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Yun Yang continued to pursue the topic and asked, “You do realize that this is your best chance at a long and fulfilling life, right?.”

Breathing in deeply, Li Changqiu took a long, hard look at the sky. Seeing things in the air that no one else could, he finally returned to the matter at hand and shook his head in denial, his tone heavy with grief.”You won’t understand!”

Yun Yang replied quietly, “The Four Seasons Tower must indeed be formidable if it can stay your hand this way.”

Li Changqiu replied wryly, “The Four Seasons Tower has no rival in the known world! I believe a mere ‘formidable’ would be a gross understatement.”

“It is indeed unrivaled in this world…” Yun Yang nodded his head in agreement and said bitterly, “I’m already amazed at its ability to command such loyalty and devotion. To remain unmoved in the face of death – other than labeling it as a senior’s respectable ethics and loyalty, it is undoubtedly one of the Four Seasons Tower’s many tactics.”

Li Changqiu sighed silently. Up to this point of the conversation, Li Changqiu bore no hatred towards Yun Yang. Even if he were to accept his death from this young master’s hands, at least he was not a contemptible man.

The person who has betrayed me is the one who deserves death!

Li Changqiu’s loathing towards the person who had betrayed ran deeper than any river or ocean. The grievance and indignation he felt lay so heavily on his chest that he felt that he was about to explode!

“The man who delivered the letter to you; do you know where he is now?” Li Changqiu asked in despair.

“No, I don’t.” Yun Yang answered honestly, “We have never seen him. We don’t know who he is nor what he looks like.”

“That would certainly make sense.” Li Changqiu said irritably, “Being as careful as he is, I’m sure he wouldn’t be so careless as to leave so many hints!”

He fell silent for a long moment, deep in thought. After a long while, he finally spoke up again “Can you tell me who you all really are? Why are you all against the Four Seasons Tower?“

Yun Yang sighed deeply, his expression troubled. He glanced at Li Changqiu as if he was about to speak, but upon opening his mouth, he only said, “Sorry.”

Li Changqiu shrugged dejectedly, “Having fallen into your hands, I already lack the will to live. Furthermore, you’d never allow me to step foot out of here alive. Is it so difficult to answer a question that a man will carry to his grave? Or perhaps you’re still worried that I’ll divulge your secret?”

Yun Yang replied in guardedly, “The problem is, you may not be sentenced to death after all. Even I am unable to know your ultimate fate.”

Li Changqiu’s eyes glinted. “What do you mean?”

Yun Yang sighed, “I still have my superior to whom I report to. I can’t decide your death directly.”

Li Changqiu heaved a long sigh and spoke determinedly, “Forget everything if I die! But if I don’t, I shall never find fault with you! You may not believe me, but I swear this to be true.”

Yun Yang looked into his eyes and saw only sincerity in Li Changqiu’s gaze. He smiled bitterly and nodded. “I believe you!”

Li Changqiu said, ”Please enlighten me! I just want to know who and what organization did I end up with!”

“Truth be told,” Yun Yang gritted his teeth and said, “I’m from the Concourse of the Underworld!”

“I knew it!” Li Changqiu exhaled a long breath as if a great mystery in his heart had finally been solved. He actually felt lighter and smiled, “These were the three words that have plagued me until now! The Concourse of the Underworld works upon payment. Is there someone who wishes to go against the Four Seasons Tower? Or perhaps it’s just against me?” Li Changqiu spoke with understanding.

“I really can’t tell you this now. I have already told you too much, as it is.” Yun Yang gave a helpless smile.

“I understand!” Li Changqiu wore the same helpless grin as well. “This is being professionally ethical. I wouldn’t have disclosed anything if I were you too. Any occupation would depend on this ability to stand tall and proud, and spread its wings across the world.”

“Thank you for understanding,” Yun Yang replied.

“However, the person who supplied the information; what are you going to do about him?” It was obvious that Li Changqiu’s question was one that carried a world of meaning.

Yun Yang seemed to not have noticed it as he answered without hesitation, “If it can be proven that he also hails from the Four Seasons Tower, of course, we’d have to go after him as well.”

He had only realized his slip of tongue after answering and huffed in annoyance, “Li Changqiu! You trapped me!”

Li Changqiu smiled a smile of triumph, and said, “So you are after Four Seasons Tower after all. I rest a.s.sured.”

“What are you relieved about?” Yun Yang asked in alarm, his expression indicated he wasn’t about to be tricked a second time.

“I’m relieved about two matters. One, I can help you to capture that fellow while seeking vengeance for myself!” Li Changqiu said gleefully, “Subsequently, the Four Seasons Tower will seek revenge for me in turn, and put an end to you. It all works out perfectly.”

Yun Yang said coldly, “I wish to avenge you, but how can I trust that you’re speaking truthfully?”

Li Changqiu huffed, “I desire him dead more than you do! If you still don’t believe me, I have nothing to say.”

Yun Yang gave away nothing as he said, “We’d have our ways to prove it.” Then with a fleeting glance, he continued, “Although I can’t give you any special treatment, if what you said was true… we can bring this person to you!”

Li Changqiu’s eyes shone brightly. “Really?”

Yun Yang smiled. “You have my word.”

Li Changqiu’s breath caught in his throat as he said, “If you are able to do this, I will be in your debt!”

Yun Yang nodded and continued with sincere emotion, “Senior, I really do not wish you to die. That is the simple truth.”

