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The show is over. After releasing ‘Sora’s’ personality, she got down from An Yi and walked out of the venue alone. This sweet dream is done.

Although I’m reluctant to give up, I have acc.u.mulated toomany years of loneliness. As I slowly recovered, I shouldn’t allow myself to be kissed without a struggle, because physical conditions affect your mental judgement.

As for real emotions? It’s not possible, I'm a man! In other words, he kissed me without asking me and I cheated his love. This is a matter of mutual benefits. Even if the emotions are real, that soul can’t be mine. I'm a man! How could I fall in love with another man? I just borrowed his body to recharge my body!

Thinking about it, I kicked a stone on the side of the road.

"In retrospect, I can still feel the warmth of the old days, right?" (Hitomi)

Let’s go home to the strange big sister who’s nice to me.

The mere thought of it made my feet move faster. I forgot I hadn’t changed out of my cosplay outfit, so I attracted the attention of several people on the road.

"Auntie, I’m home! Open the door, please! ”

My fists pound on the door. The iron door was soon opened and a white hand reaches for my waist, but, of course, I took the hand in mine.

"It’s a rare dress, so cute. Are you in love? The boys bullied me before, so I was submissive." (Hua Yi)

I don't think that's right. Don't?!

"Well, you don't have to guess, I was there. I saw your shy, cute look. To tell you the truth, that look was really ~ Gee ~" (Hua Yi)

"Don't get me wrong. It’s because he gave me 1000 yuan, so I acted obedient. So don’t say that!” (Hitomi)

 I shook the funds transfer record on my phone in front of her.

It took just a moment for me to invent a reasonable lie. To be honest, it’s not all a lie, it’s partly true.

"I'm going to bed! Please don’t disturb me!” (Hitomi)

Saying that, I quickly ran to my room. I was stunned when I looked inside. It was full of all kinds of things. Flash drive, mobile phone stand, hand-painted book, t-shirts, and posters. These were piled up on the floor, layer upon layer.

Looking up from the floor; I see the originally clean desktop is now cluttered with at least 20 unopened figurines.  I walked over to look at them and found it was meticulously detailed. The figurines I had bought before couldn’t even begin to compare with this. Is this a master copy?

I sit on the bed in shock and feel something beside me. Looking, there are three life-sized pillows!! Eucliwood h.e.l.lscythe, Sora Kasugano, and Akari Mizunashi. The one with pink hair stands out more than the two with silvery-white hair. It feels wrong, but is there really no problem with them being so big?

Naturally, I took off all my clothes, jumped on top of the Aria pillow and began to rub against it.

It has a high-quality feel.

Thinking about that, I lightly push down my lower abdomen. It rubs into the most amazing place.

"Do you like it? I bought these presents for you. In the left side desk drawer is a laptop, PSP, keyboard and mouse, and other things. The computer uses Windows OS. I hope you use them. By the way, can I get a reward?” (Hua Yi)

I knew it was over when I heard someone talking behind me, the door wasn’t locked.


 “So it’s okay?” (Hua Yi)

Now I have lost the protection of the door lock. I just have to rely on the pillow to hide myself. I really don’t want to let her see me nude, even though she is also a girl.

 “Those are all for me? Thank you." (Hitomi)

“I said thank you, leave now!” (Hitomi)

 “Oh?!” (Hua Yi)

A hand touched my b.u.t.t? Oh My G.o.d! Are you a molester on a train? However, I will fix this in a moment. What idiot pulls a young girl into her arms? Oh well, it's not too bad.

I sat within her arms, with my hands caught by her left hand and pressed them to my chest making it difficult to breathe. Her right hand stretched lower than my abdomen and began to touch my nether region lightly.

I'm a boy, how can I feel so good with a girl's body. That's weird!! You're going to have to let me go! I have to go pee!!

I struggle, trying to escape her devilish touch. Breathing is very difficult, so my mind is blurring, and let out an uncontrolled, quiet whimper. Eventually, my body goes stiff and I’m unable to move.

"Did you c.u.m? As expected, that was quick! Hey? Was it good? ” (Hua Yi)

Licking her right index finger she leaves my innocent and still body.

Wow, this… she’s disgusting!

"You, you have guts!" (Hitomi)

It’s hard to say something ruthless while trying to recover from the weakness. I use my right hand to cover the key point of my lower body and flip her the bird with my left. It would be perfect if the middle finger didn't tremble.                            

(EN: ‘The bird’ is basically ‘Screw You’)

"Alright, I'm teasing. This is actually your punishment, my fiancé, but for you to do that kind of thing all I can say is you did a great f.u.c.king job! So these are your rewards!” (Hua Yi)

When did I become your fiancé? You're just trying to satisfy your own preferences. But I was satisfied with the gift you gave me. Umm...

"It’s like this, the Hua family and An family have around a 1000 years of relationships between us. Anyway, the Hua family were merchants and the An family were soldiers. Maybe due to a bet or something, they somehow swapped occupations. The result being that both families are better now compared to before they swapped. When the dog Emperor found out about this, he didn’t issue any punishments, but instead made them intermarry. That is how the two became so close. Regardless, I’m now the newest generation and my grandfather is arranging my marriage with someone from the An Family. I’m not interested in men, so you can help me to get rid of that dog fiancé of mine and I’ll have plenty of time to spend with you.” (Hua Yi)

I was completely silent and then the pervert flew out the door with a bang.

I stumble back to the bed and slowly lay down. My body is still reverberating with the afterglow and my burning face is completely showing my shame. I grabbed some toilet paper to clean up.

How does it feel to sleep in a three-pillow tuck?

 (Probably very crowded.)

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