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"Interesting!" Ling Han nodded his head. There was a maximum limit to the Sword Qi that a cultivator could form—only thirty flashes of Sword Qi at most. The physical strength was also limited, and the number of sword strikes that could be delivered by twisting the wrist in a split second similarly had an upper limit.

However, after the fusion of sword and body, Yuan Cheng He's entire body moved, which, as a matter of fact, heightened greatly the might of his sword style.

Originally, the strain was on the wrist, but now the whole body had actually blended in, so it had naturally reduced the burden on the wrist, which increased the frequency with which he could deliver sword strikes.

Shadows of tens and thousands of swords simultaneously attacked, in addition to the Sword Qi. The force it emanated was alarming.

"Don't want to play with you anymore!" With a xiu, Hu Niu transformed into lightning and dodged, moving at a remarkably swift speed. Even the blade of the sword could not catch up to her.

Yuan Cheng He felt helpless; his sword style was exceptionally powerful, yet if it could not even hit the target, then what was the point? Encountering a quick opponent like Hu Niu, he felt dispirited, not knowing where he should attack.

He fixed his eyes on Ling Han, then muttered to himself, "This guy would not also move as swiftly, would he?"

"Fight me!" He lunged over in Ling Han's direction since he was the one carrying the strange stones with him.

"Niu has returned again!" Hu Niu yelled, and true to her words, she came storming back over, with her clenched fist poised to strike. Electric currents sparked rampantly as she sent her attack in the direction of Yuan Cheng He's back.

Yuan Cheng He had no choice but to counter the attack, and he could no longer continue his course to attack Ling Han.

Every time, as soon as he used his ultimate technique, Hu Niu would scamper off in a run. But, afterwards, she'd then promptly return yet again to attack, determinedly pestering Yuan Cheng He and making him lose his temper completely.

"Little girl, don't run off if you have the guts!" Yuan Cheng He could not refrain from challenging Hu Niu; he was fuming with anger at her antics.

"Fine! I will stop running, you think Niu is afraid of you?" Hu Niu retorted sticking out both her hands on her waist in a fearless stance. "Ugly people are always up to no good. See how Niu will finish you off!"

Yuan Cheng He exulted on seeing this chance, and he leaped over his sword aimed to strike, charging to attack Hu Niu.

"Niu is leaving!" Hu Niu jeered as she ran off once again.

Yuan Cheng He's attack naturally fell short again. Angry to the extreme, he laughed, and exclaimed, "Going back on your words…"

He had only just started when he found he could not continue on with his words. How old was she?

"Hahahaha, you are so dumb, ugly guy. Niu is only teasing you!" Hu Niu laughed gleefully while she pushed up her sleeves and boldly stated, "Fine then, this time I will be serious and beat you into submission!"

How would Yuan Cheng He fall from the same trick again? He was one of the prodigies of this generation, not a fool.

"Niu's ultimate technique is unparalleled, and absolutely invincible. Anyone who sees it would be fearful. Any ghost who sees it is frightened by it. Super Tyrant Dragon Claws!" Hu Niu leapt out with both her hands formed into claws, aiming at Yuan Cheng He's chest.

This time, it was for real!

Yuan Cheng He was stunned, and hastily raised his sword in a slicing arc towards Hu Niu. An immeasurable force burst forth, while more than twenty flashes of Sword Qi swept over, creating a breathtaking view amidst the vast sky.


A terrifying collision created a small-sized mushroom cloud, while the shock wave from the clash forced away the fog in the surrounding, revealing bare earth. Fortunately, the whole ravine was practically barren with only bits and pieces of rocks. If not, this strike would surely have caused a great number of trees to suffer.

"Hit hit hit hit hit!" Hu Niu's excited yell could be heard from amid all the dust.

As the dust dispersed and the scene within lay clearly visible, it became apparent that Hu Niu has already attained the complete upper hand and was on the offense, hitting Yuan Cheng He as she held him down, time and again striking him hard on his chest, hands, and face.

Yuan Cheng He's face, which had been perfectly fine a moment ago, was now already deformed, the swelling akin to a pig's head, with bruises of green and purple all over, and looked very comical.

Everyone cried out in shock. Hu Niu was really too fierce—even Yuan Cheng He was defeated in this little girl's hand.


