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Chapter 1587: Kicking Open the Door

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Gong Zeli’s expression changed as he strode over.

The few people beside him looked at each other for a few seconds and quickly followed.

Linda was about to cry when she saw Gong Zeli walk over.

Thankfully, he didn’t ignore her.

Gong Zeli quickly walked towards Linda and asked, “You said Qiao Mianmian is in danger?”

“Yes, Mianmian went into this room and hasn’t come out for a long time. I was afraid something happened to her, so I came to look for her. But they stopped me and didn’t let me in.” Linda was anxious. “Young Master Gong, quickly go in and take a look. Mianmian must be in danger.”

The two bodyguards’ expressions changed when Linda addressed him as Young Master Gong.

When they saw Gong Zeli, their expressions changed again. They immediately let go of her.

These were Boss Huang’s personal bodyguards.

They had attended many dinner parties with Boss Huang before.

Hence, they knew Gong Zeli too.

He was known for being a tyrant in Yuncheng City. He was the kind of person who wouldn’t even acknowledge the heavens when his temper flared up. Moreover, because of the Gong family’s power, not many people could do anything to him.

Boss Huang was powerful.

But compared to the Young Master of the Gong family, he was nothing.

If he offended the Young Master of the Gong family, Boss Huang would be beaten up.

Seeing that Linda knew Gong Zeli, they didn’t dare to hold her back anymore.

“Young Master Gong, this, this is a misunderstanding.” Seeing Gong Zeli’s increasingly cold gaze, the two bodyguards panicked and hurriedly said, “The friend this lady mentioned, she isn’t in the private room. We stopped her not because we didn’t want her to see her friend, but because it was inconvenient.

“Young Master Gong…”

Before the two bodyguards could finish their explanation, Gong Zeli kicked the door open.

The bodyguard’s expression changed.

Seeing Gong Zeli walk into the private room, they wanted to stop him, but they didn’t dare to.

Linda immediately followed Gong Zeli into the private room.

The lights in the private room were dim.

The smell of women’s perfume, alcohol, and cigarettes combined to form an extremely unpleasant smell.

Gong Zeli frowned when he entered the private room.

He saw Boss Huang dragging Qiao Mianmian to the sofa. Boss Huang didn’t know that someone else had entered the room. He grabbed Qiao Mianmian’s wrist tightly and threw her onto the sofa.

Gong Zeli’s expression darkened when he saw this.

The next moment, he appeared behind Boss Huang. Before the people in the private room could see who he was, they heard Boss Huang scream.

Then, he fell to the ground.

“Ah, it hurts. My hand…” Boss Huang rolled on the ground in pain.

Gong Zeli broke one of his hands and kicked him a few more times.

He didn’t hold back at all.

Boss Huang screamed and vomited a few mouthfuls of blood. “Help, help!”

Gong Zeli squatted down, grabbed his collar, and punched him a few more times.

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