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Chapter 1094 - Ever Changing Plans

Seated within the conference room they were all too familiar with over the course of their trip, everyone took their favourite positions around the table silently.

And even though Javis, Lucia and Andrew didn't join in the battle, they were actually within the speeding boats, watching keenly and getting ready to become backup if need be.

They also aided with transporting doc.u.ments, treasures and all sorts of items too.

But their faces and body were fully cloaked, so even if the Zohl's saw them, they wouldn't even know that they were from Romain.

Everyone gathered around with grim expressions on their faces until the tiny bell went off.


Landon leaned forward solemnly: "Firstly, we had estimated and set a targeted time for the battle to take 3 hours maximum. But we only spent a little over 2 hours in actual battle. More still, there were no casualties, with a few receiving heavy stab wounds. But they should be able to heal up nicely. You all led your teams exceptionally well. So congratulations are in order for doing a great job."

~Clap. Clap. Clap.~

Everyone used their right hands to pat the back of their left hand as a clapping motion.

Yes. They did a good job.

No one died. And this was very important to them.

Some did receive heavy injuries, but they should be fine after a while of healing.

Of course, these people won't be getting any action once they arrive at Zalipnia in early March.

They would stay in the sh.i.p.s alongside the Navy.

And in these times of war, no matter how small an accomplishment was, it should always be celebrated.

They might not have won a great war, but that was okay.

One should never underlook any achievement, no matter how small it was.

At the same time, they also had to a.s.sess themselves to see what they could've been doing better.

For sure, sometime during the trip, they had to give minor a.s.sessment reports to those under their units who fought bravely today.

As for themselves, they had to access things by themselves, spotting their weaknesses.

After all, if they couldn't even do that much, then how were they to spot out the weaknesses of those under their commands?

Additionally, Landon who had been idly moving around from enemy ship to enemy ship, observing things, would also give out reports about those he spotted, highlighting their good and bad points.

Well, all that would be given some time during the trip.

Down on the deck, the majority of soldiers were also rounded up after changing and giving their weapons too.

Landon had a.s.signed someone to give them a brief short of accomplishment for them to feel satisfied as well.

Meanwhile, back in the meeting room, Landon turned serious.


~Clap. Clap. Clap.~

After giving them ample time to bask in their accomplishments, he raised his right hand to call for silence.

"Alright. With that out of the way, let's focus on the appetizers before getting to the meal.

First, I want all treasures counted and accounted for. Lieutenant Twain. You'll handle that."

"Yes, your majesty," Twain replied, while Brain quickly wrote down the information on his meeting minutes.


As for all the information and doc.u.ments gathered, Captain Morgan, you and your Navy team, will work with Prince Javis and a few Zalipnian navigators to access all maps collected A.S.A.P.

Marine Lieutenant Alice, You and your team will work alongside Warden Mitchen, Princess Lucia and a few other Zalipnians to process the many doc.u.ments confiscated from the Adonis worshippers.

As for myself, Prince Andrew and the rest in here, we'll continue focusing on our plan of attack once we get to Zalipnia.

Remember, we are headed to Zalipnia to fight these same Adonis followers.

So any hidden information in the doc.u.ments might change our plans just like that.

That's why until all doc.u.ments are carefully processed, I expect daily reports on your findings.

Whether it's about the information on the Adonis worshippers or the info on the pirate checkpoints or even clues to their next plans... I expect everything reported A.S.A.P.

Today is only the 11th of February, and we should be arriving within the first week of March.

So if we are to process all those doc.u.ments, we have to work fast.

And our plans will change almost daily based on what information you all find or what guesses you have on the matter."


Listening to Landon, whether it was Lucia, Mitchen or anyone else, they all nodded in agreement.

They all had common enemies.

That's why they had to join heads and figure things out from there.

In just a few more days, it should be the 15th of the month.

Meaning they would be left with 15 or so more days for the month to finish.

This was again February with the shortest days, so time would pa.s.s by in a blink of an eye, and March would be here just like that.

So they had to hurriedly brainstorm through it all, hoping to finish everything at least 4 days before they arrive at Zalipnia.


Everyone would then master their virtues by heart and even do extra simulations within the training rooms too.

The medical team will also be on high alert and several other teams as well.

As for now, these doc.u.ments might have information that could help them in the upcoming war or not.

So how would they know if it was or wasn't without looking through everything?

No matter how they looked at it, these doc.u.ments and even secret letters they found should be read, checked for hidden Jesses and deciphered fast!


With that, everyone felt like blood pumping hard with purpose.

Landon looked at them and smiled.

Now that the appetizers were out of the way, it was time to jump into a serious matter.

Something wasn't right with those Zohl's.

For some reason, he felt like that wouldn't be the last he saw of them.

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