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Chapter 445: Frantically Gaining Consecutive Victories

“He is merely lucky. How can a person from the Great Qin Nation obtain more than fifty consecutive victories?”

“There is no point in him pretending to be n.o.ble and virtuous—he will end up tasting defeat someday.”

The jealous crowd all agreed with Yun Ping one after another when they heard his words.

When Xiao Rou heard this, she instantly flared up and said, “Senior Sister, how can they do this? To think they are the outstanding talents of the various nations! They do not have any magnanimity.”

Xia Xiyan smiled faintly and said, “After you’ve seen more of the world, you will understand.”

When Xia Xiyan turned fourteen, she left the sect and since then she wandered through the world. She had seen too much of the world’s darkness . What Xiao Rou had just seen was only a drop in the ocean— it was not something that would cause any ripples to arise in her heart.

Xiao Rou looked at Xiao Chen who was deeply immersed in cultivating. She asked, “Senior Sister, do you think that he will be able to get any more consecutive victories today?”

Xia Xiyan shook her head slightly to indicate that she did not know and that it was hard to say.

Xia Xiyan had concluded the day with a draw yesterday—her streak of consecutive victories had already ended. The person who came out yesterday was a peak Martial King. Furthermore, he did not lack combat experience.

Since Xia Xiyan had experienced it herself, she did not think that Xiao Chen’s victories were a result of luck.

Xiao Chen was pretty strong. However, when Xia Xiyan saw that he won every of his matches so arduously, she felt that he was unfathomable.

It looked like Xiao Chen could continue to win, but at the same time he seemed like he could lose at any moment. She could not figure him out at all.

Ding Fengchou and Jiang Zimo gazed at Xiao Chen. They could not figure out what was going on either. They were filled with suspicions and doubts.

However, Pei Shaoxuan ignored Xiao Chen, he simply did not care about Xiao Chen at all. He headed for Jiang Zimo and said, “Brother Jiang, with our strength, we should be able to continue gaining consecutive victories.”

Jiang Zimo shook his head and said, “It’s hard to say. The 49th victory is a threshold. The experts that the wrestling ring hired will probably show up today.

“Our earnings would not be much compared to the bets of the spectators. If we were to continue winning it would be sufficient for Gao Yangyu to go bankrupt.”

Pei Shaoxuan did not seem to care as he said, “Let’s see if half-step Martial Monarchs will come out then. I do not believe that anyone can defeat me.”

Jiang Zimo smiled gently and did not say anything else.

Jiang Zimo had seen many peak experts below the realm of half-step Martial Monarch. There were many of such people in Myriad Fiend Palace.

With Pei Shaoxuan’s att.i.tude, he was bound to lose today.

There were many people in the wrestling rings’ spectator stands. There were even cases of two or three people sharing the same seat.

With Gao Yangyu’s advertis.e.m.e.nts, news of the wrestling ring being the first round of selection for the Ancient Desolate Tower spread very quickly.

Most of the cultivators in the entire Longyang Island received the news and came in large numbers. The tickets for today sold out despite being several times more expensive.

The supply could not meet the demand. Furthermore, from the fourth day on, the matches in the wrestling ring reached their climax.

The contestants who had been gaining consecutive victories had already acc.u.mulated prizes of at least a hundred thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones.

Being able to afford the fee to challenge them was a proof of strength. The atmosphere of the wrestling ring was very intense.

Given all these factors, the resulting scenario of two or three people sharing a seat in the spectator stands was not surprising at all.

“Five contestants obtained 46 consecutive victories in the same season. This is the first time this happened in the Wrestling City of Longyang Island.”

“Wrestling City had been established for close to a thousand years already. The highest consecutive victory record was only sixty. Furthermore, that was a hundred years ago. This is the first time so many people obtained 46 consecutive victories.”

“This is normal. Think about who these people are. Did you think that those who are qualified to enter the Ancient Desolate Tower would be normal?”

“Let’s continue watching. I don’t know who will be able to obtain sixty consecutive victories in the end. I’ve betted half of everything I own on Ding Fengchou.”

“The one I betted on is Pei Shaoxuan. This fellow can summon out Spirit Beasts. There are very few people within the same cultivation realm who are a match for him.”

“Ha ha! I bet on Pei Shaoxuan as well. It is already hard to deal with one Spirit Beast. Think about how hard it is to break out off an encirclement of more than ten Spirit Beasts.”

Before the matches had even started, the discussion in the spectator stands was already unending. Aside from talking about the matters of the Ancient Desolate Tower, they mostly focused on who could obtain sixty consecutive victories. After all, most of them had bet money on the outcome. The victories of these contestants concerned their own interest.

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

The drums resounded, and the matches began. As the holder of iron medallion number 1, Yun Ping was the first to go up.

“I am Yun Ping of the Great Chu Nation. Please show me your guidance!”

After Yun Ping landed on the wrestling ring, he cupped his hands and said to the spectator stands surrounding him.

However, even after a few minutes, no one was willing to go up, making Yun Ping feel somewhat embarra.s.sed.

As of now, Yun Ping had only acc.u.mulated five consecutive victories. Defeating him would not result in many Spirit Stones. Hence, no one was interested.

This continued for ten minutes, after which someone came down to challenge him. The challenger did not even bother to look at him properly and immediately started the fight.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

After about a hundred moves, the challenger managed to cut open a wound of about five centimeters on Yun Ping’s chest. The wound was so deep, that bone and internal organs could be seen.

Yun Ping used his killing move, and at the crucial moment, he managed to turn defeat into victory.

In the following rounds, because the sword wound on Yun Ping’s chest was too severe, he kept losing. In the end, he lost all the remaining seventeen matches.

