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White Magician

“You are–!”

It was Sharuru who was princess-carrying Azalia. She’s running in this princess-carry state even though her arms are small and slender. What a kind of strength.
[T/N: It’s a romantic style to carry people, originating from knights carrying princesses.]

She lay her beside Bell who was waiting at a short distance away, and Sharuru pulled her katana out.

(No way, they are planning to fight against those numbers…!?)

“Bell! Can I ask for you to cover for me while protecting that child!?”

“Fufuh, leave it to me!”
[T/N: She chuckled in a very feminine way.]


It seemed just like Sharuru was trying to cut in front of a huge uncountable group.

It looks like it’s better to retreat, and it looks like they had already planned to.


“Oh Heat, all of thy evil reflected in your eyes–Rising Fire“

Sharuru’s blade that shone silver many times, and Bell’s flame that dyed the s.p.a.ce to a crimson color.

It’s not that we were able to clear out the first line of enemies, but it seemed that we had given them enough damage to keep track of them.

The two started conveying what to do.

“Bell! Over there is dangerous! In the tip of my sword is the ice from heaven–Icicle Spear“

Immediately after evading the vanguard, attack with attack magic. It was pretty breathtaking, was how the impression felt to Azalia.

While attacking repeatedly, they gradually retreated. Just as planned. Rather than a plan, it is a given just by the difference in terms of attack power and number of people. It is natural to be overwhelmed.

“Belll~…I’m about to…”

“Unexpectedly, me too…!”

It lasted for about 15 minutes, but the power of the still-developing Sharuru and Bell was still really strong. It wouldn’t end in such a story that there was a strength because they were young.

“Not as much as the Lord of the lake, but still strong”

“What are you carefreely saying!?”

It doesn’t have much say to the monster in the flash, but for the three of them, the monster behind them are also strong enough.

While we retreated back quietly, we’re turning back to a road in full speed, when a lot of weapons were thrown from behind us. They judged that it was faster to kill with throwing than to run after, then stones and bricks were thrown one after another.

“Oh seething blaze, reduce thy to ashes–Fire Curtain“

Instead of Sharuru who was holding the hands of Azalia, Bell temporarily turned the flying objects into ash magically, but by the time it ceased, weapons were thrown mercilessly again.

“Our luck is really bad. I thought it was actually safe…”

“Why is this happenin–Look out!”

Needless to say, challengers must be prepared for danger all day long. Sharuru covered the depressed Bell who had forgotten even the basic things.
[T/N: She felt depressed because she even forgot the basics.]



A sharp object vigorously stabbed in the vicinity of the flank and a groaning voice leaked out. I managed only to fall so as not to put Azalia under me, but I should not be able to run for a while.

“Sharuru-san, I can run just by myself…”

“Kuuuh… You shouldn’t lie. I know you probably hurt your ankle”

“Why is that!?”

“When I saw it for the first time I was sure from the distance but I had no confirmation, then I was convinced when I returned. Your way of walking. If you run too much, it won’t get cured”

Because Sharuru tried to carry Azalia and her lovely face took on a pained look from her wound, Bell also stepped in to stop her.

“Sharuru-san is wounded too!? We are strangers, so why…!”

“I met her here because of something. I was also concerned about her gait and I think she shouldn’t be forsaken”

“Sharuru. I know what you’re going to say, but what if the wound opens from your sudden movements?”

“With my fighting spirit…”

(…I wonder what you’re thinking. I just met you, you do not know me that well, and even though you are risking your life, I…)

She is foolish and bearish, and her head becomes completely white when she panics. Azalia is always ridiculed by everyone and she, generally speaking, hated herself.

They are trying to help someone who’s looking down on herself.

While watching the two of them, I became aware of my pathetic self, and at the same time, I wanted to do something for the pained Sharuru.

The roots of her teeth do not fit her looming fear, but power has overflowed from the bottom of her body that should be called desperation. Is what it felt like.
[T/N: I don’t know what that means. I tried searching, but nothing good came out.]

“Oh scarlet pain, thy is vivid–Heal Breath!”

The spell popped out of her mouth without permission.

Sharuru’s scar closed during that moment while the effect of clotting also appeared. The blade was also removed by itself, and everyone who was there, including Azalia, was surprised.

“This is white magic…!”

“I can’t believe I’m healed this fast”

“…Eh? Eh, Ehhh!? I did it?!”

Azalia, who advocated the white magic in a difficult situation, was stunned.

“You are right! You certainly used magic at your own will, I’m sure so. Thanks to you, I’m almost healed”

“I don’t remember much though…”

“Even if you don’t remember, can’t you do it? I’m sure it’ll lead to your confidence”

The words and deeds and actions seemed to reveal the lack of confidence and was encouraged by Bell. It may be that something happy happens when you try hard.

While speaking in a peaceful atmosphere that does not fit into the battlefield, someone’s loud voice echoed.


“Then, Sharuru. Well, it looks like the military men rushed in while we were here”

“Ah, you’re right!”

It seems to be one of the soldiers that the country hired. The monsters who were distracted by things called white magic and were going through, and the soldiers who were heavily armed were building the front line. It is a group of magicians wearing robes and cloaks that are providing logistical support.

“I’m glad you’re safe. Now, it’s dangerous over here so run to the hill”


The three decided to go for the high ground as told by the soldiers with high voices. Sharuru remembered what would be in that street.

“Wait. Do we have to evacuate to the hill?”

“What are you saying… No, that’s true”

“Say, what’s wrong?”

Although Bell voiced out without any special mention, Azalia who was an outsider just a while ago had a question mark on her head.

“Because Bell has a Flying Skyship, it means we’re done when we get back there.”

“Then it is as good to go on rest and travel”

[T/N: It’s written as ‘Iesu!’]

They protected Azalia and confronted a horde of demons, and now that she has been released from the crisis, there is no reason to evacuate and no more reason to stay.

So it’s goodbye here.

“We’re sorry for getting all involved and stuff. You should go to the hill just in case”

“Right. It was short, but it was nice to talk to you… Be careful”

“…Err! Please wait!”

Azalia panicked and stopped the two people when she guessed they were saying goodbyes.


“When you asked me out for the first time, I refused… But, please! That, uhm, I, please let me join too!”

Was there ever such a thing in my life that I strongly insisted on my own will.

It might be the biggest opportunity to break away the past me who was weak and disliked.

“Are we good enough? We invited you from here, but there are no guarantees that we can protect you when such an emergency occurs”

“But you saved my life! It was the first time I felt so happy to be alive… So this time I want to help Sharuru and Bell! I want to be able to help!”

“Azalia” who was a weak girl who was nervous and could not demonstrate her power when she was in tension was about to reborn.

Looking into the eyes of Sharuru and Bell, I made strong words with the mind so as not to become a weakling.

“…We get it! I felt an urge in my heart! Bell is fine with it, right?”

“Right. A White Magician is of help to us, and it is over here that we recruited”

“It’s really okay!? It seems like a dream to be accepted by someone…”

Azalia, who was holding her breath tightly, was relieved by the reply of the two and fell down on the spot.

“You?! Are you alright?”

(…How is she treated at school…?)

“Ah, it was late but my name is Azalia…Please take care of, me from, now on”

“Nice to meet you–wait, she’s sleeping”

“There’s no other choice. Let’s rest Azalia to a futon”

“Of course!”

Sharuru, Bell, and the White Magician Azalia. The party is now complete.

YunisCold’s Thoughts

Sorry for the long wait. I was kinda overwhelmed by the chants. And the overwhelmingly 3,700+ characters.

I am now wondering what is all this about schools.

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