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Chapter 389 - Concern for the Nation and its People

"How goes it?" After the banquet, Prince of Concord Zi Yuanxiang, who was heavily intoxicated and mumbling non-stop in front of the others, was now looking at Lan Wuxin with clarity in his sharp gaze.

Lan Wuxin was an acknowledged man of wit and intelligence. Not only was he Ziyou’s think tank in the imperial court, he was also the officials’ main man in their circle of a.s.sociates.

"Elder Yun’s ident.i.ty should not be much of a problem." Lan Wuxin frowned and said, "Instead, I’m more suspicious of the fact that this man's status is simply over the top. I don’t know if you fellows have noticed that his gaze was filled with disdain, like each and every one of us here isn’t worth a thing in his eyes. Also, his appearance if very clean. Other than the mark of vicissitudes of life, he’s unusually neat. Even his fingernails are well-kept as well."

"Furthermore, the indifference from going through life vicissitudes doesn't show in his gaze, which is full of clarity. It shows that he may not be as old as he appears to be."

"His mannerisms are excellent. Whether it’s eating, raising the goblet or interacting with others, he does it very elegantly."

"I suspect that this person is highly capable but may also very well come from a n.o.ble family. When I interacted with him in close proximity just now, I smelled a refreshing fragrance of greenery that he exudes. What’s more, when we first met outside the city before this banquet, this old man has noticed the faint aroma of wine on him."

Lan Wuxin said seriously, "He definitely wasn’t drinking then. There’s no scent of alcohol from his mouth but his body has been carrying the scent. He is graceful and mild, but his regard for everyone else is nonexistent; he comes from a distinguished family but his skill is unparalleled; he’s indifferent about anything and everything, but absolutely despised the wine we so sincerely and warmly welcomed him with…"

"Furthermore, he wasn’t exactly awestruck when he arrived at the Empire of Ziyou…"

"Such a character can’t help but remind this old man of a legendary person."

Zi Yuanxiang’s eyes were bright like two little bulbs as he lowered his voice and said carefully, "Brother, do you mean to say that this man is… that person?"

Lan Wuxin kept silent for a moment and said, "If what he said about living alone for over three hundred years is true, then there’s a high chance that he is."

Zi Yuanxiang slapped his thigh and said, "My granddaughter attests that he summoned the mystical beasts in the forest. When they were leaving the forest, all the high and mid-level mystical beasts of the forest had gathered to send him off… I’m thinking that if he didn’t have the aura acc.u.mulated over a period of at least tens to hundreds of years, he couldn’t have achieved such an effect!"

Lan Wuxin mused and said, "If so… is this man really that person?"

Zi Yuanxiang nodded and said enviously, "Chancellor Lan is blessed that your grandson actually encountered such a person. It’s really a G.o.d-given chance. I can only be envious."

The other people were all confused listening to the conversation, so they asked curiously, "Chancellor Lan, Prince, who is it that you all are talking about?"

Lan Wuxin did not look pleased with the question, but turned serious and formal; he did not reply straight away.

On the other hand, it was Zi Yuanxiang who exhaled and said breathlessly, "That person, he is the G.o.d of Wine, Feng Xiange!"

Yun Yang sat in solitude in the small yard.

After the banquet, he had sent away the child and turned away anyone who attempted to serve him.

Lan Wuxin already had an inkling of Yun Yang’s perceived ident.i.ty then, so he had followed suit smoothly to order the small yard to be treated as a restricted area. No one was allowed to enter without Yun Yang’s permission.

However, the small yard actually housed a number of living creatures. There was Yun Yang himself, a bear, a snake, two kittens, Whitey Two and Whitey Three, and an extremely ugly bird that did not know yet how to fly, Jiji.

He had entered Zilong City after all.

It was only the first step but he had exhausted so much effort. What should he do next?

Yun Yang sensed the traces of spiritual Qi in Zilong City carefully but even with his current cultivation base and skill, he could not feel the slightest bit of spiritual Qi even when he was intentionally searching for it!

The Spiritual Sealing Formation had turned the entire Zilong City into a dead zone for cultivators!

Anyone who fought here would have at least a third of their combat power sliced off without effort!

As for pract.i.tioners who were famed for their peculiar cultivation methods like fire spewing, shapeshifting and others, this place would be their doom. None of those talents could be executed here, even if it was to save their lives.


Yun Yang reduced the small yard’s gate into splinters with a single kick and bellowed, "Where is everyone?"

The sudden noise was earth-shattering.

Lan Wuxin and the others were discussing what they should do in order to keep this deity of a man satisfied when they were suddenly greeted by the thundering boom. Immediately, they heard this expert whom they suspected to be Feng Xiange howl, "Why has Zilong City become a stale land?"

They looked at each other, aghast and clueless on how to react.

The ruckus that ensued was full of rage. Just as everyone was filled with doubt and trying to figure out how to tackle the situation, a long growl which soared right into nine heavens could be heard.

It was like a huge phoenix that charged into the clouds with a long screech.

The group was frightened and alarmed. They could no longer rein in their fear and rushed to the yard instantly. Lifting their heads to the sound, they saw a seven-colored radiance soar into the sky like a dazzling meteor which sliced across the air. As their gaze followed the trail of movement, it was like a seven-colored light curtain being pulled up from the ground to the point where the eye could no longer see, yet the iridescent curtain remained like a solid object!

Just the scene itself was already a rare wonder. What was more, it was created by a single person!

