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Yu Chengtian.

Yun Yang felt only grief when he read the words.

It was his big brother's name, Supreme Earth's name.

Since he knew that the eldest prince was Supreme Earth, he knew the name Yu Chengtian. Now, however, when he saw Supreme Earth addressing himself as Yu Chengtian, he still felt an endless wave of despair...

The shock that Supreme Earth's letter had brought to Yun Yang was unprecedentedly large.

Prior to this, he had always thought that his survival was the result of a snap decision by his brothers during that pressing moment. He had never thought that it had been no coincidence that he was able to sidestep the fate of death, that it was an escape route long prepared by his brothers!

This meant that whatever ill fate or emergency they faced, whatever disadvantageous situation they were in if there must be one who could survive through it all, that person had to be Yun Yang!

It was never going to be anyone else from the other eight people.

They had long placed the hope of survival solely on Yun Yang!

A spontaneous decision and a long planned-out decision were two very different feelings.

Yun Yang's shaking hands flew up to cover his eyes. Tears gushed and poured through his fingers; whoever said that a man should not cry easily could only do so because the man had yet to reach his saddest moment!

The Nine Supremes were always on dangerous missions all year long, facing death at almost every moment as they hopped between the line of life and death. Even with nonpareil mystical skill, how could they possibly have emerged unscathed?

Ultimately, the Nine Supremes themselves were still physical flesh and blood. If they encountered fatal threats, they would get hurt and die like any other man. In spite of this, his elder brothers had actually made such a decision a long time ago - when they faced the most extreme risk of death where there was no way out, they would give up on saving themselves and contribute their all to make sure their youngest little brother stayed safe.

How could words ever describe such kinship?

"Why are you all doing this to me? Why?"

Yun Yang cried out in pain, "Do you know what your sacrifices mean to me?"

In front of him, there seemed to be eight masked men standing quietly as they looked at him. Each of their gazes brimmed with smiles that were oozing with doting and tenderness, like a group of big brothers watching their little brother whom they had used their all to protect.

Yun Yang sat on Supreme Earth's chair in a daze, gazing at the stack of letters before him dumbly. His vision had long lost its focus. After a long, long time, he slumped on the seat like his bones were sucked away, pliant as mud.

"My weak moments shall only belong here and now. It shall never be seen by others again. If you brothers are still here, laugh all you want, if you want too. You won't have another chance!"

Yun Yang smiled, his grin tearful. "After I go out from here, I will go straight to the Four Seasons Tower's headquarters. Then, I'd go on a journey of martial arts. Just wait for the day I can achieve the legendary state…"

He gritted his teeth and said with a smile, "I'll find all of you one by one and settle this with each of you. I don't know if all of you believe it, but I'm confident. I believe that I'd definitely be able to fulfill this promise!"

"All of you won't be my opponent by then anyway - you'd be up to my judgment!"

Far away, eight pairs of eyes watched him. They were still filled with smiles, not at all bothered by the provocation.

"Okay, okay. I'm going to practice now. That's what matters now…" Yun Yang mumbled, "Don't look at me anymore, all of you. I feel very perturbed. Go on, go. Wait for me. I will go and find you!"

Yun Yang shut his eyes. What he held now was Supreme Earth's Earth Release Charm, Supreme Gold's Gold Rune, and Supreme Wood's Sacred Wood Spell. There was also Supreme Water's cultivation method he had obtained previously… All nine cultivation methods of the Nine Supremes were finally gathered in the hand of a single man for the first time ever.

The pithy cultivation formula and method of all nine mystical arts filled Yun Yang's mind.

Until today, Yun Yang's cloud cultivation had reached the sixth stage while his wind and flame arts had achieved similar states as well. Thunder was at the fifth stage, blood was the fourth while water was the fifth. As for Gold, Wood, and Earth, they were at the first stage; after all, he had only just learned them, thus the limited progress.

Although his third brother Supreme Wood suggested that he forgo Nine Supremes' wood-attributed Sacred Wood Spell and turn to the more magical Craft of Life, Yun Yang had opted to cultivate the Sacred Wood Spell obediently after some pondering.

After all, no matter how miraculous the Craft of Life was, it did not come with the Nine Supremes' packaged mystical arts. What he needed currently was for the Nine Supremes to become one.

Now that all nine cultivation methods were within his grasp, it meant that Yun Yang could cultivate all nine arts. However, he dared not be too optimistic. After all, he had tried to simultaneously cultivate all six cultivation methods of Wind, Cloud, Water, Flame, Thunder, and Blood previously, with pitiful results.

The cloud manifestation was shapeless, so it had been twice the result with half the effort when he cultivated the Mystique Wind Conjuration with the cloud manifestation, yielding a surge of wind and cloud. However, when he added the third cultivation method to the mix, not only was the effect lackl.u.s.ter, it reduced the power greatly. Yun Yang's attempts made him realize that cultivating three cultivation methods at the same time would hinder each other, despite achieving certain progress.

For example, Water and Flame extinguished each other, Blood stained Cloud, Wind and Thunder could hardly merge, so on and so forth. It became clear that cultivating a singular art became, instead, faster. Due to this factor, Yun Yang's six cultivation methods all had contrasting progress.

Now that he had acquired all of the Nine Supremes' mystical arts, Yun Yang dared not cultivate them all at the same time. He tested the water first with the Sacred Wood Spell, which seemed to be the mildest. He had just drawn his Qi and cycled through it briefly, yet he unexpectedly discovered that all nine mystical powers within his meridians had suddenly flowed at an unusually aggressive speed!

Whether it was his cloud manifestation with a high cultivation base or the recently acquired beginner level Earth Release Charm, all nine mystical arts were operating within him in a bizarrely swift motion.

Pract.i.tioners of cultivation method, whether they practiced the eight extraordinary meridians, twelve princ.i.p.al meridians, or even three meridians and seven circulations, it was a plethora of selection with each their own specialty. For one to cultivate two methods or more, there was a huge chance that two circulation routes would be present and intersect or even overlap each other. There was even the possibility of them clashing. Unless it was an incredibly unique cultivation method, there could hardly be the situation of two or above cultivation methods being circulated simultaneously, let alone smoothly. This was the principle behind Yun Yang's extremely slow progress of many concurrently cultivated arts that could not compare to cultivating them individually.

As when Yun Yang had grasped all nine cultivation methods at the same time, it meant that nine circulation routes had to be worked on at once. Logically, it was absolutely a mistake to cultivate them all in parallel. Not only would a minute result be seen from double the effort, forcing it would only be futile and could even trigger a backlash that could damage oneself severely.

Right at this moment, after these nine types of powers that were never intentionally led had converged, it was like they were nine brothers who shared the same root and source. As long as one of them moved, the rest would move, following suit!

A loud cry boomed vaguely in Yun Yang's mind before his dantian became unstoppable, like a market that had just opened to the flood of a bustling crowd.

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