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WarG.o.d on the other hand did not care.

He looks toward that ripples of energy that is shattering the emptiness that has been produced since the Destroyer pa.s.ses the area.

As the illusory lives and death of this Universe ended, a large rips appears in the center of this Universe.

All the black holes that appears before were suddenly pressured by such powerful energy that the black hole seems to disintegrate like it collapsed into itself and suck itself into nothingness.

The area around the s.p.a.ce rips distorted and even Loki green mist that seal this Universe seems to be at the verge of fizzling out.

The moment it nearly fizzles out, the Omniverse releases its will and supported the green mist.

Loki was panicked for a moment before regaining back his calm. Coming out from the rip is a t.i.tanic being of immense power.

This Being is sitting on a throne made of light particles. He was like a matchless Overlord. His eyes are like the gaze of heaven upon the Universe.

This being look at WarG.o.d and at Loki. When he saw WarG.o.d he said

'The Exiled One' When he looks at Loki he said

'The Gardener'

His voice seems to echoes throughout out all time and s.p.a.ce.

The essence of creation and destruction swirled around his throne, not contradicting each other, harmonious and perfect like the two sides of a coin.

There is an apocalyptic pressure coming out from this being entire body that could not be seen anywhere else and there is this foreign feeling in it.

But also there is a life essence so powerful that it dispels all the death aura around this Universe.

Wherever his eyes gazes, stars are formed, gaseous substance is added and all element needed to create life were produced out of his gaze and breath.

The energy around this powerful being is that of primordial in nature. His power seems limitless and absolute. Even WarG.o.d who could contend with Annihilator and even the Destroyer if he releases his seal admitted that he could not defeat this person.

Around this person, the undulation of his life energy is healing this Universe to gain back its vitality and life. And behind him there is a gigantic wheel.

And this wheel is collecting the souls of the dead of this Universe.

'The Destroyer destroy all of their soul and life. Since I am here, I reverse cause and effect and while I could save their lives, I could save their souls and give them a chance at reincarnation in my own Vast Universe'

As he said this the rate of the souls being absorbed into Azul wheel increased. Their souls all rushed to the spinning wheel behind this person body.

'Creation and destruction. Life and Death' WarG.o.d said as he looks at that wheel spinning without stopping behind that being.

This being is none other than Great Supremacy Azul of the Vast Universe.

Rules of Time and s.p.a.ce was ignored as all souls throughout Time and s.p.a.ce, in this Universe was sucked into the Wheel.

This Wheel is remaking reality, reversing cause and effect giving the souls of this people another chance for life in a different Universe.

It looks like all of this took a long time but it was only a fraction of a second that pa.s.sed. Then Azul look at Loki and ask

'It seems you must have a reason if you call me, Gardener'

'I did not think you would answer'

'Since you call me then you must have confidence that I would come. And I have a reason this time.' Loki smiles and then he said

'You treated him like you treated a son.'

'He helps me get the one things I loved the most in my whole eternal existence to return to me. I owe him.'

'I guess you care now.' Loki said. Azul face did not change as he showed a non-expression on his face. And it is hard to see his face as his face seems to be even more bright than quasar star.

'Like I said, I have a reason now' Loki only smiles.

WarG.o.d did not understand everything they were both saying but he of course understands who Loki and Azul is referring to in their conversation. They are no doubt referring to Azief.

That mortal has solved Azul regret. And then not only Azul got back the one he loved, he also realizes his Path. In the past timeline, while Azul is very powerful, he still could not do what he did to the Destroyer. He could even chain the Destroyer down.

If not for the fact that this Omniverse is not his, he would probably not mind holding off the Destroyer.

Loki on the other hand sized up Azul. This Supremacy Azul is the only few True Grand Supremacy.

And he might even have pa.s.sed that realm and enter into a new realm that outstripped others below him

There is thirteen people that walked the steps of the Thirteen Steps of the Supremacy Stairway. Out of the thirteen people, only four beings that walked that step truly become Grand Supremacy level.

There is Azul in the first step.

Then there is the person on the second step who gained enlightenment about the truth of the world and become a Concept of Oneness that covered the whole Omniverse

Then there is that one person in the nine steps of the stairway who is one but have three separations of himself and yet when it merged it become one again.

Reunion and separating make no difference. And then there is that one white haired Outer G.o.d that walked the steps and leave the imprint of his will and power on the twelve steps.

Azul look at Loki and then he asks

'Did you know?' He asks.

'Knows about what?' Loki ask back. Azul then turns toward WarG.o.d and ask him the same question

'Did you know?'

WarG.o.d could guess what Azul is talking about. He then said.

'The Steps?' Azul nodded. WarG.o.d then answer.

'I didn't know it. If I know it, would I have summoned the Gate? I know it when it appears. I didn't think that it hides such secrets'

Loki then understand what Azul and WarG.o.d is taking about.  He only smiles and then he said

'There would only be thirteen people walking that steps.'

Azul nodded

'There will not be a fourteen' Azul added like confirming his already long held belief. And he sighed.

He then sighed and then said

'I…...even though I have risen up to this level, in the beginning, this Omniverse, this Universe, is where I came from. My current present would not happen if I did not walk that step eons ago. Is this His plan? Even though, I have jumped out of it, am I still the fish? Or am I just a b.u.t.terfly dreaming of becoming something else?'

He sighed and then he asks

'Gardener, did He knows?'

Loki smiles and then said.

'This is after all is his Omniverse. How could he not know?' Like there is no doubt in his mind. Azul nodded.

Hearing this WarG.o.d frowned.

'Then why not stop it?'

Loki smiles bitterly. Azul sighed again and then he said to no one in particular

'I never understood what he wanted'

'And you never will understand Him' Loki reply. Then he added

'I doubt there will be anyone that understand Him. Azul, you might have powerful strength now but in the beginning, you were created by Him. If he did not let you to grow, could you have grown until you are right now. Where even he could not kill you? '

Loki ask.

Azul facial expression did not change at all. His face is like the Light the that shine through during the primordial darkness that envelop the moment before creation burst out.

'I could not kill him but he also could not kill me' And he smiles at this thought. He was also feeling wistful.

Then he added

'Not that I think He would want to. After all, he must have foreseen me breaking the chains of destiny and fate, of the reincarnation and all kinds of rebirths. Since he is the Supreme One of this Universe. That is why I never understand. If He could see all that, He could also see that I don't view Him in high esteem. Yet, he still let me grows until I reached this level. How about you Loki? Even you could not understand Him? You, the closest one to Him?'

WarG.o.d close his eyes and he too was curious. Everyone knows that Loki is a trickster. He likes to deceives and lie. No one would have guess that he was the closest one to Him.

Loki then answer

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