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(TN: Fair warning… p.r.o.noun usage will probably want to make you tear your hair out in this chapter. I know it did me.)

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“~Hey~, how long will it take to get there!” (Hitomi)

Inside the green Jeep, a little Loli was laying down in the back seat of the car. Beside her was an extremely beautiful woman.

“Hitomi, it’s two more hours until we get there.” (Wei)

“Ah! No more! I'm Carsick! Hey…” (Hitomi)

Having said that, Hitomi, who had been relaxed so far, suddenly started acting like a hyperactive cat. She opened the window to tried to jump out of it.

Even though Hitomi thought this was a good idea, Wei pulled on one of her arms to keep her from jumping out the window of the moving vehicle.

“You… What are you doing?!” (Wei)

Hitomi stared at Wei, as if she was going to eat her up. Although, she thought she was acting very ferocious, yet to the contrary, in other people's eyes she was actually a cute kitten.

“Wait a minute Hitomi! Even if you are really uncomfortable you can’t just jump out of the car! You would die!” (Wei)

Wei said anxiously while holding onto Hitomi’s left arm

“Let me go, you r.e.t.a.r.d! I’m dizzy!” (Hitomi)

The brakes squealed as the car slowed rapidly.

Due to the sudden braking, the three people in the car were held by inertia until the car came to a complete stop.

Wei had an arm wrapped around the front seat, Hitomi grunted as she rolled from the car seat to the floorboard, while Yin was the most miserable out of the bunch, hitting the steering wheel with her nose.

Hitomi woke up after landing on the floor, and finding that the car had stopped. She opened the door and jumped out of the car. Standing on the smooth gravel road, she then staggered a few steps to the roadside and threw up.

The Jeep was parked in an abandoned area. There was five-colored gravel everywhere, in which grew a variety of white, pink, yellow, and blue flowers. In the distance there was a clear spring, which unexpectedly formed a large pond. The most incredible part was that the water was hot.

Wei got out of the jeep and shook her head to relieve herself from the dizziness.

“Yin are you r.e.t.a.r.ded? Where did you learn how to drive? What is it?” (Wei)

“Isn’t this a good place for sightseeing?” (Yin)

Yin, who got out of the car, said with a soft smile, touching her already red nose.

“I found this natural hot spring two years ago; the water temperature is just...” (Yin)

Yin said as she walked toward Hitomi, who was laying as if she was dead. She gently took her into his arms, and looked at the sleeping loli in her arms.

“Brother, do you really like Hitomi?” (Yin)

Yin asked Wei while looking at Hitomi.

Five years ago, Wei, along with his sister Yin, joined the organization for the development of Chinese abilities. Three years ago, the ability development was completed and the water of creation for Yin and black flame and double degeneration for Wei. Yin’s ability had little lethality, and the side effects were not permanent. Therefore, she spent four days as a man and one day as a woman.

Since they are twins, they turned out to be surprisingly similar to the original brother (sister). Therefore, in the interest of state secrecy, they switched ident.i.ties; because of this, the brother's character became irritable and more negative. He withdrew from the organization in a rage and later joined the police. This was a side effect of these sibling's abilities.

(TN: OK I think I should write something here to explain what just went on. I think a lot of you figured it out, but it is somewhat confusing. Wei used to be the older twin and male, Yin was his younger sister. Gaining their abilities changed their s.e.xes. Permanently for Wei and Yin goes back and forth. To cover their change they also switched ident.i.ties.)

“Of course I like her, but what can I give her besides trying to protect her?” (Wei)

Wei said, while shaking her head and smiling.

Honestly, she was already about to give up on women, until Hitomi appeared and she was unexpectedly tempting. Similarly, Yin was also actually very attractive to Hitomi. Although, what Wei didn't know was that his sister Yin was also in fact fond of him.

“Drop it. Let's not talk about such a heavy subject. Hey, brother I was beaten very badly yesterday! Hitomi doesn't know when enough is enough. Why did you also beat me so ruthlessly!” (Yin)

Yin complained, while licking Hitomi's earlobe lightly.

"Hey, stop! Didn't you ask me why I was so ruthless? It’s because you do not have a man’s consciousness! Everyday I stay as a girl, I try to rescue other girls, and  you blame me!” (Wei)

Originally, she wanted to rescue Hitomi. Wei thought of the past and couldn’t help but mentally stomp her foot, because she  had completely forgotten about the situation with Hitomi.

Hitomi’s eyelids twitch, while laying within Yin’s embrace, and she had a rather subtle feeling. It was  very comfortable, but very hard to accept.

Rubbing and blinking her eyes, the first thing she saw was Yin’s handsome face. Although Hitomi used to be a boy, his face being so near left her somewhat unprepared. Just when she was ready to escape, a warm hand had been gently placed on her head, gently and softly rubbing it. Hitomi slowly give in, as she lay in Yin’s embrace, closing her eyes as she begins to enjoy it. The happy feeling showed on her expression.

Wei thought of the days before her brother came, a few days of night raids and attempts. How was it that they can reach this level in such a short time? I didn’t want this!!

“Sister, girls need to be coaxed. The more mentally injured girls are, the more carefully they should be treated. In fact, don't look at the intimacy; she may just be using me as a ma.s.sager.” (Yin)

Yin said, while close to Hitomi's face lightly smelling the fragrance of her hair. This behavior did nothing for Hitomi's hair, but caused Hitomi to blush.

It was quite possible, the originally male, Wei would never understand a girl’s heart.

So, here was the question of the day. Why did Hitomi have an appet.i.te for young girls who weren’t girls?

“Hitomi, there is a hot spring, I will take you there so you can wash yourself first. If I'm not mistaken, sister, she never took you to a bath, did she? ~ Come on, put your hands up ~” (Yin)

Wei, who was standing in the distance, now knelt on the ground. Why did Hitomi not say anything and appear shy just now? Why was it that Hitomi will let him take off her clothes? Why did Hitomi, who was usually so vigilant, have no doubts at all? Did he already eat her? I found Hitomi first and did so much for her.

I didn’t know where to get a bath towel once I took off my underwear. Therefore, I wrapped my arms around my small body and walked toward the hot spring.

“Sister aren’t you coming with us?” (Yin)

Halfway to the spring, Yin suddenly turned to ask.

Wei looks at his brother (sister) holding a girl with a red face, and sighs emotionally.

“I’ll be there in a minute.” (Wei)

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