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Countless heroes in this world, yet they are nothing in my eyes. I dream of nothing and n.o.body else in the bedchamber, for my love belongs to a single person. All the other s.p.a.ces my heart has been scorched by this devastating flame!

This was an excerpt from a poem Yun Zuaiyue had written but never in her wildest dreams could she have imagined it coming from Yun Yang’s mouth. This was impossible!

Shaking his head at Yun Zuiyue’s question, Yun Yang sighed slowly and said, “I’m sorry, but I simply can’t tell you who I am.”

Yun Zuiyue’s soul seemed to depart her body as she slowly let go of Yun Yang’s robe and took a few steps back before she collapsed onto the floor despondently, her beautiful eyes losing their l.u.s.ter.

“You can’t tell me who you are.” Yun Zuiyue said through gritted teeth, one hand gripping the table tightly, trying her hardest to stop her body from trembling. “In that case, are you able to tell me... the person who sent you… the person who shared this poem with… Where is he?”

“If I knew that, it’s all the more reason that I can’t share that with you.” Yun Yang closed his eyes as he spoke, his heart aching with a sharp pain, like a knife had sliced right through it. If I tell you, your life is forfeit.

“You should at least know what his name is then!” Yun Zuiyue looked at him fiercely, eyes staring daggers at the recalcitrant man.

“I’m sorry, I do not know.”

“Is he at Tiantang City?”

“… I don’t know.”

Yun Zuiyue finally exploded. “Then you should at least tell me, is he dead or alive?”

Yun Yang forced his roiling emotions down. After a brief interval, he finally answered with great difficulty, “He wishes me to tell you to forget him.”

“Forget him?” Yun Zuiyue gave an anguished laugh. “He’s a jerk! Worthless! Heartless! Irresponsible! He is practically the sc.u.m of society!”

Yun Yang closed his eyes and took in a long breath to steady himself while Yun Zuiyue continued to curse spitefully.


Yun Yang’s palm landed hard on the table as he barked harshly, “Enough!”

His intimidating aura immediately filled the room as the loud crack cut through the woman’s rantings.

Yun Zuiyue’s voice dropped away. She began to laugh hysterically. “You men are all alike! You only dare to bully your own women; when it comes to anything else, you’re practically gutless cowards!”

Yun Yang’s chest rose and fell rapidly as he sought to maintain his own sense of calm, various reasons and explanations flowing through his mind. Finally he said, “You already know where he is.”

Yun Zuiyue stared at Yun Yang with horrified eyes as she vehemently denied the accusation. “No… I don’t believe it…”

As Yun Yang started to speak, Yun Zuiyue began to shout hysterically, “I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it!”

Her red-fnotrimmed eyes pierced Yun Yang’s soul, “I won’t believe anything you say.”

She seemed to be trying to convince herself, but it had also looked like she was praying to the heaven and earth. Although she spoke in a murmur, each word was clearly enunciated, “He cannot be dead!”

Yun Yang kept silent and still. He did not have the heart to say anything to the woman who was already distraught and saddened by his appearance.

Suddenly, Yun Zuiyue lifted her head and asked pleadingly, “He’s not dead, is he? Tell me it isn’t true!”

Yun Yang looked at her heartbroken gaze, his heart clenched with pain. He turned his head away and said softly, “Yes, to me, he is not dead.”

He will stay alive in my heart forever.

Yun Zuiyue’s slender figure stilled; she was as motionless as a statue when she heard his words. After a long moment, she began to sob and wail. It was as if all the worries and sadness she carried in her heart were finally unburdened upon listening to Yun Yang’s declaration. Oh, how she cried, her tears flowing with utter anguish!.

Yun Yang sat unmovingly; he knew of no words that could comfort her. He could only feel the wrenching agony in his chest.

“He… how is he now?” Yun Zuiyue’s sobs began to subside. “Is he… well?”

“It’s hard to tell.” Since the first lie had pa.s.sed his lips, he had no choice but to continue piling it on. “His injuries are far too...severe. Those were critical wounds, and right now, it would be impossible for him to return.”

“I understand!” Yun Zuiyue nodded feverishly. “I will wait for him! I’ll wait, no matter how long it takes! Please, please send this message back to him.”

“It’s impossible!” Yun Yang shook his head, feeling wretched. “I won’t be able to convey your words to him...”

