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The Hero was Really a Great Hero (Part 2)

“Legends say that the journey of the First Hero was rigorous. The First Hero traveled the Human World that was in the midst of chaos at that time, saved countless people, gathered comrades to fight with, and after a fierce battle, they finally defeated the Demon Lord.”

That can really be called a story of the royal road, but I think that it was really no laughing matter. Just like the situation we have right now, that person should’ve been desperate at the beginning, and there was probably no one who had thought him/her the difference between here and Earth.

That person was summoned in an unknown place alone, traveled the world while gathering information, and went against a great enemy for the sake of the people in this world……I’m sure that that’s something impossible for me.

“……the Demon Lord Subjugation was done by the First Hero. After that, it was said that the venerable Six Kings acted very quickly. They immediately explained the circ.u.mstances to the First Hero, and the Six Kings instantly cleaned up the remaining Demon Lord Army. Thanks to the help of the First Hero, they were able to appeal to the Human Race that they wish to apologize and do not have the will to make war, so a war did not occur.”

“……but, it’s not like there was no enmity left behind, right?”

“Yes, it is as Aoi-san had said. The treaty made between the Human World and the Spirit World at that time is what one would call a cease-fire and non-aggression treaty. Although the Demon Lord was defeated, the exhaustion of the Human World seems to have been great.”

Well, of course. Although the Demon Lord was defeated, it’s not like everything just returns to normal. Rather, the impression of the Human Race towards the Magical Races should’ve been very bad……

“However, the First Hero did not stop there. The First Hero who understood the circ.u.mstances from the Six Kings claimed that the greatest cause of the matter with the Demon Lord was the non-interference between the three worlds. Knowing that, the First Hero did all his best so that such tragedy will never happen again.”


“Firstly, the First Hero convinced the venerable Six Kings, asking to help the exhausted Human World with the abundant food supplies from the Spirit World. Furthermore, the First Hero went to the Celestial World and negotiated with the Divine Race. Of course, it was not something so simple. Troubles here and there and differences between races created problems.  However, the First Hero did not give up. The First Hero visited all kinds of places, endlessly called out with his words……desperately shouting ‘Even I who came from a completely different world was able to come to an understanding between us. I really love this world from the bottom of my heart’ more than anyone.”

The First Hero, I wonder how strong was his heart really was? I am sure that there was no one who cheered after him at the beginning. But, he did not give up, continued to negotiate with everyone. It must’ve been countless times harder than fighting against the Demon Lord.

“……little by little, the people who supported the First Hero increased. Teleportation Gates were made at many places, increasing the chances of people from three different worlds come and go. It was not long before the dream of peace that the First Hero spoke of, became the future that many people wished for. And after spending nine years of time, at the place where the First Hero defeated the Demon Lord……at the place where a new fight started for the First Hero, the Kings of the Human World, the venerable Six Kings of the Spirit World, and the Creator G.o.d of the Celestial Worldーーthe summit of the three worlds gathered, and under the presence of the First Hero, the Treaty of Amity of the three worlds was established.”

“……that’s so amazing.”

Yuzuki-san couldn’t help but exclaim. It was so magnificent that it sounds like a fairy tale. But, in this world, it’s not a fairy tale but something that actually happened. That is why, the First Hero still continues to be praised as a hero.

“Just like that, the fight of the First Hero had ended. And, with the cooperation of the three worlds, a town was made in the land where the treaty of amity was established. The town’s name is called ‘Hikari’, carrying the name of the First Hero,  it is the town where the Hero Festival is going to be held.”

……hm? Hikari? Since it’s named from the First Hero, then the First Heroーーis female?

“And, from then on, the festival that praises the great hero once every ten years, matching it with the years of the First Hero’s journey, it is the Hero Festival. Well, the explanation turned to be something very long. Do you have any questions?”

“……what happened to the First Hero after that/”

Lilia-san finished talking, breathing quietly. After the silence flowed for a while, I reservedly raised my hand and asked my doubt.

After hearing all that, I understood the reason why the First Hero is being praised. The First Hero is really the symbol of peace in this world and she’s a hero without a doubt.

A Hero who fought hard, accomplished things that no one ever hadーーbut after that, I wonder what happened to her? It was that simple of a question.

“……no one knows very well. After the treaty of amity was established, the First Hero suddenly disappeared from the public eyes. After that, it is said that the sword that the First Hero used was found on top of a hill, near the place where the treaty of amity was made……and a stone monument where the Summoning Magic Circle was found as well. The words I’m going to say now is what the First Hero has written on that stone monument.”

After saying that, it feels like Lilia-san memorized it, reading the words the First Hero wrote on the stone monument.

“My fight as a Hero has ended. It was really great coming to this world. There are people who have comforted me. There are people who have cheered on me. There is everyone who has supported me. They are the reason why I was able to do my best. It is not because I’m called a Hero that I accomplished everything. It is only thanks to the people living in this world, to each of their courage to step forward, that the three worlds are connected. I am not the only Hero. Everyone living in this world is a great heroーーI am sure that it is going to be alright from now on. I love this world very much. I wish that this world will be peaceful and full of smiles, alwaysーーKujou Hikari.”

“……a very strong state preservation magic is used on the First Hero’s sword and stone monument, so much that it is still there right now with its state remaining the same at that time.”

“……did the First Hero go back to her world?”

“I don’t know. There are people saying that the First Hero went back and there are some who are saying that she stayed in this world. However, according to the information found in recent years……it could be said that only the venerable Void King knows the truth.”

The First Hero who accomplished a great feat and disappeared as it was. It really sounds like a fairy tale legend. But, although I don’t know what the state preservation magic that Lilia-san is saying, from her tone, it seems like there was additional information found.

“About two hundred years ago, a hidden path was found inside the cave that was said that the First Hero visited once, and letters and diary that seems to be the First Hero’s was found. Not very strong state preservation magic was used on these ones, making the diary weathered to a state that no one can read it, but a part of a letter written using the other world’s language was deciphered by a Hero who was invited for the Hero Festival.”

After saying that, Lilia-san placed a piece of paper on the table. Looking like a copy of the letter, although some of its characters have disappeared……words of grat.i.tude and farewell to the Void King was written in j.a.panese.

“The venerable Void King has declined to answer on the matters of the First Hero because of the promise between them, but adding the information that it is the venerable Void King who has helped the First Hero to come to various places, helping her on many things……it is said that it is the venerable Void King who had placed the state preservation magic on the sword and the stone monument when the First Hero left them there.”

“……I see.”

In the end, what happened to the First Hero after that is still a mystery, but…… I understand now why the Hero is being praised this much in this world. She was probably a person with a very strong heart, that anyone would understand the difference of her treatment compared to the Demon Lord.

Dear Mother, Fatherーーthere’s still so many things I don’t know about in this other world. Butーーthe Hero was really a Great Hero.

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