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It’s already been three days since we were brought to the castle under the pretence of ‘imprisonment’

During these three days, I spent the time in a luxurious room, except when I was made to sit through sham interrogations, but I never had a chance to meet Mich.e.l.le.
For me, a room for vips was prepared.
The food too was amazing, that I almost blurted out, “royalty indeed!”. I had no complaints about my treatment.
Thanks to His Highness Kyle, Mich.e.l.le won’t be having any problems. So I am not worried about that……
But since I didn’t see her face for three days, I did get worried.

“Erm…… How is Mich.e.l.le doing?”

Because I was so curious and wanted to see her, I decided to politely ask the servant that brought the meals.

“Imperial Princess Lilith is taking care of Mich.e.l.le-sama. The two get along well, and are already close friends.”
“Is that so…… I’m glad to hear that.”

To the servant that smiled gently, I returned a smile.
If the imperial princess herself is taking care of Mich.e.l.le, than there won’t be any big problems.
They seem to be on friendly terms as well……

A part of me felt jealous that someone other than myself was being friendly with Mich.e.l.le, but I felt relieved at the fact that Mich.e.l.le was in a safe environment.

After that incident with Brad, when I spent time with her until the aftereffects faded, I felt that my heart crossed the final line.
Over the feelings of ‘lovely’, ‘I want to protect her’ and ‘I want her to be happy’, I gained an obsession wanting to spend the rest of my life with her.
I thought it possible to abandon country and family if it was for that.

I had tightly hugged and consoled Mich.e.l.le who was sobbing from the effects of the drug,
The little figure that was trembling in my arms was so lovely, yet it felt so fragile.
‘What should I do to protect her,’ that was the only thought that occupied my head.

Back then, I think I was being arrogant.
Now, I don’t feel so haughty. The next time I see Mich.e.l.le, what will I feel for her……

I felt uneasy and worried.
Another three days pa.s.sed like that.
Today, I’ll be getting busy because I need to pack things from the morning. ……Right, the safe house for Mich.e.l.le and me were prepared for me, so we will be moving today.
At the ‘safe house’, I will be living with Mich.e.l.le, so the worry that I won’t be able to see her — meet her is gone. But, the biggest worry on my mind was on how I would be feeling like when I rendezvoused with Mich.e.l.le.

We were moved to the ‘safe house’ from the castle separately.

At first, a few maids and butler were scheduled to be sent from the castle, but because there were not enough butlers to spare, my butler was tasked with the house.
He — Lloyd is a butler of House Fine, but when it was decided that he was to be a.s.signed to me, he declared, “In a time of emergency, I may leave the duke’s house as Jackie-sama’s butler.”
In retrospect, he may have already seen this fate.

“Jackie! I missed you!”

The girl I wanted to meet…… The lovely girl whom I yearned for lunged into my chest with words of joy.
Dying her cheeks in a rosy shade, she looked at me with moist eyes. That appearance was the girl I knew…… I felt no trace of harsh treatment toward her.
In addition, her unstable mind seemed to now have become an unshakable bastion.

My worry that ‘I might change if I meet her’ was just a wo
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rry, nothing more.
Indeed, there were no changes to my feelings.
I want to protect my lovely Mich.e.l.le, but that thought of ‘risking everything’, as though I was under a spell, was no longer there. I felt more pa.s.sionate, but it was warm.

“Mich.e.l.le…… I missed you too. Weren’t you lonely?”
“It was sad that I couldn’t see Jackie…… but…… at the castle, I met ‘Yacchan’!”

Said she, while softly smiling.

“‘Yacchan’, the girl you were always calling out to into the sky!?”

Mich.e.l.le seemingly was attacked by a ‘truck’ and lost her life along with her friend, and then ‘reincarnated’ here.
Then, that ‘Yacchan’ or whoever also had ‘reincarnated’ here in this world. For that person to be so close to the imperial family……

“You see, the princess here, Lilith, was taking care of me, but she turned out to be ‘Yacchan’! I was really surprised!”

I was more surprised at Mich.e.l.le’s words.
I did think that it would be someone close to the imperial family, but to be a member itself……

However, it meant that Mich.e.l.le’s safety was practically guaranteed.
My burden felt like it became lighter.
I also thought that Mich.e.l.le’s mind became stable because she reunited with her old friend.

“I see…… that’s great…… then now, I am no longer needed, no?”

Because Mich.e.l.le was smiling so happily, I ended up something that I didn’t even mean out of jealousy.
Suddenly, Mich.e.l.le’s eyes flooded with tears and started trembling shakily.
Seeing her like that, I instinctively felt danger, so I hurriedly hugged the tightly.

“It’s a joke! I was just a bit jealous of ‘Yacchan’. If Mich.e.l.le says ‘I don’t need you anymore’, I’ll be locked up instead of Henry!”
“Don’t say that! I want to be with you, until you say you don’t need me anymore…… I love you. Jackie, I lo……”

I sealed her lips.

Too cute!
I want to take her to the bedroom right now!!

“I’ll never do that…… will you be by my side until I die?”

When I whispered up close, she nodded while blushing bright red.
Excited, I suggested, “Shall we go to sleep together?” In response, she softly replied, “Baka……” while cuddling up to my chest.
I lifted her up and swiftly carried her away to the bedroom, and we spent a sweet time until nighttime……

Mich.e.l.le and I escaped Henry’s influence, and started moving towards our own futures.
There will be many ordeals.
Mich.e.l.le seems to activate a strange ability when her heart and mind are unstable……
However, if I wrap her in my unwavering love for her, there will not be any problems.

I learned how to show my love in many more ways too, so I’ll whisper my love to her so much that she won’t have room for anything else……

While thinking of these things, I am now enjoying my life in imprisonment in the ‘safe house’……

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