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Chapter 31 - Remodeling the Dungeon (Part 1)

I will give the dungeon a makeover today, there were only intruders here at first, but more people are becoming residents, so it's about time for a change in appearance.

That said, I have no intention of making it like an RPG's dungeon that has many floors going underground, my ultimate goal is to make it look like fitting residence for a final boss, a Demon Lord's castle.

Something similar to Anor Londo would be nice. I don't want to make it that wide though, it's just important to have dreams.

This reform will be the first step towards that goal, so I opened my status to check how much DP I had… Which made me realize something. "I got another strange t.i.tle.”

Name: Yuki
Race: Archdemon
Cla.s.s: Demon Lord
Level: 35
HP: 2540/2540
MP: 7211/7211
Strength: 716
Endurance: 747
Agility: 658
Magical power: 996
Dexterity: 1313
Luck: 72
Skill points: 6
Unique skills: Mana Eye, Language Translation, Flight
Skills: Item Box, a.n.a.lysis Lv 8, Martial Arts Lv 4, Beginner Magic Lv 4, Spy Lv 5, Enemy Detection Lv 4, Swordsmanship Lv 1, Weapon Creation Lv 3, Bestow Enchantment Lv 2
t.i.tles: Demon Lord of a Parallel World, Owner of the Supreme Dragon, He who Executes Judgment
DP: 152400

He who Executes Judgment: A person that hates and judges the sinful, when faced with an enemy that has a sinful t.i.tle, all stats will be multiplied by 1.5.

Well, it's useful at the very least… I wonder what is the criteria used to receive t.i.tles though.

“Hey Lefy, how do people get t.i.tles?" I asked.

She was doing a special training after being crushed in Old Maid by Lyuuin, even though the latter just learned the rules… I don't think it's a game you can practice by yourself though.

"A t.i.tle? I don't know, anyone can get those and they come for the most varied reasons. Some say it's the work of G.o.d, but I have no way of verifying it." She replied with a way deeper answer than I expected.

"Doesn't G.o.d exist?" I asked.

"You mean the religious figure? Not that I have seen." She calmly replied.

I thought that G.o.d would definitely exist in a different world, but… If even Lefy didn't see him, then if there is one, it is probably invisible just like in my former life.

“I see… By the way, is Supreme Dragon your only t.i.tle?" I changed topics a bit.

"No, I just hide all the others. This t.i.tle quickly shows my position and conveys who I am, it's easier to handle thigs if people can quickly see it." She answered.

I see… Lefy can shake off any annoying mobs by just showing this t.i.tle after all.

Since there is a skill to see someone's status, there should also be one to make it invisible to others, I'll search for it on the skill list later.

I had also wondered how Iluna escaped back when she was kidnapped, but it must be because of a hidden skill too. I'm curious as to why she didn't tell us about it, but there must be a good reason to keep it as a secret, so I won't pry on that.

"Why do you look so disappointed?" Lefy interrupted my thoughts.

"Oh, it's just… I made it a personal goal to see all of your status, but this won't be possible if there are hidden t.i.tles." I told her.

"Is that so? In this case keep training and improving your skills, you should be able to see it by the time you're on my level." She said while giggling.

"Reaching your level… That would take hundreds of years, I will die long before that."

"What are you talking about? I don't think you have a lifespan?" She replied puzzled.

"… What?" I could only squeeze this out with a stupefied voice.

"Well, there might be one, but it should be one or two thousand years at least. You're a naturally born demon whose body is made of mana after all." She continued with a casual tone.

"Eh? Oh, oh, I heard that before…" Now that she mentioned it, I was born out of the Dungeon core that made me a Dungeon's Master.

"Being made of mana leads to a very long life, you can obtain your sustenance just by breathing and even if a part of your body is destroyed, you should be able to regenerate it with time. For as long as there is magic in this world, you should be able to live for as long as n.o.body kills you… You don't even need to eat, do you?" She concluded.

I certainly never felt very hungry since I got this body… Wait, does this mean Fir and Shii are also the same? Seriously?

That was a big surprise, I didn't expect to be nigh immortal.

"In that case… What about you? You seem to be alive for quite some time." I asked Lefy while still trying to wrap my head around this shocking fact.

"Me? Dragons are long lived by nature, and I am pretty strong and also pretty good at magic, so it's unlikely I'll die for as long as mana exists." She answered.

"I see… You certainly lived a lot and surely has a lot of spare time… Lefy? Is everything okay? Why did you suddenly turn red?" I asked confused.

"I-it's nothing! J-just what's up with this t.i.tle of 'Owner of the Supreme Dragon!?" She shouted.

"Oh, you only noticed now?" I started smiling.

"O-owner!? You have some nerve to treat me as a pet!" Well, her reaction was the expected one.

"Don't worry, it's just a t.i.tle, we can't really control that. This is just how things look like from an objective perspective." I said while grinning.

She seemed to be groaning from anger, so I poked her a bit more. "Well, if you understand how it is, why don't you praise me for being a good owner?"

"Grrrr, watch your tone Yuki! Duel me now you b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" She shouted.

"As you wish! If I win you'll crawl and lick my leg like a dog then!" I said while laughing.

"Y-you… You have that kind of hobby?" She retorted calmly.

"W-why did you regain your composure so quickly!?" At that moment, I instinctively backed away from Lefy.

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