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Chapter 261: Auction

Late at night, Liu Suifeng rushed over as Xiao Chen cultivated in his courtyard. Xiao Chen had no other choice but to stop cultivating and meet him.

During the last half a month, Liu Suifeng had been improving every day. He was now filled with enthusiasm.

Xiao Chen smiled and said, "It is so late already, why are you looking for me?"

Liu Suifeng was not in a rush to answer this question. He looked around first and when he discovered that Xiao Bai was not around, he heaved a sigh of relief. He then smiled and said, "A huge auction is happening soon in the capital city of Xihe Province, Xihe City. It is specially conducted by Linlang Pavilion for cultivators. There will be many good things there.

"Coincidentally, I am lacking a good Spirit Weapon. I am hoping to go there to try my luck. I wanted to ask if you wanted to come with me."

Linlang Pavilion's auction…Xiao Chen was interested. He had originally intended to go down the mountain and search for a high ranked pure lightning attributed Martial Technique.

Coincidentally, Linlang Pavilion was conducting a big auction. This might save him a significant amount of effort. Xiao Chen asked with interest, "How big is the auction going to be? What rank of items can we expect?"

Seeing that Xiao Chen was interested, Liu Suifeng quickly introduced, "It is on a very large scale. It is Linlang Pavilion's once-a-decade huge scale auction. They only accepted Spirit Stones for transactions. Its standard is similar to the once-a-year large scale auctions in the Imperial Capital."

Once-a-decade auction…with Linlang Pavilion's strength, they should not have any difficulty collecting some high ranked Martial Techniques. I can go and take a look.

Thinking of this, Xiao Chen agreed without hesitation.

Liu Suifeng smiled and said, "Then it is settled. If you are lacking in Spirit Stones, you can tell me. I can look for my second uncle to loan you some."

Lacking in Spirit Stones? Xiao Chen calmly shook his head. He smiled and replied, "There is no need, I've got enough Spirit Stones."

Xiao Chen had obtained five thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones in the underground world and he had not used them yet. When these Medial Grade Spirit Stones were exchanged for Inferior Grade Spirit Stones, he would be able to obtain five hundred thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones.

Furthermore, there was the two hundred Medial Grade Spirit Stones rewarded for the mission from half a month ago and also the five thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones he obtained today.

If Xiao Chen included all the Demonic Cores that could be exchanged for Inferior Grade Spirit Stones in his Universe Rings, it might be possible for him to have more Spirit Stones than the fallen Qingyun Peak had stored.

With so many Spirit Stones, there would be more than enough to purchase a pure lightning attributed Superior Grade Earth Ranked Martial Technique. Hence, there was no need to worry.

Liu Suifeng said, "That's good, I'll come get you tomorrow morning."


The next morning, Xiao Chen met up with Liu Suifeng as promised. Xihe City was 25,000 kilometers away from the Heavenly Saber Pavilion. It was quite far away, naturally, the two of them would not be able to walk there.

They went to the Heavenly Saber Pavilion's Spirit Beast Hall and each paid Spirit Stones to rent two Dragon Blood Horse that could travel 1,500 kilometers a day. After that, they did not waste any more time to go down the mountain.


Not long after the two of them left, Biyun Peak's Song Qianhe headed for Song Que's room joyfully. He smiled as he opened the door, "Father, you told me to send people to keep an eye on Ye Chen. He has just left the mountain."

Song Que, who was seated on the bed while cultivating with his eyes closed, suddenly opened his eyes. There was a flash of a malicious look in his gaze as he coldly said, "Is this true? Where are they going to? What are they doing? How long will they be out for? Tell me the details."

Song Qianhe quickly said, "I have asked around in the Spirit Beast Hall, they are going to Xihe City to partic.i.p.ate in the once-a-decade auction. With the Dragon Blood Horse, they are likely to take about one month to make a return trip."

"I finally found the opportunity...there are people protecting you in the Heavenly Saber Pavilion so I have no way to kill you while you are here. However, now that you've left the Heavenly Saber Pavilion, let's see who can protect you now. How reckless."

Song Que got up and laughed sinisterly, "The once-a-decade auction…coincidentally, I have some old friends from the past going as well. I can ask them to give me a hand too."


The Dragon Blood Horse could travel 1,500 kilometers in the day. If they rushed through the night, there should be no problems traveling 2,500 kilometers. However, regardless of man or horse, it would be impossible for them to travel all day and all night.

Along the way, they might run into some danger so the both of them had to maintain their peak state. On average, the most the pair could travel was only two thousand kilometers per day.


Three days later, Xiao Chen and Liu Suifeng stopped at a huge savanna.

Liu Suifeng introduced, "This savanna is called the Devil Savanna. The entire area of the savanna is about the size of three Lingyun Mountain Ranges. There are countless Spirit Beasts in the gra.s.s and there are at least a hundred groups of bandits on horses. This is the most dangerous stage of our journey."

Xiao Chen dismounted and said, "In that case, we should rest for a while before rushing on our way. We should start our journey while it was still early."

Soon, the two of them arrived at a clearing. They started to set up camp. They had been eating and sleeping outdoors along the way, so they were very familiar with setting up camp. Not long later, two small tents were pitched.

They took out some dry rations and water. After eating, they started to rest where they were.

The night slowly went by. After discussing, the two of them decided that Xiao Chen will stand guard tonight and Liu Suifeng would rest.

"Au Wu!"

Xiao Chen started a campfire and sat in front of it. The howls of Spirit Beasts in the distance could be heard unceasingly. The light from the fire shone on Xiao Chen's face, flickering continuously. He had an extremely calm expression.

