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Chapter 637 Do You Even Have Common Sense?

After dinner, Gao Yi was tired as he did not have enough sleep after the commotion in the morning and went straight to bed. He knew Chu Lui came over to take advantage of the situation, but he could not do anything about it. The him now was not even a normal human; how could he fight with him?

Wei Lan walked in and sat beside him. It was just like when Gao Yi was young as she placed her hand on his forehead.

“Xiao Yi, that mister is Ruoxin's friend, right?”

She could feel that Xia Ruoxin was especially cold to Chu Lui. She understood Xia Ruoxin's character a little, and she knew that she was never mean to others. However, only to that Mr. Chu, she was cold. Moreover, the way that Mr. Chu looked at Xia Ruoxin was different so she guessed that he was familiar with Xia Ruoxin and not her son.

Gao Yi opened his eyes and held Wei Lan's hands tightly. “Mom, thank you.”

“What 'thank you'?” Wei Lan sighed. “It's all Mom's fault. If it wasn't for my ignorance in judging people and my marriage to that Bai Zhenfeng, you and Gao Xin would not have suffered. I caused you to become like this.”

“Mom, it's okay. I'll be fine,” Gao Yi comforted his mother. In actual fact, he did not know himself if he would get better; but he believed that there would be a brighter future waiting for him.

“Aish…” Wei Lan sighed and blamed herself in her heart.

“Today is all my fault. I almost hurt you.” Now, she finally understood that sometimes, overly loving someone would cause the person harm… just like what she did today.

“Mom, it's my fault.” Gao Yi closed his eyes as he was really afraid the him without sanity would do something once again and hurt the people he loved the most.

“Mom knows…” Wei Lan rubbed her eyes. “Next time, Mom won't make such mistakes again. Even if I strangled you tight with the rope, I would not help you anymore.”

Gao Yi…

“Oh, Xiao Yi.” Wei Lan still did not know who that Chu Lui guy was. “Who exactly is Chu Lui?”

“Him?” Gao Yi pulled his lip.

“He's Ruoxin's ex-husband, Rainy's biological father.”

“So he's that jerk?”

Gao Yi touched his forehead. Gao Xin must have taught his mother the word 'jerk'. He did not know how to say good words but only this kind of useless ones.

Outside, Chu Lui was having a staredown with Xia Ruoxin.

“Don't worry,” Chu Lui sighed in his heart. “I'm not here to fight with you for my daughter.” The word 'daughter' made his heart softened up. He did have a daughter.

“Then, why are you here?” This was Xia Ruoxin's first time talking to him. Even though there was not much anger in his words, but she still did not welcome him.

“I only wanted to come see the child. Just nice I saw you were having some trouble here.” Chu Lui lied with his eyes open. He obviously came here to help, but he said as though he came to see the child.

“I'll bring you to her tomorrow.”

Xia Ruoxin turned and wanted to walk away. After he had seen her, he could leave. She was really busy now and did not have the time to care about him, let alone quarrel with him.

“Ruoxin.” Chu Lui extended his hand to pull Xia Ruoxin's sleeves. Xia Ruoxin stopped in her tracks.

“Anything else?” She pulled back her sleeve and walked backward a few steps, practicing caution against him as if he was a thief. He actually was one; he was going to steal her Rainy, her daughter.

Chu Lui kept his hand and clenched his fists before putting them in his pockets, just in case he could not control himself later. “I did not bring any clothes so I need to buy some.”

“Go yourself.” Xia Ruoxin was almost going to yell at him.

If he wanted to buy clothes, he could do so himself. What was the use of telling her? Did he want her to make some for him?

“No.” Chu Lui stood upright. No matter what, he was not a child that listened to the teacher; now he was just awkward.

“I don't know where to buy clothes here.”

Xia Ruoxin really wanted to leave him alone. Suddenly, her nose took a whiff; and she smelled something that was out of the ordinary. The smell obviously came from Chu Lui. She walked over as if she was a ghostbuster[1] before she tugged on Chu Lui's sleeve and sniffed.

“You stink.”

Chu Lui's tanned skin was not black throughout.

How could he not stink wearing the same clothes for two days?

Not long after, Xia Ruoxin resigned to her fate and brought Chu Lui to a shopping center. The shopping center was not very big, but the items they sold were pretty comprehensive. There were also a few decent male stores. However, she was not sure if Chu Lui would be used to this as he had always been wearing suits that were custom-made for him.

Chu Lui did not really know how to buy his own clothes as all of them were made for him by professionals. Within a season, there would one be people coming over specially to help him measure to make around four suits. It was rare for him to shop around in a shopping center like this.

“How does this look?” Chu Lui held up a set of clothes to let Xia Ruoxin choose for him. However, Xia Ruoxin turned away and ignored him.

Alright then, he would try it himself. He wore it over his clothes, but he really did not know and did not expect that he would be like a r.e.t.a.r.d walking all over the place like he was today, not knowing which piece to be.

Alas, he tried on two sets of western suits and felt that it suited him and was not ugly so it was wearable for him. Even though these two suits were already priced sky-high here, but to him, they were barely pa.s.sable.

Of course, he did not forget that he had to buy undergarments, too.

Okay, he was done picking and could go home.

Xia Ruoxin stood up and was waiting for the shop a.s.sistant to pack the clothes for him. However, when she saw the clothes, she had the urge to give Chu Lui a tight slap.

Did he even have any common sense?

“You wear a suit at home?” she asked.

“Yeah.” Chu Lui nodded his head. He basically wore it all day, even on weekends as he worked a lot of overtime. Sometimes, he even had to go socializing so he spent most of his time wearing suits.

“You're going to wear it here? You're going to wear a tie at home, with three pieces inside and three pieces out. Are you trying to act decent or trying to fall sick in this weather?”

Chu Lui was stunned and seemed a bit awkward. He completely forgot about that. He was overseas and not in the country. He did not have any business dealings here, and it was r.e.t.a.r.ded to wear slippers and a suit at home.

“How long are you planning to stay here?” Xia Ruoxin asked him. “If it's only for these few days. Are you going to bring all of these clothes back?”

“I'll wait till he's better.” Chu Lui spat that sentence out after a long time before he continued picking his clothes. Treating his love rival… that was a first for him. If it was the old him, he would have just stabbed his love rival, but now, he had abandoned his company and his everything back home to come and save his love rival. If it was a few years back, he would never have dreamed that this was something Chu Lui would do.

[1] This refers to an official who investigates tax fraud instead of the paranormal.

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