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Chapter 972: The First Band of Disciples

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Yun Yang abolished thoughts of the white-robed disciples, black-gowned disciples, blue-dressed disciples, and whatever complicated system that Little Fatty had set prior to this with a frown and without further interest.

The solution Little Fatty had come up with had been drafted with reference to the traditional rules of various sects and schools, taking what he thought was useful and adding his personal touch to them. If Yun Yang had followed his arrangements fully, the emulation could have gone terribly wrong.

Instead, Yun Yang decided to respond directly to the current situation and figure out the rest later. The Residence of Nine Supremes was starting out fresh anyway. It was unnecessary to intentionally copy the Bound of Universe's orthodox practices.

"The Residence of Nine Supremes will only take in prefatory disciples for now. All shall wear white and qualified ones will be selected among them to prepare for the Celestial Luck Banner contest. The rankings will temporarily be divided by age. After the contest, the standing shall be graded according to combat force and contribution. The strongest in cultivation base with outstanding combat achievements shall be the Residence of Nine Supremes' current eldest senior brother."

The rules were simple.

"Afterwards, when they become the Nine Supremes' internal disciples, their masters will reset and rearrange their levels."

"Relevant clothing and miscellaneous items will also be decided together in the future."

"The current priority is to increase everyone's cultivation base and combat force to tackle the upcoming flag challenge. Everything else should give way to this."

As the notice was announced, all the children in the mountains of the Residence of Nine Supremes were enlivened. It was apparent to these children that the announcement was their opportunity to gain success. The commanding master was finally recruiting them into the sect! The selection to enter the banner contest was their chance to officially enter the school!

Under the managing members' orders, the children walked out in orderly rows. Each of them puffed out their chests and stood straight as a ramrod. Their little faces were washed clean; they looked bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. All of them were waiting for the selection, keeping their fingers crossed hoping that they would be chosen.

Dong Qitian's divine senses engulfed the entire Residence of Nine Supremes instantly, as if it came directly from the heavens, enveloping all the children within his consciousness. The atmosphere felt daunting and solemn.

Approximate three thousand children felt their hearts skip a beat, anxiousness uniformly written across their faces.

'It begins now.'

'Will I… be selected?'

Dong Qitian's deific consciousness escalated like never before. All the children's states were shown before him without any chance of disguise. Looking at the nervous faces, Dong Qitian actually felt an impulsive need to laugh.

The a.s.sembly, the rows of lined up, were mere formalities. Even if these young souls were to all sleep in their rooms, Dong Qitian could pick them out accurately, eliminating the weak and keeping the crème of the crop.

Exaggerating the occasion was simply taking the sect's future into consideration, thus intentionally creating a formal and solemn grandeur. If one were to be honest, it was rather self-deceiving.

Dong Qitian looked over each row, first observing their spirits and energy. The children fared well here, every one possessing a soaring sense of zest and some form of fierceness. It was this fierceness that surprised and moved him.

"These children are fine. The energy and spirit that they show have already fulfilled my fundamental request. Very outstanding…" Dong Qitian murmured as he began to pick children who were relatively more gifted and closer to breaking through the chakra's restraint.

Scanning the little bodies, it was bewildering to see that there were more than a hundred of them who matched his criteria.

"There are so many! How can this be?"

Dong Qitian was shocked by his finding and observed the children again carefully. Not only was it proven to be true, but it also gave rise to a sense of reluctance; he was unwilling to eliminate any of these children. He had conducted the selection with the Ultimate Heaven Sect's standard of choosing disciples, yet there were not many whom he could disqualify. What was happening?

Almost everyone from the first six groups of children was qualified. Each of them was like a piece of pure gold or jade waiting to be molded or sculpted into a magnificent art piece!

"I have to be firm, no matter how reluctant I am. We can only pick the best out of the best."

Following Yun Yang's conditions, Dong Qitian ignored the irrelevant thoughts that were running through his head and tightened his selection criteria, picking the best ninety-nine people. This was the headcount Yun Yang had stated from the very beginning.

In spite of it, this double-digit that was just shy of one hundred caused Dong Qitian, who was usually quick to decide, to experience a dilemma.

After some difficulties, he finally decided on the ninety-nine people. With a flash of crimson, ninety-nine children drifted into the air from their respective groups and silently hovered outwards, landing on the big square outside.

"The selection is complete."

The remaining two thousand children pressed their lips together tightly once they heard the four words. Tears glistened in their red-rimmed eyes. They stood resiliently, however, staring at the sect's higher authorities who stood at a higher spot; their gazes were pleading.

'We've been eliminated? Just like this?'

'We refuse to be resigned to it!'

'We refuse!'

"The Residence of Nine Supremes' first selection ends here today!" Yun Yang's voice came about slowly.

"The second selection will commence a month later. Each selection will only recruit ninety-nine people."

"Children, I see your effort and hard work. I remember them. This selection does not mean that you're weaker than the chosen ones. The places are limited. I hope you work harder and fight to enter the Residence of Nine Supremes in the next selection!"

The children were slightly relaxed after hearing what Yun Yang said, but they were far from being relieved. These young souls who came from the lowest level in society were very resilient, clever and hardworking, but at the same time, they were unusually sensitive. They knew that the leader was only trying to comfort them.

The ninety-nine people who were chosen this time must be the crème of the crop, the best of the best. They must be stronger, perhaps a lot stronger. The remaining children were certain that the chosen ones must be better than them in some aspect or other.

Then, what they had to do after this was to cultivate more diligently, work harder and pay more attention, in order to achieve enlightenment.

'Next time, I'll be the chosen one!'

On the other side, Shi Wuchen's voice was exceptionally solemn as he faced the ninety-nine children selected.

"All of you stand out from the crowd, but it's not something to be proud and arrogant about. You're only the Residence of Nine Supremes' first band of disciples, temporarily chosen. After Supreme Cloud, the fittest and the best survives. If you don't work harder and get caught up by your junior brothers, your places will be replaced by them. Continuous replacement will mean a removal of your disciple qualification and you'll be chased out of the school. I do not wish to see something like this happen to any one of you."

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