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Side Story 2: A day in the life of a nameless servant.

I am one of Kyle-sama’s servants. Since I believe that you would forget my name quickly, I don’t really want to tell you, but…… The name’s Kunkun.

I won’t tell you twice, so if you are serious on remembering it, please remember now.

My day begins with Daniel-san saying to me, “If you will not wake up soon, you may come to regret living,” prompting me to wake up 30 seconds earlier than the alarm clock.

All the servants wake up then.

To change the terrible mood, I would wash my face and tidy myself up. But now, in Kyle-sama’s room, we are allowed to use the same toiletry set as Kyle-sama.

“If a servant uses and knows the sets the master uses, the servant would be able to work more efficiently, no?” he said.
Kyle-sama suddenly brought this up this year. Before, we servants used more affordable articles.
The rumours of Kyle-sama’s morals’ changing must have been referring to this.
He changed for the better, and to that we servants pledge ourselves to him.

I wonder if it’s the result of using better goods?
In comparison to the servants of other n.o.bles, we stood out.
Seeminly approving of the change, Louis-sama, Angelica-sama and Jessica-sama also made their servants use better goods.

This year, Kyle-sama also changed our food menu. He let us eat the same things he ate. On top of that, there were large servings.
“You need a healthy body to work well, no?” he would say.

This was a great help! More than the taste, as servants, we had many exhausting jobs, and up until now the amount we had was meagre in comparison to the work we had to do!!
Thanks to this improvement, our work efficiency rose a lot. “Servants of royals are from a different crop,” or so we were a.s.sessed.

Also, even though he is a prince, he was kind to us. When we greeted him or did something, he would always say “Thank you” as though it was the most natural thing. To that extent, we were taught manners and how to speak properly, very thoroughly…… from Daniel-san……
I can’t seem to recall very much about that. I wonder why……?

I don’t want water nor fire!! I’ll do my best! I won’t make the same mistake again! No not that animal, no more!!!!

What was I doing? I think I was daydreaming.

So, what were we talking about again? ……Ah, my daily life?
How much did I tell you so far?

Ah, right.
Once I tidy myself up, I go fetch the flowers Kyle-sama ordered the night before, and deliver them to Angelica-sama’s side before she wakes up, along with a message card.
He wants her to see it the moment she wakes up.

Quite the possessive desire, eh?

And then, I bring back a message card from Angelica-sama, along with her gift, ranging anywhere from handkerchiefs embroidered by her, to bookmarks made from the flowers.

I leave those Daniel-san, and then I start preparing for breakfast with other servants. At the end, one servant goes off somewhere else, but it is not problematic.
When it’s almost prepared, Daniel-san enters, escorting Kyle-sama who just finished preparing.

“Good morning, everyone.”

When he says that, we also respond, “Good morning, Kyle-sama,” heeding proper manners. By the way, it’s important that we do not say, “My lord prince”.
Kyle-sama seems to like confirming that people are seeing him as an individual not as a prince.
Thus, we always say “Kyle-sama” when we talk to him.

Once Kyle-sama leaves to attend his cla.s.ses, we make the beds, clean the rooms and prepare to cook dinner. Then, we make our own lunches and prepare for teatime snacks.

Daniel-san too helps, but because Kyle-sama likes having variety, we prepare at least three kinds every time.

It seems that other servants do not usually cook, but for us it’s a skill we naturally need to learn.
At noon and at night, Kyle-sama dines in the school dining hall, but sometimes he says, “I want to eat at my place today.” And for some reason, he once did not eat a lot and came back saying “I’m hungry……” so we have food stocked up.

We have to throw quite a lot away because they are uneaten, but sometimes we get to eat them instead, so it’s killing two birds with one stone!

It becomes busy in the evening again.

People frequently visit Kyle-sama in his room, so we have to work hard to receive them.
For the toughest parts, Daniel-san takes care of them, but when people get too excited, he prepares an aroma with soothing effects. He then brings out those snack at the right timing, and if necessary, goes to the other person’s room to their messenger. The messengers are sometimes told to stop by Daniel-san, but otherwise he tells the messenger to deliver this: “come and retrieve your master”.

While we serve our guests, at the same time, we prepare a hot bath. The water is kept at a high temperature, and we take care to not let it get cold.

Once our guests go back, we need to take care of some work for tomorrow, but once Kyle-sama finishes taking his bath, he lets us take baths too, letting us relieve the fatigue we built.
After we all finish bathing, we go off to sleep just around midnight.

This is our daily life, but did you really want to know this?

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