“Oh no, I understand, I absolutely understand.” Yun Zuiyue said hurriedly, “Since you have ventured out, it would be impossible for you to return; there are frightening enemies all around. Yes, it would be safer not to attempt it.”

Yun Yang watched the selfless woman and could only feel his heart grow colder with despair and guilt.

“There was something you mentioned earlier… a fugitive?” Taking a few moments to compose herself, Yun Zuiyue had finally wiped away her tears. Though her eyes were red and swollen, she had recovered some of her usual flair. “What fugitive do you speak of?”

“This fugitive… could possibly be...” Yun Yang left his sentence hanging, allowing his meaningful gaze to complete it..

Yun Zuiyue’s face instantly took on a dangerous expression. “...could possibly be related to him?”

Yun Yang nodded silently.

“I’ll help you!” Yun Zuiyue’s hissed menacingly, like a cold ferocious beast thirsting for blood in the night.

Yun Yang exhaled deeply, amazed by the fiery vengeance he saw in this woman.

“Can we speak further? On another day, at another time?” Yun Zuiyue looked at Yun Yang with antic.i.p.ation, eager to gather as much information as she could on this topic.

“No!” Yun Yang was resolutely adamant. “It’s simply too dangerous.”

“I understand…” Yun Zuiyue lowered her head sorrowfully but she spoke with sympathy, “I’ve known all this ever since he was selected because I was with him when he went to the trials. I have kept this secret embedded in my heart, all these long years. Young master, you need not worry.”

Another pang shot through Yun Yang’s soul.

Fifth brother.

You’ve left this world, and no longer have any worries, but what should I do with this woman who is so devoted to you? I have the means to heal the world but how do I make up for this woman’s wounds of the heart?

Li Changqiu sat comfortably in a s.p.a.cious room of the Cirrus House; this was the chamber of Qing Shanxue, Cirrus House’s most popular courtesan.

Li Changqiu, who was a regular at the establishment, looked ruddy as he sat in repose; the sandalwood in front of him kindling with a rising fragrance as a pot of green tea exuded its mild aroma. A platform thirty feet away was covered with chiffon as a harmonious string melody wafted from behind the opaque material.

Through the chiffon, a slim figured girl with long hair, l.u.s.trous like a waterfall with equally refreshing purity could be seen playing the string instrument with delicate hands. It was a picture of artistic elegance.

The sound of footsteps floated over from the door as a vision in red entered gracefully. Even before the person came into view, her laughter had already resounded in the hallway. “Sir Li, are you pleased with my little sister’s performance?”

Li Changqiu smiled and said, “Her music sounds like it came straight from heaven.”

Yun Zuiyue chuckled, her waist thin to the point that it might break at any time. She smiled and said, “Sir Li has been given a great honor. People are normally not allowed into this room of Xue’er . Even as her older sister, I am occasionally forbidden to enter as well.”

“Is that so?” Li Changqiu chortled humorously.

“Sister Yue, since when have I forbidden you entry?” An embarra.s.sed voice hurriedly defended herself from behind the chiffon curtain.

“Now I’ve gone and embarra.s.sed Yue’er.” Yun Zuiyue continued, “Sir Li, the kitchen has just made a few appetizers. I’ve brought some over for you.”

“I am indeed a lucky man then.” Li Changqiu smiled but was taken aback when he caught sight of Zuiyue’s eyes. “Pardon me, but are Lady Zuiyue’s eyes a little swollen? Has something happened?”

Yun Zuiyue kept her smile even as she sighed, “There is. A sister received a letter from home saying that her mother has suddenly pa.s.sed away from sickness. I cried with her for some time. All the while I was thinking, at least she had a mother. I, Yun Zuiyue, don’t even know who my parents are…”

As she spoke about it, her tears came streaming down again.

Li Changqiu sighed and said, “Life and death, separations and reunions; we’re more often than not helpless in the vicissitudes of life. My condolences, Lady Zuiyue.”

Yun Zuiyue forced a smile and said, “It is hard to ease the heart’s sorrow. Look at me, what am I doing speaking of these things. Come, Sir Li, have a taste of Cirrus House’s culinary skills.”

With a wave of her hand, a maid came in with an intricate platter; four small and exquisite appetizers were on it along with a beautiful wine pot.

These were undoubtedly appetizers.The contents in each dish would, at most, serve two bites. The wine pot would only be able to fill up a single goblet.

