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My dear master, have you finally woken up?

I feel the weight of the [BEEP] in my head. The addictive feeling makes you uncontrollably sigh, not to mention unable to get up.

“Oh, cute. My master is still so lazy.”  

My master, who felt my movement, picked me up along with the pillow and moved me to another soft place. The movements were very smooth and felt really wonderful. I wasn’t bothered with any of this.

I want to sleep.~

I was half-asleep, when I heard someone talking to me.

“This is the owner you told me about? Are you kidding? I am a true ancestor! If you make me her pet, I am sorry, but I would die!”

“Umm… It seems you don’t understand your position.~”

Then a tearful cry comes from the direction of the sound.

“What the h.e.l.l is going on here?" Anyway, it doesn’t matter to me. Go back to sleep” (Hitomi)

    == Taking a look at An Yi ==

“Big brother, tell me, who is the girl in the picture?!”

“Brother, how many times I told you not to dye your hair? Why won't you listen?!”

The girl speaking is about 16 or 17. She is slim and has a lightly developed chest. She wears her pink hair in twin-tails, which jump when she walks. Right now, she is holding a photo, while questioning her brother.

“I have already said she is only a netizen (net friend). Why do you care so much?!” (Yi)

He stops pacing and scratches his head.

“How could I not care?! Someone is trying to rob me of my brother! I can’t care?!”

The girl grabs Yi’s hand shaking. She clings to him with her chest pressed tight against his back, making him blush fiercely.

“My brother is mine! No one is allowed to hit on my brother!”

== However, Hitomi has no plan to take him and woke up. ==

I slept well, but I do not want to get up.

Even though I say that, I still peeked out of the quilt. It is probably sometime after dinner, it is also when most people are online.

It’s difficult to wiggle out of the quilt, but I somehow manage. I’m wearing pink pajamas, which make me look even younger, open my laptop on the desk, and turn it on. I stand there clutching a pillow to my chest while it is booting up.

Start the live broadcast → OK

“h.e.l.lo, everyone. I took nap after I finished the live broadcast and realize it was so late.” (Hitomi)

There are less than 20 people in the room, but I just started the broadcast.

“There aren’t many people here right now, so let’s wait for them.” (Hitomi)

I’m not really this considerate of my audience, but I would like to lay down a little longer.

Things didn’t go according to plan and soon the sound of even breathing was heard by the audience.

A barrage of messages drifting past on the screen, but she had fallen asleep, unable to read them.

→ “Ah! Little Loli is asleep!”

→ “Oh! She’s so cute!”

       → “Medic! Hurry! She needs blood!”

→ “■■□□□□□□□□”

       → “Nothing to say other than, recording!”

→ “……”

In a future, the streaming community began to circulate a saying: a UP streamer earned 10’s of thousands yuan just by sleeping.

“Mmm, so comfortable.” (Hitomi)

I life my head off of the pillow, rub my sleepy eyes and look around. The laptop is still running in front of me.

“Was I playing on the computer and fall asleep?” (Hitomi)

I whispered to myself. I reach out to gather the hair scattered across my cheek, but as I glance at the screen, I remember everything.

I was broadcasting and fell asleep.

How could I fall sleep when I was on the air?!?!

Right now, my heart is hammering and I don't want to laugh at all! Although, I’m in turmoil, my audience’s heart were also stormy.

→ “She woke up and looks confused! I've recorded it!?  ?(??o-?)?”

(TN: Sorry guys. No idea what the author mean with ‘?(??o-?)?’. )

       → "Different colored eyes! Unexpectedly, she has different colored eyes! When the broadcast started, she squinted her eyes and I didn't see that.”

       → “Wait, why are her eyes a different color? Weren't her eyes both blue before?”

                  ← “Brothers, Beautiful eyes! Beautiful eyes!”

       ↑ “Big Brother, no one has 1 day old eyes.”

“……” (Hitomi)

I became fl.u.s.tered and confused, when I saw all of the messages from my audience.

When I saw my picture in the lower right corner of the screen, I swallowed hard and coughed. One eye is sky blue and the other eye is ruby red. These eyes matched with my own silvery-white hair, perfect!

Yes, I really like it! Although, why did one of my eyes suddenly turned red? I always have to worry about this kind of thing!

       → “Could you wear the cat ears on camera and meow?”

       → “Cat ears! They are the best!”

       → “Cat ears!!”

       → “Cat ears!!”

→ “………”

The screen was like an open-path rebuke, covered with calls for cat ears.

System… [~ Ding ~] Master has triggered a temporary task.

System… Master, as a qualified UP broadcaster, you need to do your best to meet the audience’s expectations. In other words, it is necessary to wear cat ears on camera and act cute.

System… Receive temporary hearing sensitivity ability.

System… Complete the task to obtain 1 attribute point, 1 lottery draw, and permanent access to hearing sensitivity ability of 1000. ~ Master you have to give good performance, Nyaa ~

System… Ability for hearing sensitivity and active aura skills, use these to achieve the goal for yourself. During the extreme use of the hearing sensitivity ability, a pair of cat ears will grow and triple your hearing sensitivity.

The sound of that sweet voice in my head, known as my system, was coming out again.

Why is my system a bully?

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