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Chapter 88: Xia Wanyuan Sends Food to the Company

Xia Wanyuan looked at Xuan Sheng's teasing gaze and recalled that Xuan Sheng had seen her and Jun Shiling together at the lecture previously.

With a thought, she understood who the canary Xuan Sheng was referring to.

“I couldn't tell that you liked canaries. I thought that you should like lizards.” Xia Wanyuan's tone turned cold. She looked straight at Xuan Sheng and gathered her aura. Xuan Sheng could feel the change in Xia Wanyuan almost instantly.

Before Xuan Sheng could speak further, Xia Wanyuan greeted Shen Qian and left, ignoring Xuan Sheng.

Xuan Sheng looked at Xia Wanyuan's back in shock. He was stunned for a moment before asking his a.s.sistant, “What's so special about lizards?”

The a.s.sistant hesitated and did not dare to speak.

“Lizards have long tongues,” Shen Qian said from the other side of the table. He added, “And they're ugly.”

“Hahaha.” Who would have thought that Xuan Sheng would not be angry after hearing these words? Instead, there was a smile in his eyes.

After settling the Xia family's matters, Xia Wanyuan felt as if a huge rock had been lifted from her heart. In the future, after she divorced Jun Shiling, she would not have to sleep on the streets anymore.

It was already time for lunch. The food in the manor was indeed delicious, but after eating for a long time, she always wanted to change her taste.

Xia Wanyuan thought of having lunch outside. Thinking of how Jun Shiling had helped her so much, she didn't know how to thank him.

Seeing a pretty good restaurant, Xia Wanyuan called Jun Shiling.

“We're almost done with the plan for the next quarter. There are still a few problems. One is…”

His phone suddenly rang in the office.

Everyone broke out in a cold sweat and looked down to see if they had forgotten to silent their phones.

After confirming that it was not their phones, everyone looked up confidently. Their gazes darted around, wanting to know which unlucky person's phone was ringing. They felt sorry for that unlucky person.

Then, everyone saw Jun Shiling take out his phone from his suit pocket and pressed the answer b.u.t.ton.

Everyone stopped complaining in their hearts.

“Hey, um, okay. Come on. Let me know when you get there.”

The partic.i.p.ants who appeared to be sitting up straight were actually looking at Jun Shiling from the corner of their eyes.

Then, everyone saw that the stern and cold big boss's expression softened.

His tone was completely different from when he was lecturing us!!

It was a cold breeze to them, but it was a spring breeze when he talked on the phone.

Tsk, tsk. The Big Boss must be in a relationship. Everyone in the meeting room had lost interest in the meeting and was eavesdropping on the Big Boss's gossip.

Eh, why was there no sound? Everyone secretly turned their heads and met a pair of deep eyes that were like a thousand-year-old cold lake.

Mm, this is the familiar boss!

It was so familiar that it was scary. Jun Shiling glanced at it and everyone hurriedly sat properly.

“Continue the topic,” Jun Shiling said.


Half an hour later, Jun Shiling's phone rang again just as the meeting ended.

Jun Shiling picked up the phone and walked out, leaving behind a room full of curious but afraid subordinates.

It was lunchtime and there were not many people in the office building. However, when Jun Shiling came out of the elevator, he still caused a commotion in the hall.

After all, as the person in charge of the Jun Corporation, only the higher management of the corporation had access to Jun Shiling.

They did not expect to see him twice in just half a month.

Some of the new interns already admired the person in charge of the Jun Corporation. When they saw Jun Shiling's handsome face, their hearts swayed, and they naturally had some strange thoughts.

“h.e.l.lo, President Jun, I'm a new employee. I've admired you since I first entered university. Can I have your autograph?”

The beautiful new employee had just graduated from university. She had light makeup on and had her hair tied up into a high ponytail, revealing a youthful face. At that moment, she was looking at Jun Shiling with admiration.

Jun Shiling's footsteps were stopped, and his brows furrowed slightly.

“What's your name?”

“CEO Jun, my name is Bai Ning.” The corners of Bai Ning's lips curled up into an innocent smile.

The others in the hall looked at Bai Ning enviously. She was too lucky to have Master Jun remember her name. Perhaps she could even use this opportunity to build a relationship with Jun Shiling.

“You don't have to come to work anymore.”

“CEO Jun?!” Bai Ning's eyes widened. In school, no matter what happened, as long as she acted coquettishly, those boys would do it for her.

“Go to the HR department to settle the paperwork.” Master Jun didn't want to talk to her anymore. He turned around and saw Xia Wanyuan, who was wearing a mask and hat at the entrance.

Bai Ning still wanted to say something to Jun Shiling, but the other employees beside her hurriedly stepped forward to pull her away, afraid that she would make Jun Shiling angry and cause everyone to suffer together with her.

“That young lady is quite pretty.” Xia Wanyuan had just entered when she saw Jun Shiling being stopped.

“I don't even know that person,” Jun Shiling explained hurriedly.

Picking up the lunch box in Xia Wanyuan's hand, Jun Shiling brought her upstairs.

“Isn't it normal for you to be liked?” Xia Wanyuan looked at Jun Shiling with a smile. After all, no matter where he went, there would probably be a large number of people lining up to like such an outstanding man.

Jun Shiling looked at Xia Wanyuan's expression seriously. Seeing that there was no hint of unhappiness in her eyes, but instead a hint of teasing, Jun Shiling's expression turned cold.

Jun Shiling glanced at Xia Wanyuan coldly. Xia Wanyuan did not know why Jun Shiling was suddenly angry.

Seeing the two of them disappear into the elevator, everyone gathered together.

“Wow!!!! That can't be CEO Jun's girlfriend, right?!!! The delusion of the world actually touched his heart? I'm crying.”

“I think she came here last time. I heard that CEO Jun was the one who sent her downstairs.”

“Really? CEO Jun's face was so dark just now. If he was really in a relationship, how could he be so cold?”

When everyone heard this, they thought of Jun Shiling's cold expression just now and felt that it made sense. They had never seen anyone in a relationship who could be so cold.

“Sigh, you people just don't have a pair of gentle eyes,” the receptionist said quietly. “Although CEO Jun's att.i.tude is cold, haven't you noticed that he has been walking side by side with that mysterious woman?”

“What do you mean?” Everyone was confused. They couldn't understand Boss Jun's high-level gentleness.

“CEO Jun is so tall. It's obvious that he slowed down when he walked with a woman in high heels. If CEO Jun was really angry, he would have thrown her 800 meters away.”

When everyone heard that, it seemed to make sense. Could it be that the Jun Corporation was about to welcome its mistress?!

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