Jeers came from the entire wrestling ring, making Yun Ping feel extremely embarra.s.sed.

The following matches were rather bland—there was nothing much to see. It was only when Pei Shaoxuan’s turn arrived, that the crowd erupted in thunderous cheers.

Pei Shaoxuan smiled faintly. He clearly enjoyed such a feeling. He held his head up high as he said, “I am Beast Taming Abode’s Pei Shaoxuan. PLease provide me with your guidance!”


Right after Pei Shaoxuan spoke, a stout man in black soft armor quickly jumped down. His neck had a black wolf tattoo and he was carrying a mace on his back.

This was a sharp contrast to Yun Ping, where no one showed up for ten minutes.

“I am Tuoba Liuyun. I hope to experience your exquisite moves.”

Pei Shaoxuan looked at the mace behind his opponent’s back and the black wolf tattoo on his head. He rubbed the ring on his finger and sneered, “Unexpectedly, you are a Barbarian Warrior. I have defeated many of you. It looks like I will be adding one more to a tally.”

Tuoba Liuyun ignored Pei Shaoxuan’s words. The moment he finished speaking, he took out the mace on his back.

The black wolf tattoo on Tuoba Liuyun’s neck seemed to come alive, quickly spreading all over his face.

When Tuoba Liuyun’s head became completely covered in the wolf tattoo, he quickly leaped towards Pei Shaoxuan, shouting a warcry.

“Hu chi!”

Tuoba Liuyun moved as fast as lightning and swung his mace, tearing the air into half. His move looked very mighty.


Pei Shaoxuan smiled coldly and retreated backwards. He raised his hand and prepared to summon his Spirit Beasts. He could summon out a Rank 7 Spirit Beast with two hand seals.

Following that, Pei Shaoxuan planned to summon Spirit Beast after Spirit Beast. If Rank 7 Spirit Beasts would not be sufficient, he could still summon a Rank 8 Spirit Beast. All these added together would be able to kill anyone easily.


However, at that moment, the wolf tattoo on Tuoba Liuyun left his body and turned into a illusion of a black wolf covering him.

When the illusion of the black wolf appeared, Tuoba Liuyun’s speed doubled.


The mace struck his target. Before Pei Shaoxuan could form the final hand seal, he got knocked into the sky like a sandbag.

It hurts!

Pei Shaoxuan vomited a mouthful of blood. An incredibly pained expression appeared on his face. This mace strike had broken several of his ribs.

d.a.m.n it! How is this fellow so fast? Pei Shaoxuan thought in horror. I didn't even have enough time to summon my Spirit Beasts.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Tuoba Liuyun started moving again. He did not give Pei Shaoxuan any time to react. The mace moved so fast, it could not be seen. In the blink of an eye, Pei Shaoxuan got struck dozens of times.

Tuoba Liuyun played Pei Shaoxuan easily in the palm of his hands, as if Pei Shaoxuan was merely a sandbag. The latter could not even react at all.

Everytime Pei Shaoxuan was about to form the final hand seal, he would be struck by the mace, leaving him unable to summon out any Spirit Beasts.

“It’s over; Pei Shaoxuan is about to be defeated. This Tuoba Liuyun is too fast.”

“d.a.m.n it! I should have thought of this. As long as he cannot summon out his Spirit Beasts, his strength is effectively halved. Fortunately, I only bet ten thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones on him.”

“I bet on him too. However, I’m in a worse state. I betted twenty thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stone—my entire fortune. I lost have everything.”

When the crowd in the spectator stands saw the situation in the wrestling ring, they all cursed—their loses were too great.


Up in the tall tower, Gao Yangyu revealed a faint smile, “Tuoba Liuyun can indeed deal with Pei Shaoxuan without feeling any pressure.”

Gao Yangyu turned around and said to the group of old men at the table, “It is time to reap the harvest. How much in bets was placed on Pei Shaoxuan?”

“Two million Medial Grade Spirit Stones.”

The grin on Gao Yangyu’s face became wider. With Pei Shaoxuan’s defeat, these two million Medial Grade Spirit Stones were all his.

“Very good. The next contestant is Ding Fengchou right?” Gao Yangyu continued.

The leading old man nodded and said, “Yes, it is indeed Ding Fengchou. The bets on him are huge—a total of six million Medial Grade Spirit Stones.”

Gao Yangyu smiled and said, “The Heavenly Gate Resistance Fencing is indeed difficult to deal with. However, it is possible to obtain a draw.”

Pei Shaoxuan was covered in injuries. He weakly dragged himself back to the spectator stands. He got severely injured and could not continue fighting, so he could only give up.

This was equal to Pei Shaoxuan losing eighteen matches consecutively. His expression was extremely unsightly.

The matches continued. The challengers today were all extremely strong. This caused the contestant’s victory rate to be less than fifty percent.

The crowd finally realized, sixty consecutive victories was not that easy to obtain.

During these three days, the spectators had already gotten a good grasp of the techniques and strength of the contestants. However, the contestants had no idea of the skills of the challengers.

If the contestants were severely injured in the first match like Yun Ping was, they could end up losing all their matches for the day.

Seeing the injured Pei Shaoxuan give up on his matches, the uneasiness in the hearts of the contestants became even more intense.

Even Pei Shaoxuan could not avoid such an ending. This meant that they were in an even greater danger. Horror and fear spread throughout the crowd of contestants.

The depth of this wrestling ring was deeper than they thought.

The gazes of the crowd looked to Xiao Chen, who was seated cross-legged and calmly cultivating, once again. They sighed and said, “This fellow is really b.l.o.o.d.y calm.”

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