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Chapter 480: Blood Flame Beast King


Xiao Chen summoned another ten clumps of flames and quickly executed the Life Bestowal Spell. After the daggers flew out, another ten Blood Flame Beasts died.

Xiao Chen continued to use his speed advantage to prevent the Blood Flame Beasts from surrounding him.

While he moved, he continuously flashed hand seals, casting the Life Bestowal Spell without pause.

The number of Blood Flame Beasts started to dwindle. Xiao Chen was in no rush. As he killed the Blood Flame Beasts, he familiarized himself with using the Life Bestowal Spell on the Purple Thunder True Fire.

This was a form of cultivation as well, so it was not a waste of time. Furthermore, it stabilized his cultivation and no mistakes could be made.

After two hours, not a single Blood Flame Beast remained on the ground. Xiao Chen stopped, feeling slightly dizzy.

This was the effect of exhausting his Mental Energy; however, it was something that Xiao Chen could manage. He closed his eyes and rested for a while. When he opened his eyes again, he felt much better.

“Hu chi!”

The scarlet petals started drifting down from the sky again. Having learned from the previous occurrence, Xiao Chen did not give the petals a chance to land and form Blood Flame Beasts.

“Roaming Dragon’s Nine Transformations!” Xiao Chen executed the Roaming Dragon’s Nine Transformations and rose from the ground. He drew the Lunar Shadow Saber, and Yang-attributed Purple Thunder True Fire appeared on the blade.

Nine figures danced in the sky and saber lights flickered. Xiao Chen reduced all the flower petals to sparks.


The nine figures combined into one, and Xiao Chen landed on the ground. When he saw the scarlet sparks filling the sky, he revealed a faint smile.

Given this result, Xiao Chen felt much more relaxed. He withdrew his gaze and quickly headed for the scarlet pillar at the west.

The Scarlet Blood Frost Flame made the Blood Flame Beast Kings at each of the scarlet pillars by merging strong Blood Flame Beasts together. It used them to resist the seal.

As long as these four Blood Flame Beast Kings died, the cage would collapse on its own, and the seal would completely suppress the Scarlet Blood Frost Flame.

With regard to combat prowess, the real Blood Flame Beast Kings were equivalent to peak Superior Grade Martial Monarchs. However, how much weaker they were in this painting was unknown.

Xiao Chen moved lightning-fast. In a few breaths, he arrived before the towering scarlet pillar.


Just at this moment, a batch of scarlet petals quickly fell from the sky. The lotus-shaped flame in the sky flickered, as though it knew what Xiao Chen wanted to do, and was very nervous as well.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and slowly drew his Lunar Shadow Saber. He said, “The same move again…it was already useless the second time. The third time will not be any different.”

Xiao Chen pushed off the ground and soared into the air. He immediately split into nine figures and executed the Wukui Transforms to Qi, intending to crush all the petals into sparks again.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Yet, the petals that were about to land suddenly exploded. Then, they turned into Blood Flame Beasts in midair.

However, these Blood Flame Beasts were much smaller than the first batch; their auras were weaker as well.

Xiao Chen’s smile faded and his expression turned serious again. This Scarlet Blood Frost Flame did seem to have some intelligence; the rumor appeared to have some truth to it.

Unexpectedly, the Scarlet Blood Frost Flame understood and adapted to the situation. It reduced the might of the formed Blood Flame Beasts, shortening the time needed for them to form. This change allowed the Blood Flame Beasts to be formed and hold back Xiao Chen.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

There were too many Blood Flame Beasts. In the blink of an eye, Xiao Chen’s clones were blasted into nothing by the surging flames.

I have to think of a way to break out of this encirclement. Two hundred-odd Blood Flame Beasts are just way too many, Xiao Chen thought. A flame burned fiercely in his right eye.


A huge ball of purple flames containing the Purple Thunder True Fire Origin Flame surged towards the front.

Under the fierce attack of the pure Yang-attributed flames, a group of Blood Flame Beasts in front of Xiao Chen was immediately destroyed. He succeeded in breaking out of the encirclement through this gap.

After Xiao Chen landed, he sheathed his saber and repeated his previous strategy. He formed daggers using the Purple Thunder True Fire and started killing the Blood Flame Beasts one by one.

“Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!”

The more Xiao Chen executed the Life Bestowal Spell, the greater his mastery of it grew. The Blood Flame Beasts vanished one after another. The large number of Blood Flame Beasts, which would cause anyone else a headache, was nothing to him.

After Xiao Chen finished this batch of Blood Flame Beasts, the Scarlet Blood Frost Flame in the sky moved again. Countless scarlet petals rained down once more and another batch of Blood Flame Beasts appeared.

However, Xiao Chen did not show any impatience on his face. He smiled gently and said, “Are you trying to compete with me in patience? In that case, you picked the wrong opponent. Let’s see who can last the longest, then.”

The petals rained down and a few hundreds more Blood Flame Beasts formed. Xiao Chen’s pupils constricted and he moved his ten fingers. Then, he summoned out twenty clumps of flames in one breath.

The flames quickly compressed into daggers. With the aid of the Life Bestowal Spell, every dagger was a killing blow. Each dagger killed a Blood Flame Beast, never missing its target.

The Scarlet Blood Frost Flame intended to use an unending torrent of attacks to wear down Xiao Chen’s patience.

It wanted to throw Xiao Chen’s mind out of kilter first, to wear down his combat prowess by the time he reached the towering scarlet pillar.

However, the Scarlet Blood Frost Flame was truly picking a fight with the wrong person. Xiao Chen’s state of mind was much stronger than that of other people of his age.