Hu Niu landed another kick, which sent Yuan Cheng He flying. He glided to a stop just right beside Ling Han's feet.

Ling Han crouched down, and laughingly asked, "Now do you concede?"

"No I don't!" Yuan Cheng He snapped back with his head held high. He naturally would not concede; how would he be willing to be defeated by a little girl?

"Then you can go on and continue being beaten." Ling Han also gave him a kick.

Yuan Cheng He reflexively propped up both his arms to shield his handsome pig's face. Bang, he was sent flying back by Ling Han's kick, while Hu Niu rushed forth, and the fight started again.

Bang, bang, bang, after merely a few rounds, Yuan Cheng He was yet again kicked and sent gliding back to Ling Han's feet once more.

"So how is it? Still not conceding defeat?" Ling Han asked in amus.e.m.e.nt.

"Of course not!" Yuan Cheng He's character was quite unyielding.

"Then go again." Ling Han once again sent Yuan Cheng He out with a kick.

Gliding here and there, Yuan Cheng He was being treated like a ball being tossed around, revolving to and fro between Ling Han and Hu Niu.

Qing Lian Yue and the others hissed. That was none other than Yuan Cheng He, the one reputed to be able to challenge Yao Hui Yue, Small Saber King, and the likes of them. Yet now, he was actually being beaten to a state that he wouldn't even be able to tell which way north was.

What a wimp.

Not knowing how many rounds it had been, Yuan Cheng He once again glided to Ling Han's feet. This time, Ling Han did not even bother asking, and was in the motion of raising his feet to kick him and send him flying back when, much to his surprise, Yuan Cheng He actually shouted, "Concede, I concede!"

Bang, he was still sent flying back.

"Sorry, sorry! I got used to kicking you back" Ling Han promptly exclaimed with a laugh.

What a f********* lack of sincerity.

Yuan Cheng He was swearing internally, and only managed to say one line before he was again being hit by Hu Niu's fist. Amidst the onslaught of fist after violent fist, he ended up lying at Ling Han's feet yet again.

This time round, Ling Han at last did not kick him again. Instead, he was smiling as he remarked, "Since you have conceded, then come show your respects to your big brother."

Yuan Cheng He got up, got his breath back, and said, "It was that little girl who defeated me, so unless you could show me strength that could make me concede, I would rather die than submit!"

"Not submitting?" Ling Han smiled. "Don't act steadfast with me. Even if you were straight, I could also make Li Feng Yu, that blabbermouth, ramble away at you to make you bend! I've finally realized that you're the type that naturally wants to be beaten. All right, then, I'll just give you another beating."

"Hehe." Hu Niu ceased her onslaught of blows, and stood by the side with her arms crossed over her chest while enjoying the exciting exchange.

With an indifferent expression, Yuan Cheng He spoke up, "As long as you can defeat me, only then will I acknowledge you as my boss."

Ling Han gave the words some thought; then, with his left hand behind his back, he remarked, "How about this: I will fight you with only one hand, lest it is said that I bully you."

What arrogance!

Yuan Cheng He humphed. If Ling Han could really defeat him unarmed single-handedly, then he would accept the inevitable, and truly acknowledge him as his boss. He raised his sword to level while he uttered, "Then come face my Seven Swords Descend Mountain Yin."

Boom, a wave of energy gushed forth and emanated from within his body, causing billows of dust, forming a ring which undulated in all directions.

He was building up force; the power of this strike was definitely unparalleled.

Ling Han did not rush to attack, either; if he were to subdue this genius, then he certainly had to do it such that he was genuinely convinced.

"Seven Swords, Descend Yin Mountain!" Yuan Cheng He delivered a strike. "The first style, Mountains Exhaust and Streams End!"

Rays of light bounced off the sword's blade and spilled forth, while the sword's energy encircled and besieged the target. One after another, again and again, the rays from the sword were all over the place. To be enveloped and wrapped in the sword's rays would definitely be mountain and river exhausted[1.It's an idiom which basically means "with nowhere to go","at the end of the line".].

Using his arm as a sword, Ling Han charged towards the opposing party; sword intent flowed forth, making one feel that it was definitely an ultimate treasured sword without precedent.

"How ignorant!" Seeing that Ling Han was actually intending to use his arm to block his treasured sword, Yuan Cheng He could not refrain from giving a snort. Was he planning to seek his own death?

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