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Chapter 3: Robert, a person like you is…

Upon on our arrival at the Academy, in front of the main gate we got off the carriage, and I escort her through the tree-lined street heading to the orientation.

On the way there, I told her that I will be excused from the welcome party, and that I will entrust her to her one year older brother to escort her there instead.

“I understand…….Yesterday, I heard that you were unwell. I thank you for escorting me despite being in such condition.”

Seems like she knows about how I fainted yesterday as she laughed with understanding.

From her eyes, I can see that she is worried and thankful towards me. However, I also feel a little bit of loneliness from her as well.

“I’m sorry. I actually want to escort you for the whole day, but I was unable to receive permission.

I secretly check the surrounding. It’s fortunate that there’s no one.

…….As a compensation, I hope you’ll like it?

I gently whisper in her ear, and put my lip on top of her forehead, surprising her.

Seems like the stimulation is too strong, because she stop moving altogether.

And become utterly speechless.

She who become like a computer that froze because it was unable to process the information, I put my hand behind her back and resume escorting her.

In the end, by the time we had arrived, she still couldn’t process her error code.

Following through with my promise to the doctor, when the ceremony end, I entrust her to Lewis, and follow Daniel, who appear without making a sound, back to my (dorm) room.  

Immediately, I was made to change my clothes and force to the bed.

While I stare at the canopy of the bed, I start to think about Angelica.

Her appearance and reaction is to my liking. Very adorable.

Her deep blue eyes and healthy long hair, especially the eyes with the color of a blue gem that leave a strong impression, her slim fingers, and her slender body with enough fat in the right areas.

Everything is to my liking.

Also, a beauty with a strong appearance yet easy tease, this certainly is a gap moe.

It will be nice if the personality is exactly like what it was in the game. It will probably take some time to confirm this.

More like. I completely feel in love at first sight.

I will definitely make her mine! Wait, isn’t she already engage to me?

Then I will have her fall madly in love with me.

I believe that she is already fond of me, however I’m unable to settle my mind.

Thankfully, Kyle’s appearance is extremely high cla.s.s! “The Prince” like features with blonde hair and green eyes. When smiling a sweet smile with looks like that, the little sister who is in the middle of capturing the game had also died in agony. (TL: Probably died in agony from not being able to capture him in real life. I totally understand.)

Firing up with fighting spirit, I decide to capture her heart.

Remembering today’s moments with her, I vowed to myself.

The next morning, while I’m eating breakfast, I heard an unexpect rumor.

Apparently, Robert had ignore his fiance and escort another woman.

That woman is, as you might have expected, it’s the b.i.t.c.h you see.  

Now that I think of it, the event where they met inside the game is that entrance ceremony. If I remember correctly, it was outside of the a.s.sembly hall where he helped the b.i.t.c.h who got lost.

However, I didn’t think something would have happened at the welcome party…….

Wait, isn’t this the route to the hidden character’s capture?

In other word, Angelica. The two of them
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have a intense dislike for her to the point violence. (To summarize, Angelica and Lewis developed an intense hate to b.i.t.c.h at the party and want to slap the s.h.i.t out of her)

Since Lewis was beside her, he should more or less (have her back) be protecting her….

Afterwards, I need full detail information in what had happen.

After breakfast, I went to visit Lewis room, to inquire about yesterday’s event.

Sure enough, Angelica is in extreme bad mood. Lewis the siscon praise with a evil smile, “As I thought, our family’s little sister is the best.”

“I mean, what I said is natural, no? Jessica, made her cry you know. The surrounding women who had heard also sneered.

He scrutinized his blue eyes, tilting his head. At the same time, his light brown hair without hesitation fall toward his cheek, showcasing his lovely face.

This is bad, Lewis is seriously p.i.s.sed.

This person is usually quiet, but is scary when p.i.s.sed. (According to Kyle’s memory)

Jessica is a daughter of a Marquis, who is also Lewis and Angelica’s childhood friend.

Kyle also knew her since he was little, and according to his memory, she’s a lady that has a gentle and lovely appearance that give a healing effect to people.

To Lewis, she’s like another little sister.

……Probably, that’s not all there is to it. (TL: UEHUEHUEHUE! I SEE WHERE THIS IS GOING!)

The scheming siscon Lewis (according to Kyle’s memory) did not appear much in the game, because he is too busy caring about Jessica, is what I think.

The fact that he did not become one of the capture characters despite the looks he have is a mystery. It’s probably that while creating his character as a extremely busy person, there wasn’t a timeslot for the b.i.t.c.h to take advantage of.

From the way he is treated inside the game, I can tell that the creator really treasure him.

As for his sister, he had believed in Kyle and had entrust her to him.

And as you know in Kyle’s capture route, his expectation had been betrayed.

Well, I will never be swayed by a b.i.t.c.h like her.

It seems like, the reaction from Angelica’s surrounding (people around her) is in her favor, so I guess there’s no need to worry.

I’ll keep an eye on the situation and backed her up.

I, while thinking of that, decide to go see Angelica before cla.s.s.

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