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But the one she falls in love with is the strongest person in the world. As such, normal story for love will never come for them.

And if six years without Azief taught her something, it is this. 

She could live without him just fine. 

But, there are times when she looks at the sky and then she felt loneliness creep it. 

She could do things to forget that loneliness but she could do nothing to replace that emptiness she felt once in a while.

And that emptiness could consume her.

 So, she knows, even after six years had pa.s.sed, this heart still beats for him.

Six years is a long time. But not long enough. 

She notices that he went somewhere else first. And she was angry. Then hours pa.s.sed and her anger rises again. But when he finally came to her, all that anger dissipated.

Because it would be too much of a waste. 

The night is ending and while the stars no longer twinkle, and the darkness of night is slowly going to be replaced by dawn, it didn't matter to her.

She could be angry. 

But it is a waste of love. 

She had been waiting for him for six years. 

Why would she waste it in getting angry at him? 

And she could guess that he might be going away again. If not, why would he went to others first unless he has something that he doesn't want her to know?

He is always thinking of how to protect her. 

And while she likes being protected, she thinks she is strong enough to protect herself. But maybe strong enough, is not G.o.d enough for the strongest person in the world.

The danger of staying beside such a powerful person is that the risk of encountering powerful enemies is higher. 

And the enemies that tangled with Death Monarch is not necessarily an enemy that she could tangle with

And one could only imagine the thing that could make the strongest being on Earth afraid.

Because that what she sees when she sees his eyes. It was fear. And that fear is directed at her. And that's why, she didn't say anything else. 

Because there is nothing else that needs to be said.

She only smile as her head is on top of his lap and she felt as punishment for being late she would sleep on his lap. She was about to try to close her eyes when Azief suddenly said

'Do you want me to make it night again?' Azief said. Sofia then said

'Is this because you were late?' Azief smiles and then he said

'You said you want more time. I could do that if you want'

She was silent for a while. Sofia, when he is with Azief, there is many things she wanted to do. But sometimes time pa.s.s very fast. 

So, one of her wishes was for G.o.d to stop time when they are together

Maybe it is the childish wish of any person in love. As she was thinking of this, Azief said once again

'I could do that if you want'

'Do it then' Sofia said. 

Azief smile closes his eyes and then opened it back up

blue aura swirls around his pupils. In his vision, he sees patterns strings and flowing colors that represented laws and all kinds of abstract thing.

Laws of the world trembles. Waves of laws was stimulated. But no one could see it. 

Unlike some physical power, the changing of laws and the stimulation for the Laws of the world did not garner much attention. 

There is only a few that notice the changing of Laws all over the world

It was not as obvious as gathering energies or using energy of the world to do something. But it was more powerful. Because it is manipulating the Laws of the world.

Azief then waved his hand and the laws all over the world changed.

That night there is already many shocks that Death Monarch had inflicted

But as people who were about to go out from their house at dawn and open their stalls or go hunting, they were shocked to discover that as the sun is about to break dawn, clouds covered the world and stars seems to spin back to their original position during the night. Time and s.p.a.ce distorted all over the world.

Days and night have switched

Azief turns back day to night. He did not really changed time only the appearance of it. But that is enough.

Sofia who were about to see the sun in the distance rising up suddenly see the outside getting darker and she only smiles

And then she closed her eyes and fell asleep her head on top of Azief lap, smiling. She might be dreaming a good dream. Or maybe she smiles because her dreams have come true.

Azief then slowly caress her hair and patting her head slowly and gently. She likes it so he does it

'Why is it when I am with you, I don't know what to do? I look like an idiot' Azief mutter this question. And he chuckles a bit

Then he holds her hands. He holds it gently. He fears if he holds it too tightly, it would break. A gla.s.s that has been repaired should not be broken too many time

There is a trace of sadness in his eyes. Because now each time he sees her, she is reminded of that vision. Of her holding her bow, with an arrow pointed towards him.

An arrow that shines so brightly that its light was so bright it overshined the sun. It is bright, yet it was sad

He sighs and close his eyes. He let her use his lap. Even if he doesn't put it into words, he loves her. 

For her, he changes the laws of the world, delaying the night.

It was like he was turning off the sun. 

if he continues doing it for a long period for time, probably many plants all over the world is going to wilt and die. 

The animals and even the monster might even go to a slumber thinking the hibernation period has started, flowers will not bloom and temperature would drop.

It is fortunate that Azief is not entirely someone who is heartless. 

He could turn of the sun if he really wanted to. He could even probably seal it and refines it.

But since he did not really want the world to die off, he only changes the appearance of night and day.

In truth, dawn has break. 

Only Azief manipulated Time images. 

He superimposed the night scene of yesterday onto the sky of the world. It was like is pasting the night sky on the sun. The feeling is exactly like the night because he uses that night time as the template

In other words, it is night but not night.

When he dispels the effect, the sun would still be there like usual.

But while Azief knows this, the other people all over the world didnt know this. 

And not everybody could discern such things since not everybody is on the same level as Death Monarch

All they knew was that when the supposed time for dawn did not come, they panicked. They look at the sky and all the see was darkness and nights stars. 

The night stars are very beautiful but no one is in the mood to appreciate the beauty of the moon and the twinkling stars

Some thought an Eternal Night is coming upon them. Some think that the world is going haywire. n.o.body would have thought that Death Monarch would reverse night and day just because the Divine Archer wanted to sleep 

In that house with the white picket fence, there is two lovers that wishes for time to stop.

And so time stop


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