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After breakfast, Chu Xian taught the three mermen some basic things like how to wash their faces and brush their teeth and also how to use the restroom. Since their teeth were made of bone, mimicking human teeth, their teeth needed to be cleaned as well.

As for the restroom. Eh. That might be too much information.

With the three mermen, Chu Xian drove to an area behind Hai Qing Standard. There was an old compound there that was being demolished.

"Here it is!" Chu Xian stopped in the area. After a quick look, he turned to an advertis.e.m.e.nt on the telephone pole next to him and called the number on it.

The ad was for securing fake doc.u.ments, and the people were very capable. Chu Xian remembered when he was still in school that one of his cla.s.smates bought an ID from them that worked for buying train tickets.

He still remembered his cla.s.smate telling him that these people could even get you real IDs with a record and history, but those cost a lot of money.

"h.e.l.lo, we make doc.u.ments!" A voice greeted him as soon as the call connected.

"En, I want real IDs with registration!" Chu Xian asked directly.

"Okay, thirty thousand each!" The person answered without hesitation.

"Thirty thousand? Why's it so expensive?" Chu Xian asked in astonishment.

"ID cards have new features with fingerprints and other things, so the price has gone up. If you still want them, this is the price!" the voice explained.

"Okay, I'll take it," Chu Xian replied.

"Alright, come to this location!"

Chu Xian was a little surprised by the location he was told. It wasn't a sketchy alleyway on the docks underneath the bridges that needed a pa.s.scode and a special knock. Instead, he went downtown and walked into an office building.

"Sh*t, people who forge doc.u.ments are so bold nowadays?" Chu Xian thought to himself as he dragged the mermen trio with him.

"Were you the caller? In there!" The receptionist pointed out a room to him.

"Please sit. You want the IDs?" A middle-aged man gestured from where he was sitting by an office table.

"Yes, I need three IDs. About how long will it take?" Chu Xian asked.

The middle-aged man looked at Old Huang and the other two for a second before replying, "Three days, but we'll need fingerprints and a thirty thousand deposit."

"No problem!" Chu Xian nodded. Thankfully, he had remembered to remold fingerprints for his mighty mermen when he was remolding, so they all had fingerprints.

After Old Huang and the sword brothers left their fingerprints, Chu Xian drove over to the Fengtai Area.

They were there to look at villas in the district, and out of the many located around the local mountains and sea, Chu Xian chose one close to Feng Tai Lake.

Chu Xian strolled into the sales office like the new-money, bourgeois b.u.mpkin that he was. Old Huang and the sword duo looked around like curious, mild-mannered children in large and intimidating bodies. 

 Chu Xian's body was incomparable to his pre-system days, and now he had some style - he filled up any s.p.a.ce he walked into.

Working out could change a man's body, and money could change a man's temperament. He changed a lot and developed his own unique charm.

"h.e.l.lo miss. Could you tell me about the villas in this area?" Chu Xian asked a pretty saleswoman.

The pretty saleswoman was stunned by Chu Xian's manliness because he was super calm, confident, buff, amazing and fabulous as he walked over. She quickly answered and gestured to the different models as she spoke. "h.e.l.lo, sir. This year, our Star Villa Area has…"

The pretty saleswoman introduced all the villas very professionally, and Chu Xian nodded with satisfaction as he looked over the models.

"I'll take this one!" Chu Xian pointed to one in a remote location.

"En? This villa is 420 square meters, and there's a swimming pool on the roof…"

"How much?" Chu Xian asked.

The pretty saleswoman's eyes flashed and she answered happily, "9.8 million RMB, but if you can pay in full, I can give it to you for 9.5 million."

"En, can you show me the place?" Chu Xian nodded and replied, thinking to himself in a not-at-all prideful and ignorant way that this was the price of housing in China, which was higher than the rest of the world. This could be called the height of the housing industry.

"Of course, of course!"

Following the lead of the beautiful saleswoman, Chu Xian toured the house. The villa was already fully equipped and was ready for them to move in.

Chu Xian paid the amount in full and pocketed the keys before taking the three musketeers out to buy an eye-raising amount of food. When they got back, they went to the swimming pool on the roof.

"Since you guys like water, you can live here in the future!"

Although they had already been transformed into mermen, the three musketeers were still attached to water of course, and Old Huang and the sword brothers hoped to live in water.

"It's perfect. When the mermen have been trained for society, they can just sleep at the fish farm and I can live in the villa myself!" Chu Xian smiled.

Over the next two days, Chu Xian taught Old Huang how to use all the appliances then he taught him to use the computer and how to use computers to learn things.

Old Huang, the evil robot mad genius unholy creation, had a learning ability that made Chu Xian speechless. Anything he came into contact with only required a single explanation for him to understand, and in just two days, he mastered all the knowledge of an elementary school student. Chu Xian estimated that in two weeks, the evil robot's understanding wouldn't be less than that of an average college student.

Sword brothers One and Two were comparatively much denser, and their learning abilities were obviously not as strong as the evil robot's, but after two days, they could communicate simply.

"Alright, you three will live here for now. When you go out to buy food, go together. Sword One, Sword Two, listen to Old Huang, understand?" Chu Xian asked.

"Yes, boss!" The musketeers nodded. Chu Xian made them call him boss.

The other day, the evil genius with delusions of grandeur directly called him King Chu Xian, and he had no idea how to react to that. Old Huang's attempt at an explanation made him even more speechless, and in the end, he just had them call him boss.

"En, Old Huang, call me if you need me!" Chu Xian said and nodded before closing the door behind him.

"Come, come. Sword One, Sword Two, cla.s.s starts now. Today, I'll teach you grade two Math!" Old Huang took out a book and started teaching.

Chu Xian smiled. He could sense the actions of the mermen in the back of his soul, but he put that to the back of his mind as he drove down to the harbor.

"I wonder if Grandpa Feng bought any big fish!"

Chu Xian had given Grandpa Feng an a.s.signment these past few days. He was to buy all big fish from a hundred and fifty catties to four hundred catties.

He was allowed to spend less than two hundred thousand on each fish. After he remolded them into mermen, he would have them catch fish for him and he would earn it all back.

But what Chu Xian didn't know was that Grandpa Feng had already gotten himself a reputation, and everyone at the harbor knew there was an old man who would buy every big fish he saw.

When he walked down the harbor, he just happened to see Grandpa Feng bidding on a flatfish over two hundred catties.

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