A scene of wonder, a person of wonder, and a phenomenon of wonder – gathering three wonders together would mean the making of a legend and the birth of a myth!

Everyone’s head was lifted with awe coloring their faces. Only speechlessness could describe the unusual emotions in their hearts right now!

Even after an hour, the seven-colored beam still lingered in the sky while the person that stood in the high heavens was yet to come down.

It seemed like the unparalleled prodigy had gone, riding the clouds.

The people present could not help but be awestruck!

To soar right into the nine heavens from the ground could be done by any high-leveled cultivator, but to stay for more than an hour in the sky? Perhaps the Empire of Ziyou had someone with such a cultivation base, but the people present had never seen one.

In Zilong City, from the window of an inn, a few people dressed in blue gazed into the sky and wore looks of worry. "Since when has Zilong City been graced by the presence of such an unparalleled expert? Such an audacious display, at that!"

"I have never heard of it."

"Hearsay indicates that Lan Wuxin’s grandson’s adventure in the forest had gone wrong this time and he was rescued by a reclusive expert. The commotion seems to come from the Residence of Lan too - most likely caused by this new character."

"Just by looking at this commotion, the term reclusive expert doesn’t seem to do his real capability justice… his skills have to be much higher than that!"

"It’s truly intimidating and a terror to know… Say, do you think that this is related to Yutang’s Nine Supremes?"

"I don't believe so. The Nine Supremes have a supernatural ability each, and their powers are extraordinary, but their real cultivation base isn’t that high at all. How can they display such a strong force? Forget the Nine Supremes, even Yutang’s top forces does not include someone of such high caliber!"

"Don’t close your mind to ideas. The truth has never been absolute. To be safe, it’s better that we go to Lan Wuxin’s residence tomorrow. I’ll only be a.s.sured after investigating this thoroughly."

"Alright, it’s decided then."

Several moments later, a certain expert finally landed, but his destination was Lan Wuxin’s yard instead.

"Elder Yun is indeed very proficient in his skills and has a remarkable cultivation base. This old man was convinced that Elder Yun actually left on the winds because he was feeling alone due to your apt.i.tude!" Chancellor Lan was humorous and even tried to crack a harmless joke.

Yun Yang said with a slight frown, "Why has Zilong City become like this now? A place devoid of the nourishment of spiritual Qi will only be a stale land – what’s there to be antic.i.p.ated from a nation’s capital that functions like this?"

Chancellor Lan was hesitant and said, "Elder Yun, you’re…"

Yun Yang replied, "This old man has only been here for less than a day but can already feel myself growing weaker. I can’t even get the most basic spiritual Qi of the heaven and earth let alone cultivate! This old man cannot stay in such a stale land. When tomorrow comes, this old man shall leave immediately. I’m here to bid farewell and apologize to Chancellor Lan now. I’ve caused a disturbance. We shall meet again if fate allows us to."

Lan Wuxin was exceptionally anxious once he heard his words, never expecting the expert to want to leave straightaway upon arrival. Seeing his determined att.i.tude, it was evident of Elder Yun's resolution.

Lan Wuxin pleaded for him to stay at once, "Don’t be fretful, Elder Yun. This chancellor has already written to Brother Sun Chengfeng to invite him from outside the city, first thing tomorrow to treat Elder Yun. I ask for Elder Yun to stay for just a few more days."

Yun Yang snorted but did not say a word nor did continue to insist on leaving tomorrow.

"Physician G.o.d Sun used to reside within the city, but the inactivity has compelled him to go around treating citizens. This chancellor has only received the news yesterday and found his whereabouts. Physician G.o.d Sun is already on his way back and will be able to treat Elder Yun within the next few days," Lan Wuxin said.

"Alright then." Yun Yang then said in distress, "Still, I would like to know why this city is turning itself into a stale land? What is this for? Hasn’t Chancellor Lan heard that a wise man does not stand before a crumbling wall?"

Lan Wuxin was hesitant about speaking as he replied, "This matter can’t really be helped. It has its reason."

Yun Yang asked, "What reason could there be for such a foolish act? Taking the initiative to turn an empire’s capital to a stale land of spiritual Qi. One has to know that cutting off spiritual Qi is just like restricting the path of millions of pract.i.tioners’ cultivation journey. Spiritual Qi appears to be unrooted and abundant anywhere, but it’s measurable in the terms of rich and weak, more and less."

"Building a land deprived of spiritual Qi is like forming an imaginary structure, the spiritual Qi will be recovered once the formation is removed. The truth is that the spiritual Qi of the heaven and earth can never be manipulated by men. Severing the world’s spiritual Qi on one’s own accord will cause disruption to it and even result in a permanent vacuum. This place will forever be a pract.i.tioner’s desert."

"Think about it - if an empire’s capital were to become a land of none-spirituality – it would only result in the weakening of a nation, the weakening of its people and the weakening of martial prowess. The future is imaginable. The Empire of Ziyou will only become the meat on the chopping board of the continent’s powerful players. You can expect lives to be sacrificed and home destroyed in the near future. Even if there was a blessed chance of revival, it can barely cover this sin!"

The words of this expert were a.s.sertive and br.i.m.m.i.n.g with concern for the nation and its people, full of heartache.

Lan Wuxin's doubt regarding the ident.i.ty of this man before him had evaporated.

Legend had it that the G.o.d of Wine, Feng Xiange, was from Empire of Ziyou!

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