction at all.

Xiao Chen sank into deep thought. Although the Compendium of Cultivation that he memorized had all sorts of talismans, formations, Medicinal Pills, and Immortal Spells recorded in it, there were very few high-ranked Immortal Spells. Furthermore, using any of them required Magic Energy.

The Immortal Spells and talismans that could be used with Mental Energy were all low-ranked. They were far from comparable to the mighty Martial Techniques, much less Heaven Ranked Martial Techniques.

Immortal cultivation had been abandoned. At this time, if one had the time to pursue Immortal cultivation, one might as well practice Martial Technique, which was more efficient.

However, once the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation broke through to the seventh layer and above, there would be a ma.s.sive change. If Xiao Chen really had an Immortal destiny, he might be able to cultivate Magic Energy.

Xiao Chen collected his thoughts and said, "How unfortunate that Sun Liang still ended up dying. I now have no way to find out why the Eternal Heavenly Sword School is collecting so many dragon bones."

There is no need for regrets. I already guessed it. The words he was going to say after "refine" should be "Medicinal Pills." There is only one Medicinal Pill that requires so many dragon bones—the True Dragon Life Replenishing Pill.

"True Dragon Life Replenishing Pill?"

Ao Jiao nodded and said, That is right, the True Dragon Life Replenishing Pill. It is a peak Medicinal Pill that can extend the life of a Martial Sage. It looks like that Eternal Heavenly Sword Sage did indeed advance to Martial Emperor. However, due to his poor talent, he does not have much lifespan left.

Refining the True Dragon Life Replenishing Pill requires a special fire that only the Chaotic Demonic Sea has. My guess is that that person was the Immortal cultivator that the Eternal Heavenly Sword School invited to refine the Medicinal Pill.

Xiao Chen's eyes lit up. He said, "This means that this Eternal Heavenly Sword Sage did have something to do with the Thunder Emperor's death."

Ao Jiao said sullenly, I met this person before. Back then, he received much care from the Thunder Emperor. Given his talent, without ma.s.sive amounts of a.s.sistance, he would definitely not be able to advance to Martial Emperor.

It is likely that the death of the Thunder Emperor has something to do with him.

Xiao Chen returned to Hunluo City, feeling somewhat crestfallen. When he saw Bai Qi and Xuanyuan Zhantian, the two expressed their grat.i.tude to him.

"Haha! I really underestimated you. It is hard to say who will win in your one-year arrangement with Bai Wuxue."

Given that Xiao Chen could even trample on an Inferior Grade Martial Sage to the point where the Martial Sage could not move, they naturally did not doubt Xiao Chen's strength any longer.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and did not say anything more. Knowing that the death of the Thunder Emperor had something to do with the Eternal Heavenly Sword School, he felt an even greater urgency.

As a Rank 8 sect, the Eternal Heavenly Sword School would have far more than one Inferior Grade Martial Sage. Xiao Chen would have extreme difficulty dragging out that Martial Emperor in closed-door cultivation to question him about the real cause of the Thunder Emperor's death.

However, no matter how difficult it was, Xiao Chen had to try. Regardless of whether was it for Ao Jiao or his own promise, he could not give up so easily.

After he parted from the two, he headed for the Flourishing Heaven Pavilion in the center of the city.

There had not been any major auctions recently, so there were not many cultivators in front of the Flourishing Heaven Pavilion. Xiao Chen stopped there and stared at its golden signboard contemplatively.

After hesitating for a moment, Xiao Chen entered. He saw someone in the hall, and his eyes could not help but light up.

A pretty maid smiled faintly and walked over to him. She was the Xiao Mei who had served him here in the past.

"Young Master Xiao, it has been half a year. Your strength improved again, congratulations."

As Xiao Mei's red lips parted, her melodious voice rang out. "May I know what Young Master has come to the Flourishing Heaven Pavilion for?"

Xiao Chen did not bother wasting words. He promptly took out a piece of paper listing several Spirit Herbs, all ingredients for refining the Breaking Sage Pill.

A few of these ingredients were very precious, things that could only be found but not sought. Xiao Chen did not expect to be able to collect all of them in one go, so he just gave instructions to try and obtain two sets of everything.

When he finished, he added special instructions to buy a Heart Nourishing Flower as well.

The Heart Nourishing Flower was necessary for cultivating the next layer of the Firmament Body Tempering Art. In the past, he did not have Astral Coins. Even if he managed to see the Spirit Herb, he could not buy it. Now that he had Astral Coins, he naturally had to keep an eye out.

After Xiao Mei heard everything and wrote it all down, she smiled and said, "Young Master Xiao, please head upstairs and wait first. I will go and help you settle this. Furthermore, the Honorable Nangong has been waiting for you for a long time already."

This news stunned Xiao Chen somewhat. Unexpectedly, Ying Qiong had not left yet!

In the vast room on the third floor of the Flourishing Heaven Pavilion, white smoke rose up from the incense burner on the tea table. The room looked tidy and elegant.

Ying Qiong had recovered the n.o.ble atmosphere she exuded previously. She looked refined and elegant. When she saw Xiao Chen arrive at the door, she smiled faintly.

"Young Master Xiao, after not seeing you for half a year, you have become even more magnificent. You can even trample on an Inferior Grade Martial Sage. This little lady is full of respect."

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and stepped forward. Although no footsteps were audible, a certain force struck the ground.

When Xiao Chen was just ten steps away from the table, he suddenly attacked, sending a punch at Ying Qiong.

Ying Qiong set down her teacup and pushed off the floor. Then her body drifted lightly to the back.

