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Astronaut: "Ready! Distance 30 meters, descending speed at three meters per second, fuel is sufficient! Stable, distance 15 meters."

Astronaut: "The landing was successful! Repeat, the landing was successful! Praise the Lunar G.o.ddess! We succeeded!"

Ground Operator: "...moon dust confirmed."

Jiang Chen: "Congratulations!"

At this point, the launch center erupted into cheer. People hugged each other while tears of excitement and joy overflowed them. The reporters forgot to interview people and silently recorded this historic moment.

Celestial 4 landed successfully!

When this news was first announced on Celestial Trade's official website, all the people of Xin cheered.

People stepped onto the streets and the stores hung banners.

Just like they were celebrating Christmas or the Spring Festival, people celebrated this historical moment with action, applauded the two astronauts on the moon, and applauded Celestial trade. The media outlets of various countries also reported on the success of Celestial Trade's moon landing mission. In particular, on CCTV, Hua gave high praises to the two men that stepped onto the Moon.

The tense but quiet sixty-seven hours received the ultimate reward when the Moon dust scattered.

On the big screen of the ground command center, in front of people's computers and TV screens all over the world, and on the holographic screens of Future phones, an astronaut in a white s.p.a.ce suit carefully held onto the handrail and set foot on the Moon.

"The first man to step onto the Moon from another nation! Praise Celestial Trade! What's great about this Moon? We're up there too! Haha!"

"It's unbelievable that the second country on the Moon isn't the old aeros.p.a.ce giant Russia nor the rising Hua, but a small country in the Pacific Ocean. How did they manage to do this?"

The debate on the Internet wasn't heard in the silence on the Moon.

While the world offered their blessings, praises, profanities, or suspicions, the second astronaut also stepped onto the Moon.

"Incredible, it's incredible..." The man who stepped onto the moon first used the word "incredible" twice to express the shock in his heart.

Standing on the Moon and gazing at Earth, their homeland was like a glowing sphere, reflecting dazzling brilliance. Even the entire universe was overshadowed by its presence. If he hadn't seen this with his very own eyes, it would've been impossible to imagine. On the Moon, which was closer to the sky, not a single star was visible.

Two astronauts inserted the national flag of Xin on the surface of the Moon and took a group photo.

Then the live broadcast ended.

After completing the Moon landing activities, they would unload 50 tons of supplies on the rocket to build a simple lunar ice exploration well on the ice, as well as a simple living unit fixed on the surface of the Moon to further conduct research on the geology and vermiculite activity near the landing site.

The next two Celestial 4 rockets would bring them 20 companions and a total of 100 tons of equipment and living supplies. Celestial Trade would soon launch a Celestial 4 to the Moon each month to deliver supplies and production equipment to these pioneers until the completion of the s.p.a.ce elevator.

Right after the launch of the first Celestial 4, the second rocket was also put onto the launch pad.

With a successful predecessor, all the people in the command center were much more confident than they were three days ago.

Since he had already witnessed the successful landing of the first moon landing rocket, Jiang Chen had already witnessed the making of history, so he left the southernmost island of Xin.

When he returned to Coro Island, the festive atmosphere on the island was still very palpable.

Many tourists traveled thousands of miles to this small southern island because of this hyped up "moon colonization plan." Small merchants and big shopping malls seized this business opportunity and were hosting activities, selling dolls, peripherals, and souvenirs related to aeros.p.a.ce. They celebrated the success of the national project with a festival.

It wasn't just these ordinary businesspeople who seized business opportunities.

Future Technology's virtual reality online game, "G.o.dly Land," opened a special mission on the same day - Guanghan Palace. Players doing the mission received doubled earnings. By killing a demonized and enchanted BOSS rabbit, they could receive expensive lunar memorial equipment.

Just three days after the successful landing on the moon, Future Biology's nutrient supply introduced the "Astronaut Version", which directly used the portraits of the two pioneer astronauts as endors.e.m.e.nts. They also used the slogan "even people on the Moon said it tastes great," which instantly made it flourish in Asian countries.

As the saying went, it was easier to transition from a simple to a luxurious life than to change back into a simple life from experiencing the lavishness of the world. If you were used to an extravagant lifestyle, living an ordinary life wasn't at all comfortable.

Jiang Chen thought he was a person who didn't care too much about the environment, but after lived in the dormitories of the s.p.a.ce Launch Center for three days, he missed life in the mansion. Although he could traverse to the apocalypse at any time, in a place with so many different people, it was inconvenient to use that ability for enjoyment.

After returning to Coro Island, Jiang Chen went home to take a shower then rested for a day.

The next morning, Jiang Chen got up early.

After eating the breakfast Ayesha prepared, he left but didn't head to Future Building. Instead, he went to the Presidential Palace.

These days, President Zhang was working diligently on diplomatic issues. First oil plants then the moon colonization program. A series of moves by Future Group and Celestial Trade created a lot of trouble for the Xin government.

For example, an internationally-recognized environmental protection organization required Xin to constrain the research of domestic enterprises in the field of genetic engineering. Arbitrarily planting large-scale genetically modified crops that hadn't undergone long-term clinical trials could lead to an ecological crisis. If the government of Xin didn't intend on verifying their safety, it had to at least supply the DNA code of the oil palm to the international community and send it to Europe to be certified by a professional to verify its safety...

These were fairly trivial matters; as long as the request asked for the DNA code, the shadow of certain countries could be seen.

The bizarre one was yet to come

Just a day ago, the UA's "The Lunar Emba.s.sy" sued the Future Group in Xin to protest the invasion of its legal "moon real estate."

Speaking of "The Lunar Emba.s.sy," it could be considered an odd piece of work in history. The company's founder, Hope, unexpectedly discovered that when consulting the "Outer s.p.a.ce Treaty" law enacted in 1967, all UN members signed and agreed that outer s.p.a.ce objects weren't owned by any one country, but the treaty didn't ban private individuals from owning an outer s.p.a.ce star, so he declared his "ownership" of the Moon and other eight planets and their satellites.

Xin's Court rejected their lawsuits. The lawyers of Future Group even suggested that these unreasonable people go check their brains on private social media accounts.

Not to mention that Xin didn't recognize the doc.u.ments they issued, they even made the mistake of suing the wrong ent.i.ty.

Future Group didn't land on the moon, but Celestial trade did.

Although the behind-the-scenes shareholder of both companies was the same person.

Occasionally, the media also often confused the two...

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