Li Changqiu sighed and said after some time, “It’s too bad that you can’t make the ultimate decision.”

Yun Yang kept quiet.

Sometime later, the greatest charlatan in history – Yun Yang - walked out of the secret chamber. The door closed slowly behind him.

A glint gleamed in Yun Yang’s eyes. “It’s actually him…”

Initially, Yun Yang had only one thought after capturing Li Changqiu, that was to torment him and extort information about his accomplice. It did not matter if the information could be obtained but Li Changqiu’s fate was to be cruel torture until death claimed him.

However, Yun Yang had a change of heart just as he was about to begin his game. It was easy for him now to vent his emotions. Yet to restrain his emotions was not something easy. It was compulsory to do so, however, when he was faced with such mighty enemy like Four Seasons Tower.

Therefore, Yun Yang changed his mind offhandedly.

He did a complete a.n.a.lysis on Li Changqiu’s psychological changes from the beginning to the recent years and how he had felt about the man after thinking about it carefully.

He had first given Li Changqiu the illusion that he was the only person in this world who understood him. He then impressed upon him the long hours he had taken to study him. Li Changqiu had no secrets of his own any longer.

When the illusion was successfully crafted, everything else would fall easily into place.

However, it was another matter altogether to achieve the desired effects. It took Yun Yang much effort to cleverly form vague meanings that sounded precise in the other party’s ears to tear down Li Changqiu’s psychological defenses. He then led Li Changqiu step by step into his trap with ambiguous words. It had been a great success so far.

Without utmost confidence, Yun Yang dared to confirm that Li Changqiu would now help him in tearing down the first line of defense of the Four Seasons Tower. He was already a “right-hand man”, a saber in his hands!

Moreover, the man himself would not even know about it.

However, the man Li Changqiu had named gave Yun Yang a slight pause.

Chu Tianlang!

He was a significant figure in and beyond Tiantang City, the owner of the Manor of Sirius – an unusual dwelling that stood outside Tiantang City.

He spent his wealth lavishly, but his fortune paled in comparison to his kinship; he had friends at each corner of the world as he also had brothers from each side of the ocean. His cultivation base was superior and mighty, his foes a rare sight. He was a symbol in the martial arts world, both in and beyond Tiantang City. He was not from the imperial court; he was neither official nor n.o.bility yet his influence was sweeping. He hosted countless experts and had plenty of guards safeguarding his premises. He was also chummy with some of the leaders in the military.

Upon hearing this name, Yun Yang’s forehead locked into a frown. No wonder Li Changqiu would think of him first once he heard that someone had betrayed him. How could such a person submit to someone else? Li Changqiu had most probably already felt an immense threat from Chu Tianlang for a long time.

To exterminate the Manor of Sirius and Chu Tianlang though...

Yun Yang frowned. It would be a difficult task indeed. Chu Tianlang was the twenty-first day of the first month.

“Should I utilize the military force? Or the influence of imperial power? Perhaps the surrept.i.tious might of the Nine Heavens Dictum?”

Yun Yang paced around the courtyard as he attempted to think this through; the more he considered, the lesser ideas he had. His expression was grim, like a man burdened with troubles.

Behind him, four white fur b.a.l.l.s – three Eclipse Panthers and a Lightning Cat, strutted elegantly with coordinated steps as they mimicked his movements.

Occasionally, one would throw itself onto the other one and roll around like a ball with all four paws facing upwards; they would then return to formation. Wherever their master walked, they followed. Yun Yang’s grim expression was a stark contrast to the four little critter’s glee.

“How bothersome.”

Yun Yang frowned. “I can’t deploy Fang Mofei yet and Lao Mei must not show himself. The Nine Heavens Dictum is very useful in the shadows, but once exposed, it can’t be used again. Imperial power? No, there would be too many doubts – information would be leaked easily and those civil officials have too many ill intentions, they won’t be easily manipulated. The military force is not safe either.”

“This has to be done in a single strike! I can’t give Chu Tianlang a chance to react or retaliate.”

Yun Yang pondered for a bit then sent a message away, “Wanted, all of Chu Tianlang’s information!”

The message flashed and disappeared on the jade – it was already dispatched.

”Another day is about to pa.s.s,” Yun Yang sighed in his heart looking at the darkening sky, feeling how little he could do every pa.s.sing day.

“Young master, Lady Ji Ling has arrived,” Lao Mei came in to inform his young master of her presence.

“Invite her in.”

Ji Ling came in with a long face and a package in her hands. It was obvious that she was still grouchy, her expression cold as if covered with a layer of frost once she saw Yun Yang.

“I am forever honored by Lady Ji’s gracious presence.” Yun Yang welcomed her warmly. “By looking at Lady Ji’s rosy glow, I guess that you must have won and become the big sister. Look at this pace befitting a dragon and the steps of a tiger, the intimidating aura is exactly the flair a big sister should have! I’m impressed! Congratulations.”

Ji Ling rolled her eyes at his flamboyance. Just a few days of not seeing him, and he was already figuring out new ways to anger her!

Translator Note:

1Chu Tianlang (楚天狼chǔ tiān láng): character’s name with楚 (chǔ) as family name and 天狼 (tiān láng) as first name in which 天狼 (tiān láng) also means astral wolf literally and carries the figurative meaning of Sirius (天狼星 tiān láng xīng), the brightest star from Canis Major, here in this story.

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