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Chapter 45: Also called the Epilogue, the scene before the next part.

By the time I woke, everything was being taken care of.

Henry was extradited back to his country. Currently, he is placed under house arrest in a detached palace, but it seemed that excluding him from royalty was already decided.
He did directly harm the prince and his fiancée while studying abroad, so he won’t be receiving a soft punishment.
He will either be decla.s.sed, incarcerated for life, or executed.
As for that, diplomacy between countries will decide it, so I am leaving that entirely to father.

As for Erius……
I don’t know what happened to him. He won’t be going back to Henry’s side, and of course he was banished from this school.
I asked Daniel about it, but I only received a meaningful mile and was not told anything.
And because Daniel’s smile back then was so dark, I could never bring that up ever again like the chicken I am.
I also tried asking Louis in hopes that he might tell me……
But he did not say a word and showed only a divine smile.
That smile. A bit traumatising, isn’t it, Louis-kun?

So, I am the direct victim, yet I couldn’t hear what happened to Erius.
What’s going on? I’m the crown prince, aren’t those two supposed to be my retainers?
Somehow, my treatment is……

No, it’s my loss if I get bothered about that.
They’re not making light of me, and a good superior should be magnanimous.

Well, anyhow. Now, only Robert, Douglas and I are the only people related with “I’ll Risk Everything for You” in this school.

Douglas will be able to return to high society soon enough thanks to April’s counselling. I’m wondering if they might be betrothed soon.
April started seeing Douglas differently around the time when Brad rampaged. What used to be pity turned to ‘sympathy for the same kind’.
Douglas too. As he relied on April, his warmth started coming back.
It will take time, but I believe that these two will do well.

Robert is, well.
He’ll probably find his own happiness, no?
I have a feeling that he will……

Mich.e.l.le is proceeding down Jackie’s route at full steam. On the reports I receive occasionally, notes on their love are increasing ever more.
Mich.e.l.le needs to be quarantined until her seductive status stabilises back to normal. I am leaving that to Jackie for now.
If it’s Jackie’s love, they will have their happy ending.
So I hope they will both do their best to work to their happy ending.

In any cases, all the imminent dangers have been taken care of.
Anything that would disturb me and Angelica’s lovey-dovey school life is gone.

It’s probably problemtic from the game’s perspective, it is a happy for me.
I can now leisurely enjoy this school love comedy.
……But I can’t erase this bad feeling I have.

Because there’s still that personality problem with Mich.e.l.le?
Of course, I can’t keep her secluded forever. Yet, I can’t bring her back to school now.
Taking care of that property (nature?) is an urgent problem, but that’s not why I am feeling this anxious.

It might be because of what Erius said……
That I am a bug.
Indeed, I was acting unlike the set scenario, so in that sense I was an existence that was out of this game world’s laws.
Since now ‘Jackie END’ is set in stone, the game’s influence should end, that my existence should be realigned to the laws of this world again.
So everything should be fine now……

Just one month later, all the students will be going back home for Christmas.
Since the Christmas vacation here is two months long, I should be able to take care of Mich.e.l.le during that time……
Then I better start preparing now.
If I do it right, Mich.e.l.le should be taken care of in a flash.

So, I am planning to solidify our friendship by going to a vacation home in the mountains, to play in the snow and make memories.

In these two months, I was influenced by so many people. After I desperately took care of these problems, I managed to get a peaceful school life in my hands. So, I want to spend the time a little leisurely for a bit.
At least for a year…… yeah?

No, I desperately hope for it. (Is this a flag? orz)

The next few chapters will be side chapters, then I will upload the Christmas chapters.
For now, I’ll this as complete, and will change the status to ongoing when I start writing this again.

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