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Chapter 168: It Resembled That Woman

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Soon, they would have a house.

Xia Ruoxin tied Rainy in front of her. True to her word, the child was indeed very well-behaved. Now, sweat began to gather on her forehead as she carried a big bag of goods over her shoulder. There was a tingling pain in her left arm. It was heavy, but whenever she met her daughter's eyes, she couldn't help smiling.

During her break, she would sometimes touch her daughter's face with her fingers or fed her water. It was not easy for a woman to survive like this. Many a time, everyone would leave the lighter work for her to do.

Who had said that there were no kind souls in the world? There were many, and she had met them.

She leaned against a cabinet at the side. With the milk bottle in one hand, she began feeding her daughter carefully. Her shoulders hurt, and she couldn't lift her hands up. When it came to her daughter, she would always be very cautious. Once Rainy was full, she sprawled against her mother quietly without a sound.

She carried her daughter with her right hand and exited through the side door. The woman's words were etched in her mind. The main entrance was reserved for customers' use. So she used the side door.

“Rainy, we're home.” She kissed her daughter's face. Rainy seemed to be conversing with her in her baby language which she did not understand. All the while, gesturing with her hands.

Xia Ruoxin put her tiny hands in her coat to keep her warm.

Unknown to her, a black Lamborghini had parked not too far away from her. She was familiar with the car, the number plate, and even the people in it.

“Lui, what are you looking at?” Li Manni hugged his waist and followed the direction of his eyes curiously. There was no one.

“Nothing.” Chu Lui simply turned his attention back to her, allowing Li Manni to lean on his shoulders smoothly. Something flickered in his dark eyes.

As he ran his fingers in Li Manni's hair, his expression was vaguely distracted. The back view of that woman resembled her.

That woman.

Xia Ruoxin returned to the small warehouse where she had previously stayed and put her daughter down. She had fallen asleep with the rocking. Then, she made her way to collect the clothing to be washed. In the day, she was a mover; and at night, she has to do other people's laundry. The condition of her health has greatly deteriorated under the heavy workload. However, at the thought of her daughter being able to drink milk and the prospect of them having a new place to stay, she was filled with unlimited strength.

She would bring her daughter to work every day, and it became her routine in life.

“Ruoxin, you need to run an errand. A customer wanted some formal wear which was not supposed to be delivered by us, but the instruction came from top management. We had to obey.” A man put the formal wear into Xia Ruoxin's hands and instructed again, “Hurry. The customer needs them urgently.”

At the sight of a baby bundled in front of Xia Ruoxin, the man hesitated. “Ruoxin, I'm sorry. It's just that everyone is so busy, and you're the only one who could go. It's just outside…”

Xia Ruoxin held the box tightly in her hands. She pressed her lips and smiled at the man. “It's okay, I will be right back.”

She left with one arm holding Rainy tightly against her. It was pouring outside. She looked at her child and wrapped her in her coat.

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