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Chapter 6: It can only be said that n.o.bles have performed their duty only if they could properly prepare in advance, is that not so?

At the orientation in the hall, I gave the first welcoming speech.
From the rostrum, I could see hair colours of pink, purple, red, blue and yellow among many other shades, so I felt as if I was at a live concert of a punk band.

If I shouted, ‘Alright! Let’s do this!’ maybe they might just start headbanging.

Speaking words of greeting, while thinking such arbitrary thoughts, I ended up spotting the b.i.t.c.h.
Just by noticing her presence, I frowned.
If possible, I hope that she would not come into my sight….. Actually, I can’t see that thing.
Yes, I can’t see a thing.
I was brainwashing myself, but by thinking of the incident just before, it became hard to contain my rage.
If by any chance, Angelica was hurt, I won’t just forget about it!
Moreover, I had a good mood going, and she just had to disturb that! I hope she didn’t to that purpose, or did she?
…….Well, since Daniel was there, I know for sure with 100% confidence that she couldn’t have done that on purpose….
Since Daniel’s specs are on par with that ‘one h.e.l.l of a butler’.
Still thinking useless thoughts, I managed to keep a smile on my face without fumbling over the words.

Barely finishing the speech with a smile, I decided to return to my room first.
I have many things to check with Daniel as well as requests for him.

“Daniel, I have something to ask of you.”
“What is it, your highness?”

As soon as I spoke the moment I entered the room, Daniel appeared behind me without a sound.
Mm, I’m used to it now, you know?

“Angelica-sama did not have any noticeable wounds or bruises. She is merely staying in the room today to appease your highness.”
“Is that so……”

That’s my Daniel, he knows exactly what I want.
Hearing that Angelica was unhurt, I was relieved.
I did check up on her myself, but I was still worried.
Sighing heavily, I sat down on the sofa and placed my hands on my eyes.
Then in front of me Daniel had already laid out tea.

……Is he using magic?

Well, this must be Daniel’s quality, or so I think, and sip tea.
Leaving that aside, I turned my gaze towards Daniel.

“Indeed…… can you make a bouquet using pink tulips and gypsophila, and send it to Angelica? I don’t think I can visit her today, so tell her that I’m sending flowers instead.”

I first and foremost entrusted the highest priority business to him!

“Certainly, sir.”
“Can you also investigate Baron Rhône? I’m bothered as to why the Baron sent such an uneducated girl like that to school here.
“Certainly, sir.”

I gestured to him to lend his ear, to which he gently leaned in.

“Soon…………… I think there’ll be a commotion soon, so be prepared for that. And about fifteen days later……… and then…… so the relay to the related divisions this information and tell them to make preparations.”
“Certainly, sir…… Your highness, it’s almost as if you are a prophet now.”

Based on my knowledge of the game, I decided to prepare in advance to the future events.
Thanks to that I was able to easily convey the information to Daniel, but……
Daniel narrowed his eyes that had some unknown meaning to it, and grinned.


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Today, there is a special curriculum for the new students.
Thus, we juniors and seniors didn’t have cla.s.ses.
Therefore, I decided to take care of official businesses in my duty.

Even if this was a boarding school, I still cannot escape from work. Although no inspections came to school, and absurd amount of doc.u.ments came for me four times a week.
It’s tiring to take care of these doc.u.ments, but if I don’t take care of them now it’ll start piling up.

While reading the doc.u.ments, I thought of the events in the game.
Today, there will be three more events today.
There are the events with Hugh, a freshman and the second son of a count, and Douglas, a year older than me, the eldest son of another count. Also there’s Brad, a teacher here.
Tomorrow there are the events with Henry, the third prince of the neighbouring kingdom, and Jackie, likewise from the neighbouring kingdom, the second son of a Duke. There’s also a mini-event with Robert in between, so the player had to make sure that there were chance meetings to raise the affection of the bachelors.
Though sometimes, there are lucky pervert situations in those events, greatly raising the affection, for example Robert……

If you just look at this……
……Is this some sort of company manager’s schedule? Or so I thought.

You really have to give it to b.i.t.c.h that she is a hard worker, without a doubt!

I’ll probably have two encounters. And one of them just has to be when I’m with Angelica.

So my objective tomorrow is to ‘relieve Angelica’s anxiety’ and ‘go to the correct place to encounter b.i.t.c.h’!

For Angelica, if she understands my feeling in the bouquet I sent, it should be alright……
The roses are Angelica herself, and the bouquet is my feeling for her.
Every time my presence in her heart grows, I’ll send flowers. So that she cannot escape my feelings that grow heavier every day.

After pa.s.singly finishing lunch, I finished all the work like a horse pulling a wagon and returned to my room.
For the next two days, I don’t have any work, so I can spend all my time for her now!

In the game, Kyle said some cheesy thing like “my time with you is more important than work,” but to me it just sounded like a poor excuse of a useless man.
Well if you think about his position, he shouldn’t really be saying that, right?
If it was b.i.t.c.h then it might work, but Angelica would be disgusted by such behaviour.
I want to always look cool in front her, so I will not compromise any effort on that!

I want to be always admired by her. Furthermore, I want to be loved by her.

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