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My lifelong dream, ‘betrothal with Jessica’ was achieved.

The night after that ‘aphrodisiac incident’, Jessica came back to her senses and was looking at me awkwardly.
Having forced herself up from the bed, she was hanging her head down, with only her eyes looking at me.

“Good… morning……”

While looking at me with puffy eyes from crying too much, she responded with a voice that went hoa.r.s.e from crying too much.
To such a lovely woman, I kneeled and held out a small bouquet of pink roses.

“Jessica…… my dear… please marry me.”

I had thought of many different lines for my proposal, but in front of her none of them came out.
I could only ask for her hand in marriage.
Even I thought it was tacky, but from the ordeal we went through, my head was still a bit confused, that nothing witty came out of my mouth.
It took all my strength to just plaster on the usual smile on my face.

To hide my anxiety, I desperately put up a smile, but in a blink Jessica’s expression turned into a sad one. She bit her lips so hard that I worried that she might bleed, and she was just staring at the bed sheet while hanging her head down. Tears welled up in her eyes, about to flow down at any moment.

Eh!? Why??

I panicked because I did not know why she had such an expression, but I managed to prevent it from showing on my face.
Jessica stayed silent, with a pained expression. I waited for her response, still holding out the bouquet with a smile.
A bystander may see me as composed, but in truth I was extremely panicked. Because, no matter how one saw it, Jessica’s expression was not that of someone receiving a proposal.

“Louis-sama…… you do not have to worry about this incident……? This was a result of my careless actions……”

Saying that, Jessica slowly lifted her head up and showed me a miserable smile.

“Louis-sama, you do not need to take any responsibility……”

Jessica seems to think that I am proposing to take responsibility. Of course, I do need to take responsibility for holing her up in my room for days.
However, the reason I brought into my room was because I liked her, and I proposed to her because ‘I’ wanted her.

……Wait a moment……
Come to think of it…… Did I ever tell Jessica that I ‘like’ her……?
If Jessica, who did not know my feelings, receives a proposal from me, who has a nervous smile……
Of course she would misunderstand.

I felt anxious.
I wanted to convey my feelings to her, but if I say, “I like you!’ in panic, I won’t be believed. Jessica might think, ‘to fake his own feelings for me……’
……It might be cowardly, but should I try conveying my feelings through actions?

I slowly sat down next to her — on the bed — and placed the bouquet on the sheet. Softly, I placed a hand on her head, and slowly caressed her.
I locked my eyes to her, who was fidgeting, and locked hands with her. When I slowly brought my face closer to her, Jessica winced a little back, increasing the distance again.

“I like you…… I always have……”

I whispered just loud enough for only her to hear and approached her, but yet again Jessica flinched backwards.
However, her forehead was there in a perfect spot, so I kissed her there without a sound.
Like that, I kept kissing her forehead, before I pulled back to see her face. I stroked the back of her head, and sometimes tickled her ears.
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essica had a rapturous expression as she had her eyes closed.

Too cute!

A smile appeared on my face. Feeling mischievous, I made a smacking sound as I put my lips on her nose, and then lightly licked there.
Surprised, Jessica opened her eyes wide.

“Fufu…… Jessica…… you are cute……”

When I whispered softly while touching her cheek, she too smiled shyly.
Because she was so cute, I gently rubbed my forehead and nose to hers.

“I liked you from a long time ago…… I always thought to take you away from Robert……”

To Jessica who was staring at me, again I whispered my feelings to her. When I grazed my lips lightly across hers, tears welled up in her eyes again.
However, these tears did not seem to be tears of pain.
Because…… she was smiling happily……

“I like you…… I love you. I always have, and will forever more……”

As I whispered softly, ours lips continued to graze and touch each other, evolving into something deeper.
I continued to kiss her as the strength left her body. Then, I held her and stared at her from up close.

“Jessica…… will you marry me? I will kiss you in this room until you say ‘yes’, alright?”

Declaring so, I gently kiss her if to prove it.
I removed my hand from the back of her head and grabbed the bouquet that was placed on the bed, and gave it to her. Then I wrapped my hands around her hand that was holding the bouquet.
Though I said I would not accept any other reply than yes, I continued to desperately convince her.

“I will do anything to have you. When Robert caused that commotion in the dining hall, deep inside, I secretly thought of it as an opportunity…… This time too, I brought you in here to never let you go.”

While locking our mouths many times, I told her of my dark personality. It was terrifying to reveal my obsession, but I wanted her to know my true feelings.
I stopped holding her hands as though I was holding caramel, and placed my hands on her cheeks, changing the angle many times as I kissed her over and over again, until she made an ecstatic expression.

“I know that you still could not forget Robert…… But, can I ask you to give up and become mine……?”

Almost clinging to her, I said from up close. Jessica looked surprised for the first time. However, her expression slowly softened into a warm smile, and then she gently locked her lips to mine.

“My heart already belongs to a brother of my close friend…… from here on… will you be my prince?”

After she kissed me, she responded embarra.s.sedly.
Her confession. I was so happy that I was afraid that I might lose myself.

“Of course! Till death do us part…… no, even if death tears us apart, I will be your prince……! ……Jessica…… I love you.”

Then, we kissed to the extent that our lips may have got swollen up, kissing over and over again, confirming each other.

Like this, I safely became my beloved’s fiancé……

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