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Chapter 717: Strong Efficiency of a Peak Grade Immortal Spirit Ring

Even if Xiao Chen had no use for the Lunar Ca.s.sia Tree, he could sell its flowers and fruits to obtain more resources. In the future, he would not lack Spirit Stones.

However, it took five hundred years to flower and another five hundred years to bear fruit. Xiao Chen could only slowly wait for this absolute treasure to form, holding on for a thousand years.

When Ao Jiao saw Xiao Chen's appearance, she covered her small mouth with her hands and giggled. "Hehe! Don't feel down. Since I got you to do it, how could I make you wait for a thousand years?"

Hope kindled in Xiao Chen's heart. He asked, "Could there be some way to speed up the growth of the Lunar Ca.s.sia Tree?"

"Naturally there is. Don't forget that your Immortal Spirit Ring is a peak grade Immortal Spirit Ring. It descended from the Immortal Epoch in its complete form. Compared to the latter imitations and mended ones, it is much, much stronger."

Ao Jiao continued unhurriedly, "As long as you obtain a Spirit Vein of a higher rank, any Spirit Trees, including the Lunar Ca.s.sia, will grow faster."

A Spirit Vein was not that easy to obtain. However, at least he had a strategy now. At any rate, he would not really have to wait for a thousand years.

Xiao Chen could not help but ponder this problem. Then, as he took out the Monarch Blood Gra.s.s, his downcast face finally revealed a smile.

Regardless, he had managed to obtain the precious Monarch Blood Gra.s.s.

He rinsed the Monarch Blood Gra.s.s and immediately placed it in his mouth to chew slowly. Then, he refined that ancient sovereign's bloodline within it bit by bit.

Xiao Chen's blood surged as if it was lava. He could distinctly feel his Qi and blood continuously growing stronger, his aura becoming more refined and powerful.

The vast, respected, ancient sovereign's bloodline slowly changed his state of mind and aura.

After that, he managed to obtain nine more Monarch Blood Gra.s.ses from other forbidden lands with the aid of the Savage Battlefield map, getting through daunting experiences without mishap.

After consuming ten Monarch Blood Gra.s.ses in the Savage Battlefield, Xiao Chen felt his physical body undergo an internal renewal.

Such a renewal did not refer to an enhancement of the bones, skin, or internal organs, or an increase in his physical strength. Instead, it was more of a feeling of vitality.

In the past, Xiao Chen's body had only been close to a Rank 1 Sage Body. Now, he had completely attained the standards of a Rank 1 Sage Body. Furthermore, he far exceeded the standards in certain ways.

The way Xiao Chen viewed particular problems unconsciously changed somewhat as a result of the wondrous feeling that came with the advancement of his physical body.

As for the remaining Monarch Blood Gra.s.ses, obtaining them would be rather hard. They were either too far or would take too much effort to get. Furthermore, doing so would be more dangerous.

Hence, Xiao Chen gave up on this thought. Besides, he was already very satisfied with the ten Monarch Blood Gra.s.ses.

In the past, when Nuan Muyun obtained a Monarch Blood Gra.s.s, she could not even bear to use it. However, Xiao Chen consumed it like he was eating a regular meal, ingesting ten Monarch Blood Gra.s.ses in quick succession.

If this were known, it would be really interesting to see the scared expressions of some people.

We should go to the True Dragon Cave next, right? They have probably arrived at the core zone already, Ao Jiao said from the world in the Immortal Spirit Ring.

At this moment, Xiao Chen was just a peak Medial Grade Martial Monarch. Compared to the sect disciples who were here for experiential training, he would be considered nothing. There were at least eight hundred, if not a thousand, people with cultivations higher than his.

However, after consuming the ten Monarch Blood Gra.s.ses, no matter how much Xiao Chen withdrew his aura, he gave off a feeling that would evoke irrepressible fear in the depths of one's heart.

He intended to use his aura first to suppress his opponent and take the initiative.

Xiao Chen said calmly, "There is something that I need to do. It is time to take out the Netherworld Flower in the Immortal Spirit Ring."

Since he was going to the True Dragon Cave, if he did not have sufficient trump cards that could shock others, no matter how many treasures there were, he would not be able to get any.

Ao Jiao, who was within the Immortal Spirit Ring, had been prepared long ago. She gently waved her right hand, and the white flame within the Netherworld Flower's core slowly drifted out of the ring.

A white light in Xiao Chen's left eye flickered as he released the pearl-sized Lunar True Flame's Origin Flame. Then, he began the process of absorbing the Netherworld Flame.

Among the Yin-attributed flames, the Netherworld Flame ranked quite highly. After swallowing it, Xiao Chen's Lunar True Flame would improve remarkably.

In the past, for the sake of ensuring a balance between Yin and Yang, Xiao Chen had to suppress the Purple Thunder True Fire's Origin Flame somewhat, because the Lunar True Flame was too weak.

As a result, Xiao Chen could not bring out the true might of the Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram.

"Zi! Zi!"

The pearl-sized Lunar True Flame's Origin Flame swallowed the Netherworld Flame, continuously giving off sizzling sounds. The white Origin Flame grew visibly larger bit by bit.

Knowing that he could not rush the process, Xiao Chen controlled the Lunar True Flame leisurely; he was neither anxious nor nervous.

Time slowly went by. When the Lunar True Flame finished swallowing the Netherworld Flame, its pearl-sized Origin Flame had grown to the size of a baby's fist.

The pale-white flame floated in the air, giving off a ghastly aura. Even though the temperature did not drop, it made others tremble despite the lack of chill.

Then, with a thought, a beam of purple light quickly came out from Xiao Chen's right eye. At this moment, he released the Purple Thunder True Fire's Origin Flame without holding back.


