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Chapter 63 Part 2 Arc 4.

Currently, Mo Han was sitting in the cave's reception area drinking tea. Even though he knew that Ling Tian had amnesia, he was still inevitably vigilant. It was only when Ling Tian approached and Mo Han saw the other with his own eyes that he completely put down the worries.

Because… not only did he confirm that Ling Tian had indeed lost his memory, but he also realized that he couldn't detect a single thread of spiritual energy from the other, meaning that Ling Tian had become a complete waste!

This discovery almost had Mo Han laughing out loud. However, thinking of his ultimate purpose, he forced himself to hold back. Putting on a false look of surprise, he stood up, “Senior Brother, is it really you!?”

After coming under Su Yu's guidance, Ling Tian was no where near the idiot he was in the original plot. How could he not recognize the cold look of resentment and disgust in Mo Han's eyes? It seems that this so-called Junior Brother found him just as annoying as he found the other ah.

"And you are?" Ling Tian calmly a.s.sessed the other up and down. Only a brat with cultivation up to the abstinence stage – not nearly a threat to myself.

Mo Han approached two steps and stared with big eyes full of surprise. “Senior Brother, don't you recognize me? I'm Mo Han, your Junior Brother ah!"

My apologies, because of some unforeseen events, I've lost most of my memories.” Ling Tian walked by Mo Han towards the main seat and sat down slowly, “so I really don't remember who you are.”

“How could this be… How could that happen!” Mo Han had a face full of shock, looking into Ling Tian's eyes as if he dared not to believe the news, What had Senior Brother experienced, that caused you to lose your memory!?”

Ling Tian glanced faintly at Mo Han, and replied with a cold tone, “Since you claim to be my Junior Brother, and also took a special trip to come find me, then how could you not know about my amnesia?”

“I really didn't know about this. Before, Senior Brother and I were at Two-Borders Town and after we separated, I've been constantly looking for you! It was only a few days ago that I heard from some pa.s.sing Beast cultivators that you had been accepted by the Demon Elder as an apprentice!" After saying this, Mo Han's face flashed with a little guilt, “Before, I had also wondered how Senior Brother could do such a thing, but now I know it's because you've lost your memories! I shouldn't have thought badly of you.”

Two-Borders Town was the name of the little town lying on the boundary of the Beast Cultivation World and the Taoist Cultivation world.

“So how did we separate?” Ling Tian asked.

Mo Han had long ago thought about this question, so he answered effortlessly, “Senior Brother and I encountered several high level beast cultivators who chased us for no reason. Senior Brother had told me to go and hide while you led them away, but when I came out again, I couldn't find you anywhere.”

“Is that so.” Ling Tian couldn't help but lift his eyebrows.

Mo Han's eyes flashed with an indecipherable meaning, and he tentatively asked, “Senior Brother, after your memory loss, what happened? Why were you… brought back by the Demon Elder and became his apprentice?"

“No matter what I've been through before, now I am the Demon Elder's apprentice. Therefore, please go back without me.” Ling Tian, however,  directly made clear his stance. Perhaps he previously had another master, but now he was with Su Yu and he would definitely not leave his Master.

Because even without his memory, Ling Tian was certain that for him, what he has now is the most important.

Mo Han did not expect that Ling Tian would actually have this att.i.tude. His eyes flashed and his face showed strong anxiety and confusion, “Senior Brother, what do you mean by this? I know you are amnesiac now, and can't remember what you had before, but you did indeed have a teacher before this! Our master is widely respect in the Qi Sect, how could you… No, I can't let you do this, I must take you back!”

“I've made myself very clear, you can leave now.” Ling Tian did not even spare him a second glance, his face high and cold. This was a completely difference att.i.tude compared to when he was facing Su Yu.

Looking on from the peanut gallery was Su Yu in another cave chamber, currently munching on melon seeds. Turning to Round Ball, he asked with a smile, “Doesn't my apprentice (lover) look particularly handsome?”

Round Ball – also currently munching on melon seeds – resolutely nodded its head, “He does seem rather handsome. Too bad his IQ isn't that high, and he also looks a little pale right now."

“I just said he is handsome, what do you care about all that?”Su Yu glared disgruntledly at the little ball.

“…” Round Ball who had just spoken the truth hurriedly shut up. It seems it had never had the rights to free speech.

Completely unaware that his stupid behavior was being watched by onlookers, Mo Han snapped out through gritted teeth, “Senior Brother, once a Teacher, forever a Father – I'm sure you understand this truth. Even if you have amnesia, I don't believe you would act so dishonourably against the ancestral teachings! Was it that Demon Elder? Had he threatened you, and that's why you're insistent on ……”

“It has nothing to do with my Master, don't criticize him.” Ling Tian naturally needed to protect his Master – he was both his benefactor, and the person he loved.

“I don't believe it! With Senior Brother's character, there is no way you would do this!” Mo Han had on a crazed look, as if he firmly couldn't believe that Ling Tian would willingly do this. “Where is that Demon Elder?! I must ask him myself, why he refuses to let you go!”

Mo Han's words caused Ling Tian to frown in unhappiness. Flicking his sleeves, he stated, “Master is currently behind closed-doors cultivation. I cannot allow you to disturb him."

Hearing that the Demon Elder was actually cultivating behind closed-doors and not currently present, Mo Han completely let go of any inhibitions. However, on the outside, his face displayed a righteous att.i.tude. "Since Senior Brother is so  determined to act this way, then I can only act on behalf of our Master and drag you back!

Having said that, Mo Han condensed together an orb of spiritual force and sent it towards Ling Tian. He was certain that Ling Tian was just a cultivation waste at the moment, and wouldn't be able to avoid this attack, but how could he have expected the spiritual force to directly disperse upon reaching Ling Tian?!

Ling Tian slowly dusted off his finger and stood up, looking down at Mo Han, “So you're finally revealing your true face, directly acting against me now?”

“Senior Brother, I just don't want to see you walking down the wrong path. I know I shouldn't resort to physical means, but I don't have any other way to make you see reason. Therefore, I can only do this!” Mo Han didn't suspect anything, only thinking that his previous attack had been too weak. While he was saying this, he quickly launched a more powerful attack.

This time, however, before he even condensed the spiritual orb, he was suddenly lifted into the air into a chokehold, by a foreign spiritual energy! Mo Han was deeply shocked – wasn't Ling Tian a waste?! How could he do this?! Why couldn't he react against this failure at all?!

Ling Tian quickly helped him answer his questions, “Only in the abstinence stage, and yet you want to act against me. Don't you think you are too impulsive and self-a.s.sured?"

Mo Han stared wide-eyed. At this moment, a horrible thought occurred to him. The reason why he wasn't able to detect the other's cultivation wasn't because Ling Tian was a waste, but because the other's cultivation was high above his own!!

Translator: Lone Wolf Translations

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