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The Demon Lord was just a Small Fry

Inside a relatively small but well-kept room. Is it a reception room? Well, the explanation for us that was interrupted by our meal was resumed there.

“Now then, about this world……since it has been mentioned earlier, I should continue explaining it together with the First Hero.”

Lunamaria-san places something that looks like a map on the table as Lilia-san said.

The first impression I got from it was that the continent looks like enlarged medieval Europe’s map and at the leftmost bottomーーaround Spain, there’s a black and white mark, and a little bit away from there, a red circle is surrounding the center of the continent.

“The place encircled with red is the Symphonia Kingdom that we are currently in. North from there is the Alexia Kingdom, across the sea to the south is the Haidora Kingdom……and ‘up until a thousand years ago’, these countries were the everything of the world we knew about.”

“……you are saying it is different now?”

“Yes, it is exactly as you say, Aoi-san. This map is the Human, Elf, and Dwarf’sーーcollectively called as the ‘Human Race’ lives in. It is called the ‘Human World’. Other than this world, there is the ‘Spirit World’ where the ‘Magical Races’ lives in, and the ‘Celestial World’ where the ‘Divine Races’ lives in.”

Together with those words, two new maps were added on the table. One of them was twice the size of the map earlier, and its shape looks similar to Australia. Just by looking at it, one could understand how vast it is. The other one is shaped like a donut. A continent that looks like a small hoop.

“The big map is the Spirit World and the small map is the Celestial World. Maybe it is easy to imagine if I say that it is being sandwiched? The Celestial World, Human World, and the Spirit World. These three worlds are separated by a dimensional wall that cannot be seen by the naked eye, existing side by side. These three worlds, in true meaning, is the whole world, named ‘Trinity’.”

“……this, it suddenly became so grand?”

“Fufufu, yes. For your three who have come from a different world, it might feel very different. But for us who are able to access these three worlds through Teleportation Gates, we have a different recognition from it compared to the Hero’s and your world where we cannot interfere with other than using the Summoning Magic Circle.”

“I see.”

One’s recognition is different in different worlds. While the dimensional wall thingy sounds strange and mysterious for us, for the people of this world, it is no different from mountains or seas.

Uhh, yeah, I really feel like I should just treat it as it is.

“About the Human World’s form of government, I believe that the Heroes from the past have mentioned that it has existed in your world in the past……how is it? Do you have an idea about it?”

“……uhhh, There’s a King, there are n.o.bles, and each of them have lands? Something like that?”

“Yes, there is no mistake in that understanding.”

Yuzuki-san answered to Lilia-san without confidence. That’s also the limit of the image I have from it, but it looks like it’s not wrong. But, what I’m curious about is Lilia-san saying it like “the Human World’s”. I wonder if it’s different in the Celestial Realm and Spirit Realm?

And there, I noticed that Lilia-san moved her gaze to me, so I nodded, expressing that I have the same understanding with Yuzuki-san.

“Well then, about the circ.u.mstances leading to the friendly relations of the three worlds, I should mention that at the end……I should explain the Celestial World and Spirit World first. The Celestial World, with the ‘Creator G.o.d’ at the summit……one could describe it as a world with a single country. The Divine Race regards the will of the Creator G.o.d with absoluteness without exception.”

“The Creator G.o.d does not show her divine self in public, other than the Hero Festival that is held every ten years. I believe that you will not have the chance to meet her. In the first place, they say that the Creator G.o.d is watching the flow of our world without interference. According to legends, ever since the Great War against the Spirit World in the ancient times, her divine self had not used her absolute powers.”

Lunamaria-san added as supplement to Lilia-san’s explanation.

In other words, the Celestial World is the ultimate vertically structured society huh. And, their big boss, the Creator G.o.d, is basically just watching everything……probably?

“Next is the Spirit World. It is the largest within the three worlds and the world where the most diverse races lives. Although they are generally called as the Magical Race, there are countless difference between them even if you just mention their appearance. Although many of the Heroes sees them as monsters or magical beasts, the “Magical Beasts” or simply “Monsters” are generally those races in the Spirit World that do not have enough intelligence or sentience.”

Uhh, honestly, magical races and magical beasts sound the same for me. Do they have a clear standard between them? Though, I cannot say for sure without seeing them for real……

“The Spirit World reigns the rule of force. Or should I say, the stronger the existence, the higher their social status is. However, I must say this so that you do not misunderstand. Although the strong reigns supreme in the Spirit World, it does not mean that the Magical Races are violent and savage. Most of the Magical Races are sensible. They do not use violence without reason nor look down on the weak. It is just that their world looks more on the individual’s actual strength rather than their bloodline or inheritance.”