Suddenly, the purple and white flames started to chase each other quickly. Soon, a Taiji Diagram appeared.

At this moment, Xiao Chen perfectly merged the strong Yin and Yang flames. His Mental Energy drained continuously.

Yinyang, four divisions, the eight trigrams, and other scenes appeared around the Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram. Taiji gave birth to Yinyang, which produced the four divisions; the four divisions gave birth to the eight trigrams, which created everything.

The Taiji Diagram formed by the Yin and Yang flames was the crystallization of the ancient Chinese sages' wisdom. The Taiji Diagram materialized the scene of creation and how everything came about from nothing.

[TL Note: One version of the creation story from the ancient Chinese is the story of Pangu. The scene of creation referred to here is that story. Rather than spend multiple pages explaining it, here is a wiki link for the explanation:

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/... style="">.]

Amidst the darkness, Xiao Chen seemed to have witnessed creation, a panorama of everything arising from nothing. All sorts of scenes of the mortal world unfolded. The Taiji Diagram contained everything.

After the Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram achieved the perfect balance, it advanced to a whole new level, undergoing a significant qualitative change.

Xiao Chen stretched his hand out and pushed forward. In that instant, s.p.a.ce and time froze as the Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram moved forward. Heaven shook, the earth rumbled, s.p.a.ce trembled.

It seemed like the entirety of s.p.a.ce moved. At this moment, even if there were a mountain in front blocking him, the Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram would completely uproot it.


Suddenly, the Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram gave off a bright golden light illuminating the dark s.p.a.ce as bright as day.

In the next moment, the flame diagram exploded. A horrifying energy wave spread in all directions, forming golden ripples.

The air seemed like water undulating outwards. The golden light was like paint. s.p.a.ce shook violently.

Only after a long time did the horrifying energy waves slowly fade. The golden light vanished. However, transparent ripples remained visible in the air, flickering nonstop.

When Ao Jiao, who was in the Immortal Spirit Ring, saw this scene, she exclaimed in shock, "This move is becoming more and more powerful. No wonder you have the confidence to challenge Bai Wuxue in half a year!"


Purple and white lights flickered and returned to Xiao Chen's eyes. Then, he said, "Let's go. Right now, I should have no problems escaping any of the seven giants.

"If I run into Bai Wuxue this time, I will not need to rely on First Senior Sister again. If he wants to take forcible action, I will not mind giving him a shocking surprise."

The Dragon Burial Mound, where countless True Dragon Caves hid under a vast mountain range:

This place had existed for a very long time, for several myriads of years or even more. It was impossible to see or guess the splendor of this place in the past.

It seemed like a faint voice of a True Dragon sang the legends of old together with a dignified poetic saga.

How long precisely were ten thousand years? How many days had to pa.s.s?

No matter how glorious this race was or how long its legend descended, in the end, it was now just a pile of dirt. As time pa.s.sed, it became only a myth for the later generations to reflect upon.

The resting place of the ancient True Dragons should be serene, solemn, and peaceful. Now, it was dilapidated; signs of the cultivators' destruction were visible everywhere.

A scarlet light flashed in the horizon. A sovereign's aura spread out, blowing away the clouds in front and lingering for a long time.

Occasionally, some foolish Demonic Beasts would howl at the scarlet light, wanting to eat the white-robed man on the throne.

However, before these Demonic Beasts got close, a bright purple light would appear. As electricity flickered, it turned into thousands of sharp sabers, filling them full of holes.

When the scarlet light flashed by, it would immediately crush the mutilated body into a clump of blood fog vanishing into the air.

As the scarlet clouds carried the throne, a long meteor tail trailed behind in the air, not scattering for a long time. Seen from the ground, it looked like a long rainbow slashing through the air as fast as lightning.


The scarlet light paused and stopped before a mountain. Then, Xiao Chen got off the throne and stood up. At this moment, he had not tied the blue strip of cloth back around his forehead.

A king's aura spread through Xiao Chen's entire body. With the ancient sovereign's bloodline he had absorbed, his aura was dignified and vast.

As Xiao Chen stared at a cave in the distance, his eyes lit up as he muttered to himself, "That should be the True Dragon Cave that opened this time."

If not for some special phenomenon, the True Dragon Cave buried deep in the ground would not be exposed like that.

In a situation where the True Dragon Cave was not exposed, even if a Martial Emperor came, he would not dare to casually break the place open to find a True Dragon Cave.

Ao Jiao once mentioned that there had been a Deity Race Martial Emperor who disdained the ancient restrictions of the Kunlun Realm.

That Martial Emperor forcefully used an unnatural amount of energy to lift up the entire ground and the mountains, trying to find all the True Dragon Caves.

That Martial Emperor wanted to take away all the True Dragon remains and the treasures within the True Dragon Caves.

That Martial Emperor's actions destroyed the mountains, and heaven and earth changed color. Then, all the True Dragon Caves in the Dragon Burial Mound emerged into view.

However, before that Deity Race Martial Emperor could do anything more, he fled in a panic, running away in a pathetic state. No one knew what horrifying thing he had seen.

After that Martial Emperor fled the Savage Battlefield, he died mysteriously three months later. The mighty Deity King of the Deity Race did not even know the cause of his death.

As time pa.s.sed, under the influence of a mysterious force, the ruined landscape of the Dragon Burial Mound recovered its original state. Since then, no Martial Emperor dared to behave recklessly in the Dragon Burial Mound.

When Xiao Chen heard this tale from Ao Jiao, he felt that it was incredible. He really wanted to know what that Deity Race Martial Emperor saw.

Why and how did that Martial Emperor die? How was it that a Martial Emperor died in such a mysterious manner?

It seemed like the Dragon Burial Mound was not as simple as it appeared on the surface.

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