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Author; 葵花砸 Kui Hua Za

Translator: Jia

Chapter 9 因为我第一眼就看上你 Because I fancied you at first sight.

“Little Yu get up *cough*, we’ve arrived at the restaurant.”

“If you don’t get up i’ll kiss you*cough*.” Gu Shaoming laughed mischievously. “f.u.c.k go away!” Xia Ningyu woke up earlier but he was just pretending to be asleep. “Oh…you’ve finally woken up~”

“Let’s go eat.” Gu Shaoming patted his a.s.s. “Do not s.e.xual harra.s.s me!” Xia Ningyu patted his hand away.

They both got of there car together. Gu Shaoming walked ahead, Xia Ningyu like a little wife followed behind him. Gu Shaoming already booked a place, they entered the box inside.

Gu Shaoming sat down first then patted the chair next to him, motioning him to sit beside him. Xia Ningyu was forced to go over. Xia Ningyu curious looked at the decorations next to him. “What do you want to eat? Choose yourself.” Gu Shaoming generously said. “Really? Don’t I need to pay?”

“Pu of course not, I’ll buy whatever you want after too.”

“Get out, you and me have only known each other for one day.” His earlobe became red.

Gu Shaoming naturally saw, he smiled.

“Because I fancied you at first sight“

“Shut up~” He was a little embarra.s.sed.

“I am straight male.”

“I think I have the ability to bend you.” Gu Shaoming raised his eyebrows.


“I want fish flavoured eggplant with rice!”

“Okay okay.” Gu Shaoming tenderly said.

From time to time they said a word or two to each other, this is how they ate dinner. After eating, they both got in the car and Gu Shaoming drove. From time to time he said a word or two to the person behind him, afraid that he will fall asleep. They arrived at Xia Ningyu’s downstairs floor, Gu Shaoming stopped the car. Gu Shaoming helped him open the door and accompanied him upstairs.

“You be careful. Good night.”

“Ok…good night~” Xia Ningyu feeling shy. Gu Shaoming pulled Xia Ningyu over and kissed him. “This is a good night kiss.” Gu Shaoming grinned. “Get out! Do not s.e.xually hara.s.s me.”

Xia Ningyu returned back into the house. He sat on the floor touching the left side of his chest, his heart jumping *thump* *thump*. Then touched his own face, so hot..! Wait, is this me becoming bent!? No no, Xia Ningyu quickly shook his head. He’s a straight male, he likes girls with short hair! Right, I am a straight male! Xia Ningyu constantly hypnotized himself, this is probably the legendary straight male cancer. He’s obviously bent but he doesn’t want to admit it. He held his phone pressing a familiar number.

“I’m giving up that task. Also, I want to rest for two months. Just that, good night.” Xia Ningyu subconsciously made this remark. When he returned to consciousness he had already hung up. He lay in bed and sighed, he doesn’t know when he fell asleep.

After Xie Qi received Xia Ningyu’s call, she wanted to ask him what happened and why he is calling at night and not sleeping. After she heard Xia Ningyu talk, she wanted to ask him what happened but the other party has already hung up. Xie Qi’s head hurts a bit, was it too much for him. She made a short pause before sending Gu Shaoming a message.

Xie Qi: Gu Shaoming are you about?

Gu Shaoming: Here.

Xie Qi: That… listen to me. After you finish reading do not get angry.

Gu Shaoming: Say it.

Xie Qi: Little Yu says that he wants to rest for two months. Listening to his tone, he seems very sad.

Xie Qi: Did something happen with you two?

Gu shaoming: We forced him too tight.

Gu Shaoming: You don’t need to worry about this, let him rest.

Gu Shaoming turned off his phone, sat on the sofa and thought about something. When he finished thinking, it was already morning. He got ready to sleep and only then did he find himself to have insomnia.

Xia Ningyu woke up at five o’clock. He sent a message to his mama.

Xia Ningyu: Mum, I bought a plane ticket home. I miss you.

Xia Ningyu said he was homesick but his heart only thought about escaping. He booked a plane ticket to B city and he pulled out his suitcase deciding to pack things. After he finished packing, he went to take a bath. Yesterday, he did not behave and went to sleep. When bathing, he opened the cold water and let himself soak in the icy water. Xia Ningyu only wants to make himself calm now. After bathing, he put his phone on the bed because he doesn’t want to take the phone with him afraid that someone will discover his location. Looking at Gu Shaoming’s number in a daze. After a while, he deleted it. Xia Ningyu thought why….did his heart feel a bit uncomfortable..?


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