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And since Death Monarch departed Pandemonium while they do not seclude themselves behind the thick white mist and never-ending lightning storms around the Indian Ocean, they also do not actively partic.i.p.ate in many of the World Meeting that have bene convened for at least four times.

It is why when the Three Army of Pandemonium that has been roaming the world seeking the Broker suddenly appeared in Laos and started driving back the rebellion, the whole world stirs.

The rebellion touches Pandemonium sensitive spot.

The law that has been made by Death Monarch, the Sovereign of Pandemonium was ignored and looked down upon by some rabble of rebels.

Loki had ordered the mobilization and the Three Army quickly abandoned their mission and decimated half of the rebel military force in a day.

The Three General all now have a Disk Formation cultivation level. It is with the combined effort of the Great Powers that Asia regained back their peace.

Africa however is still full of conflict.

And these conflict is usually incited by the force of the World Government in terms of resources and the Republic with it silent maneuvering from behind.

Death Monarch did cut off any powers that the World Government had on Africa before he left but now he is not here anymore.

And so, the World Government send their agents and spies there, trying to manipulate the matters of the African continent once again.

And since the Republic also knows the World Government scheme, how could they not partic.i.p.ate?

On the other hand, Pandemonium did not interfere.

As long as the Great Powers did not outright attack the other Great Powers then they did not really want to muck up this new peace that is slowly dawning on humanity.

The African Alliance itself is divided on how the continent should be ruled. With fifty-four interest tied together, it would be weird not to see any intrigue and conflict.

The African Alliance while rarely fought in the battlefield, the intrigue and schemes they had against each other had incited riots, small rebellions of villagers and the rise of a few warlords separate from the African Alliance.

The other Great Powers knew that the continent of Africa is a powder keg. One need to only light a spark and chaos would rule.

World Government on the other hand had created a more systemized ways of ruling and in the two years since the ascension of Death Monarch, they too have fade in the background while exercising silent pressure on the world just like Pandemonium.

North America seems to be prosperous with its people have hope for a better tomorrow.

With all of the great figures of World Government still alive and kicking and not disappearing on some s.p.a.ce adventure, they might be considered the strongest organization in the world right now.

The Island of Peace that floated a few meters above the sea water in the North Pacific Ocean is the symbol of the World Government ruling from the small administrative island.

The World Government have matured from its past mistake and become more calm and wiser. And more silent in their actions.

This is not exactly a good news for its enemies.

While the true ruler of the World Government is President Hirate, the only other person that shares equal power and probably have even more influence than him in the World Government is Raymond who is the King of the United States.

The t.i.tle was given by the World Government and all of the states of America had to acknowledge this coronation.

Since the founding of the United States, they never had a king. But times have changed. And the world has also changed.

There is no world like before and while in the past those who have the bigger gun's wins, this is not the case now.

Everyone have had their eyes wide opens. They saw many things that challenged their notions of what power means and what strength is since the years of the Fall.

Death Monarch could change the colors of the Heavens, bring down heavenly calamities, split up mountains and part the sea with the wave of his hands.

The world is now ruled by organization or factions but in essence the only reason that these organization and factions could rule was the fact that they had people who were no different than the G.o.ds they used to read in myths.

And the United Sates after the Fall is no longer like the United States before the Fall. When the Word Government announced the coronation of Raymond, they accepted it.

The strong rules in this world.

Even if they did not accept it, the thought of fighting an unstoppable force like Raymond who could control the Earth, to bring storms and summons tsunamis bring their knees down as they kneel and prostate themselves in fear.

While Raymond and Hirate is solidifying their power in North America, on the South America side the League of Freedom is no longer as small as it is before and now hold great power.

While some people used justice or as their slogans, Narleod, the leader of the League of Freedom rules on his continent with iron fist and employs fear to control its people.

It is cruel but it is also effective.

Yet, at the same time he preached his people of freedom from the powers that be.

It is because of this that the World Government did not make many waves this past two years.

They are being checked by the growing influence of the league of Freedom. The League of Freedom controls the Amazon Forest.

It is one of the most dangerous forest in the world.

But it is also a treasure trove of resources, energy stones, and exotic and rare herbs that could strengthen one body and it is because of that, the improvement of the people that migrated to South America is obvious.

The League of Freedom open the forest for people to hunt and raise their levels. There is hardly Pillar Forming levelers in his continent unless they are kids or babies.

This was not good news to the World Government.

The upper echelons of the World Government knew that the League of Freedom hated the World Government.

And because of that they always had to remain vigilant against their own neighbor.

This problem was actually because of Death Monarch. Raymond and Hirate at that time knew Death Monarch intention but they were powerless to stop it.

He wanted to make sure that the World Government will not have time to focused on Pandemonium and instead had to worry about the enemy beside them

The plans that Azief plan before he went to s.p.a.ce is slwoly showing its effect. Anyway it alos depicts LOF expansion and the soldifying of power.

Anyway, I did not hjave many thing to say this chapter so see you tomorrow and dont forget to vote and rate the chapter

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