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The Four Seasons Tower's strategy was brutally effective. The a.s.sa.s.sins suffered a great loss and their number of casualties was continuously rising. Although such a situation would not affect the final result of the battle as the a.s.sa.s.sins' victory was definite, the Concourse of the Underworld was actually the happiest to see it happen.

When too many a.s.sa.s.sins who came from all over the place to join the battle in the name of the dictum perished, The Merciless Tower and Hall of Crimson Blade would lose credibility; their dream of triumphing over the a.s.sa.s.sination world would then become a popped bubble. Even when the Four Seasons Tower's experts were all exterminated in this battle, The Merciless Tower and Hall of Crimson Blade would have to pay a substantial price for it - that was, even without taking the Four Seasons Tower's subsequent revenge into account.

Therefore, it was reasonable and somewhat expected for the Concourse of the Underworld to back out at this moment. It was understandable!

Coming to think of it now, Hen Bieli felt his resentment fade. He reached a swift conclusion; he had to wipe out the Four Seasons Tower's experts as soon as possible. That meant that he had to use his hidden trump card. If he were to postpone it, a sweeping defeat could happen on this very night!

Hen Bielie howled. A blood-red firework rose to the air with a flick of his wrist. At the same time the crimson firework was released, Hen Bieli and Hong Zhan felt their hearts bleeding. The force that beckoned was the last of The Merciless Tower and Hall of Crimson Blade's hidden powers, newly recruited ace killers included.

This was truly their last card.

Initially, Hen Bieli and Hong Zhan had thought that their manpower and combined combat power outrivaled that of the Four Seasons Tower. In addition to the a.s.sistance of a veteran organization like the Concourse of the Underworld, their last card was only for security purposes, a hidden card. However, not only was the Four Seasons Tower's combat power surprisingly high, their strategy was deliberate and well planned, causing unexpectedly high casualties for the a.s.sa.s.sins. Furthermore, the Concourse of the Underworld had promptly pulled out.

The situation was at its worst. If it were to be prolonged, the a.s.sa.s.sins who flocked from all over the place might be broken down first. The battle could only be ended as soon as possible by summoning for these people whom they had reserved. However, the a.s.sa.s.sin heads felt their heart ache for their losses of this battle.

Following a command, countless saber and sword lights, as well as various beams of light, shone in the night sky. Countless grey-clothed killers appeared, but what they did was mystical and bizarre; it was almost illusory. As a loud bang resounded and smog filled the sky, these sudden presences vanished amidst the fog.

In spite of this, the murderous intent that lingered in the sky instantly intensified. From then on, the Four Seasons Tower's experts began suffering from heavy casualties.

The force that the two top a.s.sa.s.sin organizations summoned was not high in quant.i.ty, but the quality was shockingly high. Purely based on their combat power, almost every one of them had the capability to establish a school or sect in the martial world!

Once these people took action, the last of the Four Seasons Tower's forces were immediately tackled at once. It was only a moment before injuries and deaths took over.

Hen Bieli did not hold back, wielding his sword while dressed in black. He spun like the wind; sprinting left and right, his eyes gleaming as he rushed to wipe out the remaining strength of the tower. Hong Zhan gave his best as well. Both men complemented each other as they cooperated to launch the ma.s.sacre.

Yun Yang, who was observing in the dark, could not help frowning when he saw this.

It was certain that the Four Seasons Tower would lose, based on the current situation. Snow, Frost, and Sword did not even have the opportunity to break free. Once this went on for any longer, the equilibrium balancing both sides would be entirely lost. The three of them would die in this battle for sure.

In fact, the three of them were looking the worse for wear. Venerable Lord Snow's white robe was stained with blood while Venerable Lord Sword had a piece of his scalp shaved off; only Venerable Lord Frost maintained his stature.

Yun Yang looked up at the wraith which was not too far away before withdrawing his gaze.

