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Published at 12th of July 2019 03:23:25 PM Chapter 18

Those words were too broad to Claudia . but in a sense, those harsh words bother Claudia in a good way .
As he raises his gaze watching the day ends, he remembers when he saw Yuran showing him an unpleasant expression .

“As I said, this is just how I see things . There is no need for you to be convinced or even understand . ”

“But then…… things would not change . ”

“You don’t need to have the same value as I do, and you don’t need to follow my personal opinions . ”

There are many good things about Claudia, and there are also many cold sides about Yuran .
Back then, if Yuran was right, what he did might hinder Maryjun’s growth . Rather than helping, he was more like destroying the chance and preventing her growth .
Claudia and Yuran have their own different opinions, but none of them can be considered wrong .

“If I have to be honest, I think you would be very upset if that girl will have to face more hardships from now on, though it has nothing to do with me . ”

Claudia circles his eyes in respond to Yuran’s remarks . Meanwhile, Yuran looks totally uninterested, and his eyes are as quiet as the surface of calm water .

“Then, why……?”

From the way he said it, it sounded so far from being concerned about Maryjun, even though Claudia is more concerned about hardships that Maryjun would face after Claudia’s involvement . However, Yuran has no such intention . Regardless how Claudia would take it, Yuran mere stated his own opinion in accordance with his values, but his concern that time was not for Maryjun at all .

“The problem was that you made Violette looked bad . ”

He doesn’t care with what others do . Whether they’re laughing at him, crying out in despair, excited, or even suffering, To Yuran, those things are just like neighboring countries’ weather forecasts . There is no need for him to bother with those trivial things .

However, only toward Violette, he is different .

To him, the world is crying when Violette cries, and the world is peaceful when she smiles . From the way he sees it, Violette’s suffering and happiness are the measurement for him in seeing the world, and that’s why he will do anything to make Violette happy regardless the method .
And that is also the reason he will not forgive anyone who hurts Violette .
Even if it is just a small cut, but when it concerns Violette, Yuran would blame himself . He just want to see Violette smile, but Violette did not smile at all yesterday .

“You put her in such anguish, with only self-justified evidence without considering what she wanted to say . ”

Yuran remembers clearly the moment he almost lost control of himself when he saw Violette back then .

He understands that his love toward Violette is not the same as Violette has toward him . That is why he keeps his feeling inside and lets himself being treated like her younger brother .
If it was the previous Violette, she would have shown the strength of stunning older sister to Yuran after that situation, like she would stand straight to keep Yuran from the uproar .
However, she did not do anything, which gave Yuran the option to become a reliable younger brother to take action .
She did not do anything as if she was cornered by something .

“You did not even take consideration of the fact that Violette Rem Varhan has peculiar charisma as well people who respect her, and but you were the only one who condemned her as evil, Prince Claudia . ”

If that happens to someone else, even if the victim was Maryjun, Yuran would not have to be so angry and take action . There are many people who were overlooked in the commotion, like the perpetrators or just innocent bystanders, but Yuran would not even bother .

However, Yuran knows how Violette’s charisma works like her abilities, her appearance, as well her position . Yuran is familiar with Violette’s characteristic, and she can also get discouraged by expectations without even herself realizing . He knows because he has been with Violette all the time to find out any minor changes about her .
Many curse Maryjun inside their mind, but with all these, their angers will be directed to Violette . He cannot help but to be angry knowing Violette does not deserve that .

“Violette will be the target of hatred the moment Maryjun was covered by you, the prince who condemned her as evil . ”

Claudia can imagine how distorted his face now, especially when he is facing the person who had seen more clearly than him .
In the first place, Claudia is not even aware of the importance of his position . Even though he is mad Yuran for lecturing him, but…… it was more like he hates that he doesn’t understand anything .
Claudia’s pa.s.sionate sense of justice is a very important thing for people who will lead the kingdom . His pa.s.sion would make a great shield for the people since the feeling want to protect someone is never wrong .
However, the problem lies in how Claudia did not understand the weight of his actions .

“You’re too narrow-minded . You know how strong your influence is, but you don’t understand the weight of your actions and responsibility . ”

Claudia’s shield will protect a lot of people, and Claudia himself understands better, and he is not as merciless .
Because of it, he has a large durable shield that can protect anyone, and it is only Claudia who can do such feat .
However, he should have noticed . The stronger the shield is, it can also lead to a downfall .
A strong shield that can protect as well attack, he has become such existence like a guardian who has to parry all kind of attacks .

“Your sense of justice cannot be done with just emotions . ”


Yuran’s eyes turn cold . His golden eyes showing the opposite emotion, making Claudia feels uncomfortable .
It is unusual for Yuran to show such a smile to Claudia, but it is more unusual the fact that Yuran reveals that much hostility .
Noticing the malice, Claudia steps back . To think Yuran to show his true self like another person, and all that are for Violette .

“You don’t need to bother about it . You don’t have to agree with me . You can forget about what I said . However, don’t forget about Violette . ”

Yuran takes two steps closer to Claudia, but Yuran just overlooks him . Even though they have the same eyes color to the point they hate it, but Yuran’s eyes are cold compared to Claudia . Yuran is smiling, but his eyes are not .

“I won’t forgive anyone who hurts Vio-chan . ”

Claudia freezes, not able to let his voice out . He is reminded that the line between him and Yuran has just widened again .
Meanwhile, Yuran does not see him as Claudia, but Violette’s enemy . Claudia did not realize that he just touched Yuran’s enmity .

“Satisfied? I haven’t eaten yet, so I have to hurry . ”

Pa.s.sing the stoned Claudia, Yuran is back to his gear for searching Violette . He thinks he wasted too much time from conversing with Claudia .


Claudia does not know why he said this, but if he leaves this alone, Yuran would not hear Claudia’s side of story for the rest of his life .
Claudia turns around to stop Yuran, but Yuran stops right before Claudia could do so .
Claudia is hopeful that his voice reached Yuran for a moment, but it is not like that .


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