Xiao Chen stepped on the tea table and gently jumped forward, chasing closely. Then he twisted his body and kicked with his right leg.

"Dang! Dang! Dang!"

Within the room, the two did not use their Quintessence or much Vital Qi. They simply fought each other with their moves, giving off sounds full of force.

Soon, the two exchanged hundreds of moves. Their figures flashed in the room, moving up and down, left and right. They attacked and defended, advanced and retreated. However, neither of them gained the upper hand.

Suddenly, Xiao Chen squinted and stretched his hand out to grab the punch Ying Qiong sent over. He clutched her fist and applied some force, preventing her from struggling free.

Ying Qiong's pretty face changed slightly. She put in more effort and discovered that she was truly weaker than Xiao Chen. Furthermore, she did not really want to fight him. She could not help but order angrily, "Let go!"

Xiao Chen smiled faintly, not saying anything. Catching Ying Qiong off guard, he pulled her into his embrace. A simple and elegant fragrance came from the girl.

Xiao Chen took in a gentle whiff as he moved his face closer. The two's eyes met, their noses practically touching. This posture looked rather suggestive.

The two spun around and gently drifted to the tea table.

"Let go of me. What do you think you're doing?" Ying Qiong frowned. She could not figure out what Xiao Chen wanted to do, which made her nervous.

As she spoke, the warm breath from her mouth made Xiao Chen's face feel very comfortable. When he felt the girl struggle, he could not help but apply a little more strength.

As they stared into each other's eyes, Ying Qiong saw a trace of a playful expression in his clear eyes. She could not help but feel guilty.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Chen moved forward gently and planted his lips on her fresh, red lips.

Time seemed to come to a stop. Ying Qiong opened her eyes wide. Shock and amazement struck her at the same time. She stopped caring about anything else and circulated her Quintessence, wanting to knock him away.

However, Xiao Chen merely looked up and laughed. He dodged before the attack landed. "Bang! Bang! Bang!" Her Quintessence smashed some nearby decorations into bits.

As Ying Qiong stood on the tea table, a cold expression appeared on her pretty face. A faint murderous intent gleamed in her eyes as she said frostily, "Xiao Chen, you are really bold. Are you not afraid of me getting angry?"

He continued laughing loudly and said, "If there were people who could hold me back in this Flourishing Heaven Pavilion, would you still be so polite to me? If you want to ask if I have the other core painting piece, you can just ask."

Using his Spiritual Sense, Xiao Chen detected four Martial Sages in the Hunluo City's Flourishing Heaven Pavilion. Of which, there was one Medial Grade Martial Sage.

With such strength, it was no surprise that no one dared to cause trouble within three kilometers of the Flourishing Heaven Pavilion.

However, trying to hold back Xiao Chen, who already merged Thunder Steps and Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art, would still not be realistic. Even if he could not defeat a Medial Grade Martial Sage, he would manage to leave if he wanted.

This girl once nearly caused Xiao Chen's death. He could not hit her or kill her, but he had to take something somehow; hence the earlier kiss.

Seeing the girl clearly bursting with rage but unable to do anything, Xiao Chen knew he had accomplished his goal, so he felt much happier.

At Xiao Chen's words, Ying Qiong's expression changed somewhat. She said softly, "You really obtained the other core painting piece. Indeed, it is as I guessed, that barrier would not be able to hold you for long."

Right after she spoke, her expression returned to normal. Suddenly, a smile appeared, and she looked at him meaningfully.

Xiao Chen's skin had always been thick. Since the other party wanted to stare at him, then so be it. His expression did not change at all.

"I originally thought that Young Master Xiao was extraordinary, unaffected by beauties and having a pure heart focused on cultivation. Based on today, you exceed this little lady's expectations.

"However, there are some girls whom you cannot touch. Do you know what trouble this kiss will bring you?"

Xiao Chen answered honestly, "I don't know anything about trouble, but I do feel much happier. I already achieved my goal. We are now even for the matter of you trapping me in the stone hall."

How hateful! Unexpectedly, this fellow only did this to take revenge for me backstabbing him? Am I, Ying Qiong, that unattractive?

Ying Qiong's expression changed, the smile on her face disappearing. After a long silence, she managed to suppress her agitated emotions. She said, "Fine, I will not continue with this nonsense. I need your half of the core painting piece."

Xiao Chen replied straightforwardly, "Impossible."

"Don't be in a hurry to reject me. I do not know what kind of fortuitous encounter you've had, but it looks like you have indeed grasped the Immortal Epoch's Alchemy techniques. However, the main ingredients needed for the Breaking Sage Pill—Flaming Sun Fruit, Three Sage Gra.s.s, and Heavenly Dragon Flower—cannot be bought even with Astral Coins."

Xiao Chen raised his eyebrows and said, "Just tell me what you want."

"With the Breaking Sage Pill, you are almost certain to advance to Martial Sage. This core painting piece is not very useful to you, but it is my opportunity to advance to Martial Sage."

Ying Qiong continued, "Hand your core painting piece over to me, and I will give you the Flaming Sun Fruit, Three Sage Gra.s.s, and Heavenly Dragon Flower. This is quite a fair trade, everyone obtaining what they need."

Her words were worth considering. While the Martial Sage realm was still far away, once Xiao Chen gained enough acc.u.mulations in the half-Sage realm, he would already have his opportunity to break through to Martial Sage in the form of the Breaking Sage Pill Alchemic Recipe. If what she said was accurate and those three Spirit Herbs were un.o.btainable with money, then it would be somewhat problematic.

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