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Chapter 10: As I thought, b.i.t.c.h’s upbringing is weird.

Author: Time for explanations.

Like always, I rendezvoused with Louis at my office. In addition, he helped with work!
It’s not as if I couldn’t do the work by myself, but since Louis is such a superb worker, I made quite the progress.

“Sorry, Louis…… You really saved me there.”

Calling him to discuss out plans, and then asking him to help with work…… I do think badly of this.
……I, it’s not like as if I left work, you know? New work just arrived, you know!?
I really do think badly of this!

“It’s alright. I’m actually surprised that you took care of all this work by yourself until now……”

But my kind future brother-in-law, like the easy and composed man he is, accepted my apology leisurely.
So I got excited.

“If you think so, could you come every time?”
“If our plan this time works out well, I can help every day.”

I was joking, but he gladly accepted.
The scheming yet kind future brother-in-law really does seem like he is going to help out.
Then, I really have to make the plan work!

After we finished work, we first discussed the current situation before we made our final decision.
First is the trend in their movements……

Sure enough, a wonderful reverse-harem had formed with b.i.t.c.h at the centre.
Without worrying about how others think, they were seen chatting and giggling flirtatiously at the courtyards. Also, the six of them, even in public, were giving gifts while kneeling down to draw b.i.t.c.h’s attention.
What was worse, when there was almost a fight over b.i.t.c.h, it was reported that one could hear the legendary ‘Stop! Don’t fight over me!’…… When I heard that, even I head a headache……

Amongst the six of them, the foreigners Henry and Jackie are not related to me so I don’t mind what they do. However, it’s problematic for the other four, you see?

First, the teacher!
Don’t lay your hands on a student so shamelessly! Does he not know the dignity of a school that even royalty attend?
Before he creates trouble, he should either fix his mentality or leave the school……
But this is ‘school.’ It’s not a place an imperial prince should abuse his power.
In addition, this place is different from modern j.a.pan. There is no taboo on ‘teacher-student relationships’ here. The family and the stability of the House is more prioritised here.
As long as one keeps the minimal rules, some degree of free romance is allowed.
……For him, I’ll continue to observe him, and then I’ll ask the school to do something about him……

Next, Hughie!
I’m pretty I told him already? If he wants to have a relationship, take care of the problem with his fiancée already. Don’t just go flirt with b.i.t.c.h!
I hear that his fiancée is crying every day. No surprise there. She is getting mocked as an ‘older woman who lost her fiancé to a younger girl’.
It has only been two weeks since school started again. She probably isn’t coping with this fast turn of events.
I’ll have to take care of him sometime. If he doesn’t change even then, I’ll have to find her a new happiness.

And then, Douglas……
Um, whatchamacallit, you’re just being taken advantage of your wound…… Don’t you think you look pitiful when you’re with b.i.t.c.h? I didn’t think that you were satisfied just being a sideline character?
Do you not realise how others see you……?
Or have even lost sight of your surroundings?

Finally, Robert……
………Um, ah…, I can’t help you. You’re an idiot anyways……
You don’t deserve Jessica. Robert’s parents probably wanted her to support him, but his level of idiocy far exceeds the level a sixteen-year-old girl could possibly tolerate.
There’s no girl who would be able to put up with that much neglect.
Additionally…… Louis has already encircled Jessica. The moment the betrothal is broken, the Jessica will be conquered by Louis.

However, the strange thing is, that the reverse-harem formed quicker than in the game.
Douglas was notorious for being such a difficult character to conquer. Yet when conquered, he was so tsundere that his popularity entered the top 3 in the game polls.
Hughie and Henry too took a long time……

……Could it be that…… I am the cause of this?
Because I treated b.i.t.c.h coldly, did everyone go full ‘poor b.i.t.c.h’, or that the b.i.t.c.h went ‘the more rejected I am, the more pa.s.sionate I get’?

……………Nope, I’m just imagining things!
I don’t have anything to do with it!!

“I’m worried about them, but what about the investigation into her?”

While thinking useless stuff, Louis asked about b.i.t.c.h.
That’s right. I need to properly tell him about that.
I need his opinion as the future advisor.
Thus, I promptly laid out the information I got from Daniel.

b.i.t.c.h was born between the baron and a maid. As the b.a.s.t.a.r.d child she is, there was no way that the lawful wife would the child, so the baron had been hiding her at a villa in the countryside far away from the capital.
For some reason, b.i.t.c.h was always quite popular with men, and by the age of ten there were many problems surrounding her regarding men. As the years went by, the problems intensified, yet she did not have many malice (I think this is strange!), so there were many who tried to confess to her yet did not do so.
However, when b.i.t.c.h turned fifteen, a big problem occurred.
The second son of the baron (who was at that time twelve years old) visited the villa to recuperate from a disease.
Of course, he fell in love with her. Then the eldest son (fourteen years old) visited his little brother, and fell in love with b.i.t.c.h.
……Ultimately, brothers fought each other over their own half-sister.

Thinking that this was problematic, he planned to enrol b.i.t.c.h to school to find a husband.
He quickly called her over (while the two brothers spent their time until b.i.t.c.h enrolled in school at the villa) and gave her the minimum education (which is still very lacking) and sent her away to school.
He probably knew that then the boys will flock to her, but he probably didn’t expect n.o.bles to abandon their fiancées and fall madly in love with b.i.t.c.h.

“This kind of bomb, I really wish he would have taken care of it himself… Well, it might me good for me though.”
“Truly…… won’t the n.o.bles from the neighbouring country take her away?”
“……Indeed, I almost want to plead them to.”

We lock our eyes, and sigh heavily.

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