Xiao Chen's Spiritual Sense was shaped like a halo as it spread out in waves after waves. The scenery of the surrounding thousand meters was shown in his mind.

"There is a group of late Rank 4 Demonic Beasts in the northwest direction. They number about two hundred. The Wolf King is already almost a Rank 5 Demonic Beast.

There is also a Rank 5 Spirit Beast, Lightning Ox, in the northeast direction. It should be the strongest Demonic Beast in our vicinity. Then in the south, there are three Demonic Blood Lion."

Xiao Chen slowly got up and glanced toward the northeast. He laughed indifferently, "Looks like the two of us are really popular. To think that so many Spirit Beasts are targeting us. We shall start with you then."

"Lightning Evasion!"

A bolt of lightning tore through the dark night sky. When the lightning landed, Xiao Chen appeared beside the Lightning Ox.

The Lightning Ox was a lightning attributed Spirit Beast, it was very sensitive to electricity. When Xiao Chen appeared, a bolt of lightning as thick as an arm was fired at him from the tips of the Lightning Ox's horns.

Xiao Chen said coldly, "This is like the insignificant light of stars trying to compete with the moon or the sun. How reckless!"

The clouds in the sky started to rub against each other. Before Xiao Chen made his move, the might of the state of thunder had already started to form.

"Ka ca!"

The Lunar Shadow Saber was drawn out with lightning speed. There was a loud explosion that disrupted the quiet savanna. As Xiao Chen drew his saber, a bolt of lightning as thick as an elephant's leg fell from the sky.

The lightning merged with the saber. The bolt of lightning fired from the Lightning Ox was like a baby compared to it and was instantly swallowed up.

There were no changes to the might of the saber as he hacked the huge body of the Lightning Ox violently.

"Pu ci!"

The horrifying electric saber light hacked the Lightning Ox into half with a 'shua' sound. Electricity lingered on the wounds and the fragrance of roast beef wafted out into the savanna.

When the remaining Spirit Beasts saw that Xiao Chen had dealt with the strongest Spirit Beast there with one move, they immediately fled in all directions.

Xiao Chen did not bother with them. After he extracted the Lightning Ox's Spirit Core, he returned to the campsite. He saw that the fire was going out, so he added some more firewood.

"What's going on?" Liu Suifeng asked as he came out of the tent. He had been startled awake by the crackle of thunder.

Xiao Chen smiled and said, "Nothing much, I just scared off some Spirit Beasts. Go and sleep!"

Liu Suifeng nodded and returned to his tent. He was feeling quite confident in Xiao Chen's strength. As long as he did not meet the peak existences in the Devil Savanna, he would be able to move around unhindered.


Beyond a thousand meters, on a small hill that Xiao Chen's Spiritual Sense could not reach, there were two bandits with large sabers riding on larges horses. They had seen what had just happened.

One of the bandits said in shock, "How strong! He was able to kill the Rank 5 Spirit Beast Lightning Ox in one move. First Leader, should we still make a move?"

There was a long scar on the face of the person addressed as First Leader. He was tall and stout; his appearance extremely ferocious.

He laughed cruelly, "The stronger they are, the better the things on them. They are just two people. Our group has more than two hundred people. Since when have we been afraid of anyone in this savanna?"

Another bandit continued, "They should be going to partic.i.p.ate in the auction in Xihe City. I recently heard from brothers in other groups that they have robbed quite a few similar parties.

"Their harvests were extremely huge. Every time they did it, they were able to get several tens of thousands of Inferior Grade Spirit Stones. However, these two people seem to be Heavenly Saber Pavilion core disciples. If we attacked them, we might incur the wrath of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion."

The First Leader laughed loudly, "Why should we be afraid? After we kill them and bury the corpses, who would know we did it? Even if we fail, we can simply go into hiding.

"By then, the revenge of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion would fall on the other groups. That would help us to kill off some of our compet.i.tors."

When another bandit heard this, he laughed, "First Leader is truly wise. This way, we won't be at a disadvantage either way."

The First Leader said coldly, "Gather the brothers, we make a move at noon tomorrow."


When the sky became bright, Xiao Chen and Liu Suifeng mounted their Dragon Blood Horse and continued on their way.

Not long after, Xiao Chen suddenly pulled on the reins and stopped. Liu Suifeng quickly stopped as well and asked cautiously, "Is there a problem?"

Xiao Chen nodded, "We have been marked by a group of bandits. They have about two hundred people. The weakest of them is a Martial Grand Master. They have more than ten Martial Saints, the strongest of them is a Superior Grade Martial Saint."

"What should we do?!" When Liu Suifeng heard that there were so many people, he could not help but worry.

Xiao Chen said indifferently, "We kill the leader first. Once we kill off the strongest person, the rest of them would not be a threat."


Indeed it was as Xiao Chen had said. Soon, about two hundred bandits arrived before the two of them.

The person leading them was the First Leader from yesterday. When he saw the two of them, a sinister smile appeared on his horrible-looking face. He did not bother speaking any nonsense and simply roared out and rushed over.

Xiao Chen slapped his palm on the horse's back and flew up into the air. Immediately, countless hidden weapons and arrows were fired at him.

"Azure Dragon Tail Whip!" Xiao Chen shouted and turned into a purple arc, like a flood dragon moving in the air. This caused the arrows flying at him to all fall to the ground.

At the end of the arc, Xiao Chen instantly appeared before the First Leader. The Lunar Shadow Saber was drawn with a 'huang dang' sound. A horrifying electric light that carried the might of thunder hacked at the First Leader's head.

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