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The Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games had made an earth-shattering move. A public statement issued by them pushed the entire Beijing Olympics into the public's consciousness. Going by the regulations of this world, the Olympic organizer had the authority to make certain changes to the rules or mete out punishments as they deemed fit. But no one could have expected that they would really enforce it. Even the Americans in their role as the world police had never changed the rules in any of their Olympic events like this. Moreover, this change was even made to the advantage of China itself. This was what made it even more shocking for everyone!

Zhang Yuanqi gave a Like!

Yao Jiancai gave a Like!

Zhang Xia gave a Like too!

There were only cheers throughout the country!

Everyone was overjoyed with this decision!

"This should have been how it was!"

"Yeah, it should have been this way at the beginning!"

"Well changed and well punished!"

"Hahaha, banned for life? Well done!"

"Let's see who still dares to deliberately target us during our Olympics!"

"This is such an important statement! I never expected that our country would do such a shocking thing! Even now, I can't believe this is happening!"

"It happened!"

"It really happened!"


Jumping in joy?

Just these words alone were unable to describe the current feelings of the Chinese people. After suppressing their pent-up anger for a day, they could finally vent it all. They were all flowing with happiness from head to toe! When they were faced with such incorrect calls and deliberate malicious decisions in the past, there was nothing they could do about it. Other than protesting, it was still only protesting. Then what? After that, everything would remain the same. The protests did not change anything. But this time, they were the organizers of the Olympics in Beijing. As the saying goes, every dog has its day. The wheel of fortune keeps on turning. Now that it was China's turn to hold the Olympics, the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games used a world-shocking public statement to inform everyone: This is our take on things!

They could feel a sense of pride!

But at the same time, the foreign media started criticizing the actions!

The English media: "What? What is happening?"

The American media: "The Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games has made a shocking and unacceptable decision!"

The South Korean media: "Strongly protesting the organizers for siding with their own people!"

The j.a.panese media: "Unbelievable! This is the darkest moment in the history of the Olympics!"

The Australian media: "Banned for life? Changing the medal results?"

People across the world also reacted fiercely!

Especially those in Australia, South Korea, and several other countries!

The Australians.

"s.h.i.t c.u.n.ts!"

"The Chinese are too despicable!"

"How can they handle things this way!"

"Where's the sportsmanship? Where's the Olympic spirit?"

"Unilaterally changing the regulations, an action like this is just too despicable!"

The South Koreans.

"They skipped over the referees and changed the gold medal winner?"

"How could they suspend our weightlifting referee!"

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