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"Ayaya… Ayaya…" Emmie was even more ecstatic upon hearing Yun Yang's words. It danced in joyful glee. It seemed that Emmie was incredibly confident of the twelve bonsai that lay before it.

Yun Yang understood Emmie's long-winded story and understood that while these plants were precious and rare in themselves, they were not effective if they were consumed directly; their value lied within their fruits, so no one would spoil the bonsai for no reason.

"These twelve plants set in this combination is called the Twelve Zodiac Fruit Bonsai. Do you know the origin?" Yun Yang asked Emmie, but this time, Emmie was clueless. It expressed a sense of confusion; as long as it knew that it was a marvel and how to use it, why was Yun Yang asking so many things?

Even as Yun Yang was struck speechless at Emmie's reasonable thoughts, he shifted his focus to the twelve herbs and saw twelve different animals from the bonsai's aura.

"Hmm, dragon, tiger… snake? Rabbit? Goat, cow, pig… Is this... a mouse? Is this… a rooster? This is a horse for sure. Hmm, this is a monkey…"

Yun Yang frowned. "What a terrible mess. I've always heard people saying that tr.i.m.m.i.n.g and changing the state of a plant damages them greatly. I see that third brother was very limited with his love - what a prank! Fine with dragon or tiger, what's up with the pig, dog, and mouse…"

Without pausing, he waved his hand, instantly bringing everything into Emmie's s.p.a.ce.

"Ultimately, how many times can they bear fruit?" asked Yun Yang.

"Ayaya…" Emmie noted that another magical aspect of these plants was that they could reproduce limitlessly, time and again, without end. Yun Yang did not use any Sacred Wood Spell or Craft of Life either. Emmie could handle it all by itself without Yun Yang's extra effort.

"How many times can you make them bear fruits in a single year?" Yun Yang's interest was piqued as he asked in excitement.

After all, a hundred and twenty years of mystical Qi could be added with one consumption of twelve fruits. It was a dream come true! If he could obtain three sets of them within a year, that would equal to three hundred and sixty years of refined mystical Qi cultivation base!

What If he dreamed bigger and had thirty sets per year? Would that not be three thousand and six hundred years of cultivation base? It was not a crime to think about it - what if it could come true!

Unfortunately, Emmie's answer poured a bucket of ice water on Yun Yang.

"These plants… they can only bear two rounds of fruits every year now. This is already under the premise that Emmie depletes a ma.s.sive amount of air of vitality. Any more and it'd be going overboard. It would hurt the plant's base."

"If you want more, you'll have to wait another twelve years."

"Twice a year isn't few at all!"

Yun Yang calculated in his mind. 'Harvesting twice a year will supply me seven hundred and twenty years of cultivation base… that's no small number at all. I can give this to anyone… anyone except Lingxi!"

Yun Yang chuckled to himself. It was not that he was selfish, it was relevant to a man's pride. In addition, Ji Lingxi was already advancing like she was cheating; if he were to give her this… Yun Yang would probably fail to catch up to her in this lifetime.

How would they then remove the red light seal?

Yun Yang, who was immersed in the thought of enhancing his cultivation base had obviously overlooked the fact that such treasured resources would usually only provide the best effect when consumed the first time under normal circ.u.mstances. Taking it repet.i.tively afterward would see a reduction in effect, although the effect of the fruits cultivated mindfully by Emmie in its s.p.a.ce would not be as simple as adding a hundred and twenty years of cultivation base.

Furthermore, Yun Yang was not lacking the strength of treasured resources now. Instead, the potent medicinal strength stored within him was overbearing, so much so that he would not be able to digest it even when he cultivated for a long, long time. A mere hundred and twenty years of mystical Qi? How insignificant!

"Third brother, wait for me. When I see you, the first thing I tell you will be…" Yun Yang chuckled evilly. "Third brother, I've refined the twelve bonsai into pills… I'd like to see how you, a gentle and honest man, will react!"

The psychological journey of this trip was a rollercoaster ride while the complicated emotions it brought was inexplicable. Relatively, however, relief made up a large part of his feelings.

It was finally certain that a few among the brothers did not actually die while Yun Yang's fifth and eighth sisters-in-law were well alive.

This was no doubt, great news.

Moreover, even if there were brothers who pa.s.sed away, Yun Yang could resurrect them in the future!

This was Yun Yang's new goal, a goal he would work towards throughout this lifetime!

"Others can do it, why can't I?"

"One day, we brothers will meet again under the starry sky!"

With such ambitions in his head, Yun Yang opened another door, the door that belonged to his second elder brother, Supreme Gold.

This room's style was truly no different from Yun Yang's second brother who was a man of few words. It was empty, containing only a table and chair that one would not miss even at a quick glance. There was also a letter on the table. Otherwise, the room was practically empty.

"I don't know which brother will read this letter, but whoever you are, I want to tell you - I want to go on living very much, continue living with all of you."

"If I had to die, I hope I die before all my brothers. While I'm still alive, no one can lay a finger on my brothers!"

Yun Yang felt a pinch on his nose as he read the first two lines of the letter.

This was his second elder brother! His second brother who had rushed to the vanguard during each battle!

He was always icy, always in his black robes, always wearing his black mask, always standing tall and straight like a spear; whatever it was, he would always stand in front of his brothers and bolt to the frontline of battle, facing everything head-on.

He was not cold, nor was he impulsive. He merely afraid that he was not quick enough to stop someone from hurting his brothers should he not stand at the very front of the army.

Faced with an unpredictable opponent, the first one to rush forward and test the waters was always Supreme Gold.

"My family name is Gu, my name is Gu Jiu. I don't understand the meaning of my name. In this world, I don't have any relatives, neither do I have any unfulfilled wishes."

"I only hope that whoever brother who reads this letter can live long and well."

"Live a wonderful life for me as well, brother."

Supreme Gold's will was short and simple. That was all there was to it.

Yun Yang, who had finished reading his letter, felt the long-absent sense of pa.s.sion rushing through him. The unstoppable cutting air felt as if Supreme Gold was standing in front of him.

Even when it was his death being talked about, he was still sharp as always, going forward fearlessly.

Below the letter was Supreme Earth's cultivation method, Earth Release Charm. Looking at the Earth Release Charm, Yun Yang did not extend his arm, remaining dazed for some time.

"Big brother, I can finally go to your room. Still, do you know how much I've gone through to get here?"

Yun Yang lamented bitterly, feeling a surge of emotions within him.

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