Xiao Chen treated the attacks of the Scarlet Blood Frost Flame as a tool for tempering his Life Bestowal Spell, to hone his use of the Life Bestowal Spell with the Purple Thunder True Fire.

Furthermore, Xiao Chen believed that the Scarlet Blood Frost Flame could not continue this attack indefinitely. There would come a time when it would exhaust all its energy or need to rest for a moment.

Time pa.s.sed slowly. At first, Xiao Chen could control only ten daggers. However, he now could handle fifty daggers simultaneously.

Furthermore, the number of daggers continued to increase. Xiao Chen improved at a rapid rate. After Xiao Chen finished off another batch of Blood Flame Beasts, his grin grew wider. He said, “What a great training ground! I won’t be able to find another place like this again.”

Xiao Chen had incredibly strong Spiritual Sense, comparable even to the Mental Energy of Martial Monarchs. As long as he did not exhaust all his Mental Energy, he could use the lapse between the waves of attacks to close his eyes and rest. That was enough for him to recover most of his Mental Energy.


After Xiao Chen finished off another batch of Blood Flame Beasts, he closed his eyes again and waited.

Even after Xiao Chen recovered all his Mental Energy, he did not feel the petals drifting down once more.

Xiao Chen opened his eyes and looked at the sky. He saw that the Scarlet Blood Frost Flame had already become significantly dimmer. He smiled faintly and said, “How unfortunate. Just of a bit more, and I’ll be able to control one hundred daggers simultaneously.”

If this Scarlet Blood Frost Flame had the emotions of humans, it would have vomited blood when it heard Xiao Chen’s words. Its killing move was being used by Xiao Chen as a training tool; he even complained that it was insufficient.

Xiao Chen pushed off the ground lightly and rushed towards the towering scarlet pillar. The pillar was more than two thousand meters tall. It took him a few breaths to reach the top.

The vast platform at the top of the pillar looked like it was stuck to the clouds. The very solid Blood Flame Beast King on the platform had two white spots of light floating in its black eye holes. It watched coldly as Xiao Chen slowly approached.

Xiao Chen looked at the Blood Flame Beast King’s chest and saw a circular scarlet object in it.

The Blood Flame Beast King seemed to be carefully protecting that spot—its only weakness. Xiao Chen could not help but frown.

This behavior meant that Xiao Chen could not use the same tactics he had used against the hundreds of Blood Flame Beasts.

However, judging from the Blood Flame Beast King’s aura, Xiao Chen concluded that it was only equivalent to a peak Superior Grade Martial King. He could cope with that.

Xiao Chen landed firmly on the towering scarlet pillar. The clouds made of scarlet flames were as glossy as a mirror.

The clouds stuck very closely to the top of the towering scarlet pillar. With but a weak jump, Xiao Chen would be able to touch the clouds.


The instant Xiao Chen landed, the Blood Flame Beast King turned into a scarlet flash of light and attacked him.

The Blood Flame Beast King swung its arm and tossed a clump of scarlet flames at Xiao Chen.

“Ka ca!”

Xiao Chen did not hesitate to draw the Lunar Shadow Saber at lightning speed. Countless pure Yang-attributed flames quickly appeared on the blade.

“Bang! Boom!”

Xiao Chen quickly swung his saber. The expected situation of the scarlet flames splitting in half did not occur. Instead, they exploded and turned into surging shockwaves.

The so-called “opposites restrain each other” was only a relative thing. When the two powers were equal, the restraining effect of both sides were the same.


Xiao Chen smashed his right palm against the shockwave and was knocked back. The surging shockwave continued rushing at the Blood Flame Beast King.

The Blood Flame Beast King was slightly stunned. It originally wanted to give Xiao Chen some trouble before taking advantage of the situation. Unexpectedly, Xiao Chen sent this bit of trouble back at it.

“Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!”

The scarlet figure stopped and punched at the shockwave containing the chaotic combination of Purple Thunder True Fire and Scarlet Blood Frost Flame. An alternating purple-and-red light spun as it flew at Xiao Chen again.

The figures of Xiao Chen and the Blood Flame Beast King flashed on the platform of the towering scarlet pillar.

The two flames with opposite attributes formed a chaotic clump of energy that flew back and forth between the opponents.

Every time one of them struck the clump of energy back, they would infuse it with more energy. Over time, the energy contained within reached a frightening level.

Then the clump of energy moved, and the scarlet clouds started to move along with it, ripples spreading throughout the clouds.

Xiao Chen had a cautious expression; he did not dare be careless. He executed the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art to the limit. Moving together with the clump of energy, he sent all sorts of Saber Techniques at the attacking Blood Flame Beast King.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

As the chaotic clump of energy moved around, Xiao Chen and the Blood Flame Beast King both targeted each other’s weak points.

“Arclight Chop!” Xiao Chen shouted and sent out an ethereal arclight with his saber. A purple flame burned around the arclight.

The Blood Flame Beast King, who wanted to attack Xiao Chen’s side, could not do anything about it in time.

It did not expect the saber Qi that came from the front to change its angle and arrive at its side.

“Pu ci!”

The attack immediately chopped off the right hand of the Blood Flame Beast King.

“Roar!” The Blood Flame Beast King roared in pain but it did not stop moving. It opened its left fist and grabbed at Xiao Chen’s left shoulder with its five scarlet fingers.

“You are seeking death!”

Xiao Chen snorted coldly. His left hand changed from a fist into a claw as well. An azure-colored dragon claw appeared and welcomed the attack.

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