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I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 19

Chapter 19: b.i.t.c.h’s story is amazing!

Mich.e.l.le’s story was rather shocking.

“So, it’s a structure where you can realise a maiden’s delusions!”

It must have been tough to explain the system and content of otome game. To explain the machine, or the meaning of the game, she was using a lot of metaphors……
We spent a lot of time on just listening to her explanation on the game and now we finally arrived on the important topic of the current situation.

Although Mich.e.l.le was explaining things so desperately, but sorry for her Louis did not seem to get most of the story. How about…… Daniel?
It’s strange how I think that Daniel can understand just from the reason.

From Mich.e.l.le’s story, I learned that her personality is the high school girl that was nearby when I died in the accident. The girl who was dissing Angelica.

As I died on the spot, I instantly reincarnated as Kyle, but Mich.e.l.le was hanging between life and death for a month.
Then, she saw some dreams where she was playing this game.
Recently, she felt that the dreams were feeling rather realistic, and before she realised it the game became the reality.
So she said she is still in deep confusion.
Also, since we do not know what happened to the other girl, there may be more reincarnators.
Actually, I remember that there were quite a bit of people, since it was the morning rush hour.
I can’t fathom how many people died from that accident, and how many reincarnated in this world.
I believe that’s also why Mich.e.l.le thought we were reincarnators.

Now, about the current situation……

First, that game had three different versions. Two console versions and a PC version. All three of them are for all ages, but it seems that there were three additional contents for the PC versions.
All additional content was rated R-18.

One added H-CG sets and additional scenarios, the complementary edition.
One is for the fujoshi people, where the love interests couple up together as a result of the player character’s actions, the BL edition.
One is where the player character is either the bespectacled b.a.s.t.a.r.d or Kyle, where the objective is to conquer the heroines or rivals, the Casanova edition.

Some incredible additional content.
As my little sister played on console, I didn’t even know such things existed.
Mich.e.l.le too apparently did not play those herself, and just heard from her friend ‘yacchan’. However, since she talked about it a lot, she knew the large flow quite well.
However, she does not know all the details, so she has to make second-hand guesses with the current situation.
As a side note, yacchan or whoever apparently played all the editions and routes.

And, about the troubling situation now.
Seeing how the events unfolded, it probably is the BL edition or the Casanova edition currently happening.
That thing at the dining hall must have been a scripted event.
If we chose to ‘join up and talk’, then apparently Brad would have looked at someone among us like a predator.
Scary stuff?

“What do you mean? Someone among us…… does that include men……?”
“Since Brad was a character where ‘the gla.s.ses intensified his brustishness’ in the game……”

Louis cringed in agony. Mich.e.l.le’s reply was also somewhat weird.
That sounds as if the gla.s.ses are the main body, you know?
Though I think that, I don’t retort, no, I won’t retort.
I’m not easily scared, just, gays scare me. In my previous life, I received a trauma.
No wonder I wanted to hide my behind when I felt Brad’s gaze……

And about Mich.e.l.le herself.
She feels that she is going toward Henry route. The bespectacled b.a.s.t.a.r.d is also targeting her, but it’s confusing since his objective is uncertain.

Feeling endangered, she was agonising over her future actions, and when she saw our reactions at the dining hall, she thought of the possibility that we too were reincarnators.
She decided to talk to us believing that we too felt the same danger.
She felt that it would be best to gain our cooperation quickly, so she came for us even though it was late.

Nevertheless…… it’s a scary story.
Mich.e.l.le did not think anything much when it was game, but when she reincarnated, she was shocked at what a b.i.t.c.h she was, as well as how she was moving towards a checkmate.
Feeling that is would be reincarnation → end at this rate, she was doing anything she can to make up for it, so she wanted our cooperation.

I can sympathise with her. I’m sure I would have gone mad if I reincarnated as b.i.t.c.h.

As I received too much information for my brain to process, we decided to gather again the day after tomorrow at my room at the same time and concluded for the day.
I also advised Mich.e.l.le to rest for two days, and also to refuse any visits.

“Louis, today’s story, could you understand it?”
“No, I could not grasp most of what she said…… How about you?”
“……I also could not………… Shall we talk again tomorrow night?”
“Indeed. I need some time reorganise my thoughts.”

After I sent Daniel to see Mich.e.l.le off, Louis and I discussed tomorrow’s schedule.

“More importantly…… there is a bigger problem, Kyle.”
“How will we we explain this? I can only a future where there are misunderstandings……”
“……So do I…”

We were worrying over how we should break the news to Angelica and Jessica……

The next day, after breakfast, we went to Angelica and Jessica and told the story truthfully, and that we are planning a second meeting the day after.
She almost cried.
I think I should die now……

Louis and I furtively made eye contact and took the ladies out to the garden, distancing ourselves just enough to be able to see each other but not hear each other.
We were very desperate, you know?

“Angelica, my heart is always with you. The reason why I’m doing something I don’t want to do is to protect you from danger, however small it may be, you see?”

I grabbed her hand and placed my forehead on it.
I tried to convince her so frantically that I did not use the usual ‘I’. (TN: here he uses ore, while he usually uses watashi to Angelica.)
I was so panicked that I even forgot to use the usual embellishments and rambled on.


My feelings got across, I think. I heard Angelica’s cute voice softly calling my name, so I looked up.
There, Angelica was blushing and smiling.

“I understand…… I…… I trust Kyle-sama!”

The G.o.ddess forgave me.

Nothing is scary anymore!

All the cards are finally here, or something?
That was long.

Things escalate from here on. Not much sugar until a while later. Which is why I might decide to translate a new series (romance) to ensure a steady supply of sweetness.

Also, a quick question: out of Hughie, Huey and Hewie, which is most common/natural for you?

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