“You could say that they are even more gentle than the Human Race. Both me and My Lady have visited the Spirit World many times and we were treated very kindly.”

“Yes, I would really like to go there again. And the Spirit World, it does not have the division of countries, but it is divided between six territories. There are six Magical Beings reigns there at the apex……they are the ones called the ‘Six Kings’. The ‘Void King’, the ‘War King’, the ‘Death King’, the ‘Realm King’, the ‘Dragon King’, and the ‘Phantom King’……each of them are members of the Magical Race that have lived for thousands of years, and it is said that their powers could easily destroy our world.”

The Six Kings……that’s so……I mean, just hearing their nicknames revives the Black History I created when I was young……but it looks like there are absolute beings that you shouldn’t provoke in this world.

But, there’s one thing I’m curious after hearing that explanation. Both Lilia-san and Lunamaria-san is saying that the Magical Races are generally kind and gentle, but didn’t the Human Race fight the Magical Races in the past?

“Uhm, can I ask something?”

“Yes, please.”

“……you said that the Magical Races are gently, but a thousand years ago, there’s the Demon Lord(?) within those Six Kings, and attacked the Human World right?”

“Uhh, well. How should I say this……the Demon Lord that played havoc in the past. Actually, that person was only at a hoodlum-level in the Spirit World.”


Lilia-san replied to me with a troubled wry smile. Everything was just as expected until now, but the Demon Lord, a small fry……? That makes me so curious.

“As I have mentioned earlier, the people of the Magical Races are generally gentle. The Spirit World itself is vast and it is rich enough with food. And even more, Six Kings in the apex are well-connected and gets along with each other very well. Although there are small skirmishes within the Spirit World, it is said that they have only fought against another world once, the Great War against the Celestial World in the ancient times. In the first place, until the Demon Lord and the First Hero appeared, the Human Race knows the existence of the Magical Races, but they have never been seen, and there was also no reason to fight them.”

“Well, you can just say that no matter what world it is, there are ambitious people who do not think that living quietly in peace is good enough.”

Lunamaria-san added with a sigh. Unlike the First Hero who is honored even a thousand years, the treatment of the Demon Lord is pretty low.

“Yes. It is the Demon Lord at that time who gathered those bloodthirsty demon races and tried to defeat the Six Kings to stand in the apex of the Spirit World. In terms of the Human World, they are bandits……no, rebels. However, the total number of the Magical Races is tremendously large, as a result, the Demon Lord’s army became a huge army that exceeds one million. But even so, it was still small scale from the perspective of the whole Spirit World……”

The more the denominator there is, the number of sympathizers also increases huh……honestly, I can’t imagine how big a million-man army is, but the Demon Lord just appeared like that. Then, Demon Lord, why did he attack the Human World without challenging the Six Kings?

“……and, to gain the rights of sovereignty, the Demon Lord Army challenged the venerable Void King.”

“Ah, they fought a war in the Spirit Realm first?”

“……and then? What happened?”

Since they attacked the Human World after that, it means that they lost, but, how should I say this. Yuzuki-san and I got very curious so we quickly asked Lilia-san to continue.

“With one against one million, they say that the venerable Void King beat them down within a few minutes.”


“That is, well……”

“……how pity.”

Kusunoki-san couldn’t help but pity the Demon Lord who lost with an overwhelming, crushing defeat. Is it the Demon Lord Army who’s weak? Or is it the Void King to strong……? Whichever it is, just like Kusunoki-san had said, what a poor Demon Lord. I mean, minutes after the start of the battle? Did it end with one or two attacks……?

“However, the venerable Void King is a very kind person. Not a single one of the Demon Lord Army was killed. They were warned like ‘It’s fine to be energetic, but you shouldn’t trouble other people’, and was released.”

On top of holding back against them, they’re treated like a mischievous neighborhood brat?!! Stop it okay?! The Demon Lord image inside is crumbling!!

“And after that, the Demon King who found out that he was no match against the venerable Six Kings……started, well, marching towards the Human World where the Six Kings had decided to have non-interference at that time.”

” ” ” …… ” ” ”

The Demon Lord, he ran away?!! Ran away from the Spirit World?! This Demon King, he’s so cowardly I could feel an affinity with him already!! It’s just like a scolded child who ran away from home……

This……really……? I mean, how should I react to this?

Dear Mother, Fatherーーit looks like the Magical Races are sensible and gentle. And, the Demon Lord was a small fry.

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