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And a different world has emerged with the Article enforcement by the Three Giants of the World.

When the Article was announced some people tried to break its rules and Pandemonium, World Government and the Republic executed those that tried to break the rules with no mercy

Since then the Four Great Powers have changed their approach.

The four great powers have tried to exercise both the sticks and carrots to encourage people coming to their continent while implementing laws and orders

The only reason that the laws and order work as intended is because all the Seven Great Powers agree to enforce it together.

But just because the Seven Great Powers are on the road to stability it doesn't mean that they are no chaos whatsoever

In Asia, the Lotus Order just get out a great civil war from the steppes of Mongolia to the lower lands of Indonesia.

The war had almost exhausted their resources and so the Lotus Order call upon a great meeting among the many great leaders that is ruling in many areas all over Asia.

They debated for a week and they reached a compromise with each other

They swore loyalty to the Lotus Order but are free to do whatever they wanted in their dominion as long as the Laws of the Seven Great Power is observed and enforced.

They wanted to protest it at first but the World Government people also arrived with Raymond, Hikigaya and Oreki in presence.

With Death Monarch absent, Katarina in seclusion, it is without doubt that the three figures command the greatest prowess in the world right now.

Even though j.a.pan is considered an Asian country but because of the fact that the Twin Sages of j.a.pan is Oreki and Hikigaya, they remain a separate ent.i.ty out of Asia and belongs to the World Government.

It is the only way that the World Government would accept Pandemonium arrangement. And Loki agreed to it

With the World Government interfering the meeting was concluded and many people agree to swear fealty.

But around half a year ago, someone seems to incite a rebellion on the edges of Indonesia as they conquer lands and make alliance with other warlords of Asia to overthrow the Lotus Order.

From the Mountains of Tibet, to the steppes of Mongolia, to the desert of Dubai rebel warlord rises up

The entire Asia seems to go into a frenzy.

This time the Six Great Power did not interfere.

In the Article it is written that internal war is allowed but no external war is allowed among the Seven Powers.

Since it is an internal war of the Lotus Order, unless there is some benefit, the other Great Power did not have to interfere unless it became a matter of humanity survival and involve humanity precious fighting force.

It wasn't until a few months later when this rebellion suddenly deployed a Disk Formation levelers to ma.s.sacre an entire capital of Laos that the World Government, the Republic and Pandemonium responded.

The fact that this matter attract the Three Giants of the World was frightening and everyone was waiting to see the conclusion of this rebellion.

Since the Article and the Laws were introduced, there is n.o.body that ever broke the rule that was set upon by Death Monarch

For the World Government the matters lie in the fact that the rebellion simply disregards the rules that was set upon in the World Meeting by the Seven Great Powers.

To them it is matter of reputation

For the Republic, there is nothing more important than the laws that was set upon and the fact that to have such a lawless rebellion beside them have never sit right for them

They also fear that the rebellion in Asia would then provoke a rebel sentiment in Europe.

In the initial attack the Republic did not want to interfere but since it is an internal war, they felt compelled to let them sort it out by themselves.

But now that the rebellion deployed a Disk Formation expert and started a wanton ma.s.sacre of a human population that is innocent and not part of the war, the Senator of the Republic pa.s.s a unanimous resolution in the Senate, allowing full military mobilization.

From Moscow, the great figures of The Republic headed to Asia. However, the most frightening things was the fact that Pandemonium also enter this matter

Pandemonium is now ruled by its Regent, Loki. Since that day of Death Monarch ascension to the stars, Loki had been announced to rule in his stead.

Sasha, the leader of the Shadow Guard disappeared with the Dark Blade Division and the remnants of the Shadow Guard is now headed by the Vice leader of the Shadow Guard Shinji.

Pandemonium is the most fortified continent in the world. It is point of pride for its people and of envy for the outsiders.

This owes to Death Monarch gift to his people before he leaves.

The formation he strengthened could not be broken unless one could reach the pinnacle strength of a Divine Comprehension levelers.

Other than Raymond who was rumored to have reached Divine Comprehension levels, n.o.body could even dream of breaking through that formation.

That formation had not only strengthened Pandemonium security it also created many weird phenomenon across the Pandemonium Sea

Pandemonium is now covered with thick white mist that makes it look like a paradise of celestial immortals from afar.

Other than that, all the island near Pandemonium floated up twenty feet above the sea creating a floating island surrounded by mist.

Many Order of Thinkers members have been researching this matter and they come into the conclusion that the protection formation of Pandemonium affected the energy distribution of the island and landma.s.s around it creating this bizarre phenomenon of island floating around Pandemonium and its seas.

Other than that, every full moon there will be never ending lightning storms across the Pandemonium Seas.

These never ending lightning storms usually begins in the morning leading to the full moon before ending the next morning.

This only makes the travel to Pandemonium even harder.

Even for levelers it is hard to pa.s.s through the Pandemonium Sea when the never ending lightning storms begins

When the Order of thinker research this they found out that the lightning coming out from the lightning storms is not normal lightning and thunders.

Instead the lightning has traces of the Extermination Lightning. This fact while it deters the weak to sail the Pandemonium Sea it encourages the strong to come to Pandemonium.

It is even said that some people once saw the Thunder Monarch meditating on the clouds of those never ending lightning storms.

Some people used the weird weather in Pandemonium to prepare themselves for their own tribulations.

There are even rumors that one could see some experts with high level cultivation would come to the area where the never ending lightning storms and use the thunder there to temper their body and to prepare themselves when they have to face the real deal.

Nowadays it is not only people that seek safety would sail the Pandemonium Sea, now even the strong come to Pandemonium to seek more strength.

The land is as popular as ever.

It is because of that Pandemonium is not only hard to break, it is also hard to even travel to it.

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