Several cries could be heard at the same time, a handful of the Four Seasons Tower's experts had died. This round, only three men from the a.s.sa.s.sins had been injured severely. After a while, a series of shouts rang out again; Hen Bieli and Hong Zhan had wiped out the Four Seasons Tower's other four experts besides the three Venerable Lords in an aggressive attack at the north and south.

Subsequently, the Four Seasons Tower was left with Snow, Frost, and Sword.

More than a hundred killers appeared then. Chilling gazes were trained on the three staggering forms.

The battle had finally come to its end!

Still, there were more than a thousand and five hundred known a.s.sa.s.sins who would lay here for eternity. It was undoubtedly a huge number! Yet, the high toll was only in exchange for less than two hunded lives from the Four Seasons Tower!

Despite winning the battle, the a.s.sa.s.sins had still suffered a great loss!

Hen Bieli waved. Those from the a.s.sa.s.sin's side stopped their attack. His hawk-like eyes bored into Venerable Lord Snow as he said, "Venerable Lord Snow, this battle has come to an end. However, there is still something I don't understand. If I don't find this out, I'd feel wrong. I wonder if Venerable Lord Snow could enlighten me at this final juncture?"

Venerable Lord Snow coughed and laughed dryly, saying, "Something you don't understand? Feel wronged? Great! I was resenting the fact that I'm not capable enough to kill you and have to die with a grudge, but if I can be buried alongside this query of yours and let you be in doubt for the rest of your life, it wouldn't be so bad after all!"

Venerable Lord Sword and Frost chortled simultaneously, not at all worried about their current peril.

Hen Bieli's gaze grew colder and sharper as he said faintly, "It looks like the three Venerable Lords aren't going to answer me."

"Answer you? Who are you, to compel me to answer?" Venerable Lord Sword spat with disdain as he lifted the chin.

Hen Bieli nodded slowly, his killing intent soaring; he spoke with emphasis on each word, "Very well then."

"Kill them!" He waved his hand.

All the a.s.sa.s.sins moved together. The endless, murderous, intent engulfed the three Venerable Lords like a tidal wave.

A shrill cry tore through the air then, as a low voice spoke, "Here!"

At the same time, the entire house exploded with extremely strong light, as if a sun had fallen into the yard.

It was a killer's habit to be in the dark; it gave them a sense of security. Now that they were under such an intense beam, they were blinded, even though their eyes were open. They were high strung and alert, instinctively shutting their eyes. Their weapons were wielded in a way that nothing could go through to them, their priority was only to safeguard themselves.

Snow, Frost, and Sword reacted swiftly, embracing this twist of events and bolted away.

In the dark, an illusory silhouette appeared high in the sky. The person's arms were raised, the noise it generated while cutting through the air was a constant whine in everyone's ears… It was like a countless expert had struck at the same time. Countless secret weapons formed an almost concrete wall behind the three Venerable Lords.

"Don't let the Four Seasons Tower's remaining pests run free!"

Hen Bieli was a veteran and also the quickest to react. He knew that if the three Venerable Lords could withdraw safely, the consequences would be endless. With a loud growl, he was about to pursue them. Unexpectedly, an eerie laughter broke out in the sky.

"Who is the remaining pest?"

Before the words echoed in the air, a tyrannical force came charging in.

Hen Bieli was still in a pitiful state where his eyes were still tearing up due to the intense light. To pursue the Venerable Lords was out of the question; now that he was ambushed, he could only instinctively wave his sword towards where the wind was coming from,

A clear collision could be heard, but it was not known what Hen Bieli's sword had knocked against. Only thick fog billowed. No one could see anything with the thick fog enveloping the surroundings after the brilliant beam.

Until the fog dissipated, there were only stars and moon in the sky as well as blood and limbs on the ground when the a.s.sa.s.sins looked over. The Four Seasons Tower's three Venerable Lords were gone without a trace! To add salt to the wound, no one knew who had saved them!

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