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Chapter 93 [Zombie Liberation Movement] 93,ゾンビ解放運動

TL : Tyo Mochi, Cnine

ED : akshaythedon

Pt 1

「Tch, this place is too hot」

「It's as harsh as a mining environment」

Philippe and Alie arrived at the nearby city.

In the satellite city of mining city, Neman, there's an extremely rare gem with emerald color.

Those two are currently inside the mine which is located on the outskirts of that city.

「Is this the new tunnel that has never been seen by anyone until now?」

「I'll scout first to see what is in front of us」

「Ah. I think you'll get an unexpected rare material in this kind of unexpected place」

「Since I want to at least have a present for him when I meet him」

Even though they started on a journey to meet Eiji, they received information about this tunnel from one of the pa.s.sengers in their coach.

It seems there's an abundant supply of ore containing high purity of demonic element in here, while at the same time, it seems to be extremely dangerous due to the threat of the monster. The two of them couldn't suppress their curiosity and are heading toward that place for exploration.

They have few goals for this journey: to find high purity ores, to have a journey into the unknown, and since they're anxious that they might miss Eiji again, which then became, "Hey, should we just wait for him in this place rather than searching for him?".

「They're so annoying―― Hey, out of my way!」

Pt 2

Magic power blade is fired from the red gem that fixed on the old wood cane held in Felippe's hand. The wide range blade mows down the zombie coming from the front.


The grotesque human-like figure then ceased its movement with a wail that sounded like it's from the abyss.

「Did it defeat them? What a tenacious monster. Just how many magic skills I have to shoot to beat them!」

Alie is looking at the defeated zombie while sending a sidelong glance at Felippe smacking his lips in annoyance.

She's taking a closer look and after confirming that the human-like monster dissipating, she nodded at him.

「This is a ghoul. It is atypical of them to appear at this kind of place」

「I have never heard about them leaving the tunnels」

「Maybe these monsters aren't from this place and come from another place」

「Pardon? Isn't this place newly discovered?」

「It's because humans never found this place until recently. This place might be a normal place for monsters, right?」

「I see, that's reasonable. Now, I wonder where did they come from?」

When Felippe asks that question, Alie is placing her hand on her chin and suddenly hits the palm of her hand as if she found the answer.

「Maybe they come from Unholywood」

「Unholywood… Ah, that place huh」

「Fair reason. Maybe they really come from those undead filled dungeons」

「But then, how far is this place from there? If I'm not wrong, it should be close to Prowkai」

Pt 3

"Okay, it was out of my predictions since normally, I don't see zombies around this place. It's nothing unusual. However, they normally don't leave the dungeon—"

Alie is not sure about this as she is yet to grasp the situation. But she can guess that something just changed and it'll cause a huge change.

Thus, they continue to proceed onward while thinking about that potential change.

[Parasite Vision]

I activate that ability while maintaining a low presence.

In the vision of my advanced cla.s.s cla.s.smate, students and teachers are gathered into one place with several humanoid demons with dry and ash-colored skin on guard. And then, few students of trial entrance are facing against these monsters.

The monsters are banding together to suppress the students.

"I see…."

I can't be careless with this.

Then, I am bringing my lips closer to Minan ears.

"It seems several students have become hostages."

"What did you say? Hostage? What do you mean?"

"I mean what I say. This academy has many splendid magicians, right?"

Pt 4

Minan is nodding upon hearing my words.

"It's fairly difficult to turn around the situation. They must have a lot of powerful monsters or masters equivalent to them. But then, it's not viable option if there isn't a way to suppress them."

Minan is nodding as if she understood the situation.

"We need to act at the right timing."

"Uhn. I don't know the whole layout of this academy, but I think there won't be that much of a resistance since they already have many students and staffs as their hostages. In that case, we can't count on the trial students either."

"Save for an abnormal one like Eiji."

"Abnormal? What part of me is abnormal? …But well, it's okay, and since we are free to move, we can't be too noisy."

"What shall we do then? It's not like we can hide in this place forever."

I'm looking ahead to inspect the corridors.

I'm confirming that the back of the monster vanished after the corner of the corridor. Aside from the teachers room, it seems these guys are also patrolling the academy.

"Naturally. Their boss is the one who voiced the broadcast just now and also the one who's commanding those monsters. In that case, let's search and defeat the boss."

"But we can't stand out too much, right?"

"We have to find the boss first without being found out. Can you do that?"

"I wonder if you really mean what you say, Eiji?"


I don't know which one will snap first, the monsters or the academy staffs.

Pt 5

We are free to move in the current situation.

There's something that we have to do before that.

The first thing that we have to do is to make our enemy to not notice our presence and not let them take the initiative to attack.

That's why I have to know the situation first.

So, let's use "Parasite Vision".

I want to know and understand the situation inside the school.

Found him—— Jack Rosa.

He's walking in the corridor following a zombie. I might as well as consider him as a hostage. It seems he is obediently following them despite his overwhelming combat prowess, but maybe he is prioritizing non-aggressive methods.

But, this scene is—- Just right above our head.

After the two of them turn into a corner to descend the stairs, I think that now is the time to make our move.

"Ok! Hana!"

I summon Hana and give an instruction in a low voice.

Meanwhile, the zombie and Jackrosa are already descending the stairs and are heading toward the gate to the courtyard. Though a zombie just pa.s.sed by a while ago—- This zombie is looking at the gate while heading toward the courtyard.

Did it come already?

Though I don't know whether I should try to save the hostages or just let them be, I know that I can't hide in this place forever.

I have to subdue them— In one move.

Pt 6

And then, the door is opened.

Simultaneously, Hana is charging toward the door while emitting smoke and loud sound.

The zombie which got attracted by Hana shifted it gaze toward Hana and unintentionally lowered it's guard, since it's just a small animal.

"Pet.i.t Blow—"

Without missing that moment of carelessness, Hana sends a blow toward the zombie.

The zombie had fallen at its place.


Heaving a sigh, I call Hana back to pat its head.

And then, the unbinded Jackrosa started speaking.

"You're here huh, Eiji. Thanks a lot, you just saved me."

"You're kidding, I think you can easily manage it yourself. You let them capture you so as to not cause any disturbance, right? If that was the case, move with us—- It'll be more rea.s.suring with Jackrosa joining our team. Yosh, let's liberate this academy!!"

(~'.')~To Be Continue To Chapter 94~('.'~)


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