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The phone call was from Xia Shiyu. From her tone, it was an urgent matter.

Although he hadn't spoken yet, Jiang Chen had already felt the seriousness of the matter.

"The vessel responsible for shipping the desalination platform was intercepted by pirates when it entered the Arabian Sea. Fifteen High-Tech Freshwater employees and 35 crew members are taken hostage. We have already contacted the Saudi-side, but the vessel has been hijacked. The ship has left the Arabian Sea and lost its signal in the waters west of Somalia!"

The High-Tech Freshwater cargo vessel was hijacked. When Jiang Chen heard the news, he stood up immediately.

"Send me the coordinates of the missing vessel!"

"Wait one moment!"

The phone was hung up, after waiting for half a minute, Xia Shiyu sent the signal of the lost vessel to Jiang Chen.

Confirmed the coordinates of the missing vessel, Jiang Chen immediately contacted Ivan.

"High-Tech Freshwater vessel and the desalination platform have been hijacked by militants and the coordinates of the site where the ship finally disappeared have been uploaded to the command's server. Dispatch search and rescue vessels immediately to the target area and rescue the hostages! "

"Yes, sir!"

After the order, Jiang Chen also started to move.

Ayesha saw Jiang Chen change and was about to walk down stairs, she came over.

"Do you want to leave?"

"Yes," he tossed his pajamas aside and change into a shirt. "Our vessel was hijacked in the Arabian Sea. I have to go to New Moon Island immediately. Ayesha, can you drive?"

"I'm going to change now."

Ayesha disappeared at the stairs.

Jiang Chen went directly to the garage. Ayesha who changed was already in the Lamborghini and had started the car.

After Jiang Chen pulled up the door and sat inside, the car darted out.

On the way, he called Natasha and asked her to come back later at night.

When he hung up, Jiang Chen looked at the scenery fading through the window and his eyebrows gradually twisted together.

High-Tech Freshwater being hijacked by pirates was a serious problem. It was impossible not to worry with more than 50 hostages on board and the desalination platform being in the hands of the pirates.

Jiang Chen did not expect this to happen. High-Tech Freshwater's vessel stationed overseas was guarded by four Celestial Trade bodyguards. Although not equipped with drones and heavy weapons, there should be no problem against typical pirates.

However, only now when the ship has disappeared from the map did Future Group finally realize there was a problem. There must be something odd among all this.

Just then, Jiang Chen suddenly thought of something.

"Turn around."

Ayesha did not hesitate and immediately turned the steering wheel.

"Where are we going?"

"The southern port of Coro Island. We are not going to New Moon Island, we are going to Coconut Island."


In the Indian Ocean, a cargo vessel hijacked by pirates was sailing in the direction of Madagascar. Several pirates, dressed in black and with AK47 in their hands, stood on the bow and watched the High-Tech Freshwater crew. Under the escort of a pirate holding a rifle, they boarded the ship from the platform.

The staff, who was pointed at with the muzzle, had a pale expression while being shoved into the cabin.

These pirates were quite familiar with the High-Tech Freshwater vessel. Not only did they know how to control the ship, but they also know that desalination platforms have locators. The pirate pointed at him with a gun, forcing him to close the locators.

The captain's room of the vessel was controlled and the locators of the offsh.o.r.e platform were turned off. The entire ship disappeared from the map of Future Group. Even if Saudi Arabia's navy came to the rescue, no one would be able to find them!

In the hallway where he pa.s.sed, he could still see traces of blood after some simple scrubbing.

The traces of blood belonged to the fighters who battled against the pirates. Their throat was cut and they were tossed into the sea.

They did not die from the enemy's muzzle but they died because of their own mutiny. The crew on the ship had enemies...o...b..ard. When the four Celestial Trade soldiers and the nearby pirate ship exchanged fire, more than ten pirate informants took the crew members...o...b..ard as hostages and then attacked the four soldiers from behind with kitchen knives…

Standing in the cabin, Zaid, the bearded pirate's head, scowled and looked at those huddled in the corner. They watched them tremble under the intimidation of their muzzle and laughed with the corners of their mouth turning up.

"Bageri, don't scare them. Keep these little children and we can earn some more ransom."

"Haha! Compared to the big business behind our ship, how much can these soft eggs earn? Why don't we cut a few up, I haven't seen sharks eat for a long time." Bageri laughed ruthlessly. He deliberately used English and made the hostages even more frightened.

"Mosquito meat is still meat," Zaid grinned.

Orders placed by mysterious buyers on Madagascar Island offered a high price of 500 million US Dollar for High-Tech Freshwater desalination platform. Since the beginning of the year, they stopped all plans to hijack merchant ships and devoted themselves to planning and executing the robbery against Future Group.

A hostage would at most earn a ransom of one million US Dollar, 30 hostages would be 30 million US Dollar. Compared to the 500 million US Dollar income, the ransom income was just a meager amount. What's more, exchanging hostages also included the risk of being gunned down.

Really, if it were not for the fear of angering Future Group, Zaid would have ordered to feed the hostages to the fishes.

"Sob Sob..."

She was frightened.

"What are you crying for? Haha, lift your face for me..." Bageri smiled brutally, stepped forward, and brushed the blonde's bangs away with a gun. When he saw the lovely face in tears, he whistled. "d.a.m.n, boss. This girl is fine. You see, I haven't..."

"Go solve your issue and come back quickly." Zaid waved his hand impatiently.

Bageri was the best shooter and the most loyal subordinate he had. The only drawback was that he was too l.u.s.tful. But now that the ship has left the Arabian Sea, even if the Saudi Navy acquired their position, they wouldn't be able to catch up. What's more, they were darting around in international waters.

Anyway, since they were close to finishing the task. He didn't bother to restrict his subordinates.

After all, as Bageri said, they had been too tense for too long.

Cheerful whistles sounded in the cabin. Several people shouted "the wise leader", and then moved closer to the hostages with a l.u.s.tful smile while searching for the female creatures they were pleased with.

"Bageri go first, and the others wait in line. This is a sale of 500 million US Dollar. If we finish the deal, we could live the rest of our lives in lavishness! Whoever messes this up, I will personally crack his skull!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Although some of the pirates were eager to vent their lower body desire, the leader had spoken, so they had to suppress their evil desires

"Please, leave me alone, sob!"

The blonde desperately pleaded and her resistance annoyed Bageri. The man slammed the stock of the gun straight on the blonde's head and knocked her out.

Greedy green eyes glanced over the beautiful figure; he molested her body with a grin. With disregard to her state, he dragged her on the collar and out the door.

It was no longer necessary to say what cruelty she will face next.

The hostages kneeling in the corner watched their colleague, who has been living with them, get taken out the door. However, they helplessly put their hands on their heads. They had to endure the self-blame and humiliation. Several female employees' legs trembled uncontrollably and they constantly tried to move behind their male colleagues because they had already noticed, several other pirates in the room were looking at them maliciously.

Even though they knew, this attempt for a little security could not bring them any safety at all.

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