Xue’er who was behind the curtain smiled while covering her mouth. “Sister Yue is generous today. Even I haven’t eaten these sort of appetizers for a few months now.”

Yun Zuiyue chided, “You little minx. Didn’t you eat the most the last time? You’re not even afraid of getting fat!” Xue’er began to protest from behind the curtain as Li Changqiu laughed good-naturedly. “You sisters certainly have a really good relationship.”

Yun Zuiyue sighed, “We’re but lonely people with no one to depend on. We can only seek comfort amongst ourselves.”

Li Changqiu chuckled and picked up his chopsticks saying, “These appetizers are simply superb. Just looking at them stirs my appet.i.te already. Such a pity that they’re in such small portions!”

Yun Zuiyue laughed. “If their portions were to be larger, they wouldn’t be appetizers anymore would they, Sir Li?”

“Truely said!” Li Changqiu chuckled and took a bite. Even as his teeth met the appetizer, he cultivated to send a probing tendril into the food and found nothing unusual or dangerous about it. He replied jovially, “Lady Yue is always right.”

His chopsticks moved like a quick breeze as he took a bite from each appetizer. Checking with his cultivation and realizing that they were all safe to consume, his initial worries immediately fell away. With sips of wine accompanying each bite of the appetizer, the food was cleaned off instantly. He said smiling, “This culinary skill would be good enough to serve at the palace! Lady Yue, just this bit can’t even come close to quelling my hunger; it just makes me even more ravenous! The portions are just too cruel, a bait to reel people in!”

Yun Zuiyue smiled sensuously. “Exactly, Sir Li! It is to hook people and reel them in; people such as yourself, so that you may come more often.”

“Fantastic, absolutely fantastic!” Li Changqiu guffawed, completely relaxed and at ease.

“Enjoy yourself, Sir Li. Zuiyue will step out first.” Yun Zuiyue laughed, “I would only disrupt Sir Li’s mood by being here.”

Li Changqiu chortled and endeavored to make her stay but Yun Zuiyue was already walking out with a smile on her lips.

The string melody resonated in the room as the fragrance of sandalwood permeated the air. Li Changqiu gradually let his guard down. It was indeed true that the Cirrus House was the safest place of all to be in!

Pondering upon this strange irony, he grabbed the wine pot and took another swig as he exclaimed, “Gratifying.”


A voice spoke out mockingly, “I would like to know if Sir Li would like to feel a little bit more... gratified?”

“Who is that?” Li Changqiu jumped up and spun around, trying to find the source of the disembodied voice.

A faint, purple silhouette appeared outside the door; a pair of icy eyes sent chills down Li Changqiu’s spine.

Li Changqiu snorted coldly and said, “Are you attempting to scare me with your mystical parlor tricks? You don’t have the skill for that yet!” He maneuvered himself into a position to strike out even as he completed his challenge.

The silhouette in purple stood unmoving as he spoke lightly, “Li Changqiu… Just a mere blacksmith and already able to afford visits to the Cirrus House three to four times a month… Is it so lucrative to be a blacksmith these days?”

Li Changqiu huffed and secretly gathered his cultivation base as he replied, “You need not be concerned about its profitability. What you should be worried about most now is… your little…”

Before he could finish his words, his face twisted into a paroxysm of agony. The overwhelming surge of mystical Qi that he had just gathered had dissipated without a trace!

Li Changqiu hurriedly cultivated again and although he could still cultivate his dantian, it melted away faster than he could gather it in.

The purple silhouette outside the door spoke indifferently, “Li Changqiu, don’t waste your energy. You wouldn't be able to expel the poison from your body if you weren’t given at least an hour to do so. Even if it was an expert with mystical Qi of the seventh heaven and above, they would still need at least three breaths. You, unfortunately, have not reached the seventh heaven!”

Seventh heaven?

Li Changqiu was inwardly delighted at his deception.

The world has only seen me at the sixth heaven; appearing to be weak has its advantages after all.

I have not reached the seventh heaven, have I? Let me show you what I have reached, right after these three breaths!

Li Changqiu suddenly raised both of his hands and lashed out wildly.


The concussive thunderclap sent thick fog exploding across the room, filling it instantly. The smoke was thick enough that one would not be able to see beyond their own raised fingers. It hung heavily in the air, refusing to be dissipated by the wind and obscured everything in its shadowy depths...

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