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Chapter 381 - They Had to Be Cute and Adorable!

After a long time, when the sense of dizziness had faded slightly, the bear and the snake felt that there were two branches sticking out below their necks, lifting their heads upwards.

Without having to wait for the branches to exert pressure, the bear and the snake then, in an extremely obedient way, lifted their heads. With a soulful look to the front, they took in the view of the world before them once again.

There was only a single person within sight.

This person seemed physically small within their own eyes. It was the kind of figure that they could have easily swallowed, a dozen at a time. However, it was this person, with a very amiable stance, that was squatting on the branch of the tree in front of them.

"Hum, hum ..."

"Hiss, hiss..."

The Niello Bear and the Moire Python lowered down their heads at the same time; this was an act of asking for mercy, an act of surrender!

The storm-like blow just now had let these two jungle masters feel the fear of being dominated by the force majeure. They knew that no matter what, they themselves would not be the opponent of this human before them!

If they did not surrender, their fragile lives would be taken away.

This had exceeded the knowledge of the two kings of mystical beasts on the upper limit of human potency!

The human figure in front of them could not be a man, but a devil.

It was horrible!

"Surrender?" Yun Yang asked with an amiable look on his face. It was an easygoing and light-hearted tone that he had adopted.

Upon hearing the words, the bear and the snake desperately nodded to indicate their intention.

As ninth-grade mystical beasts, albeit being beginners, they were able to understand people's words. Even if that really did not work, one could distinguish the meaning of the mental strength in those sentences.

If at this point of the time, they were to be stubborn and utter idiotic phrases like, "Your father would rather die than to surrender!" , they would then have to bid farewell to this beautiful world.

Yun Yang frowned. In a somewhat dissatisfied tone, he uttered, "You fellow’s figures are too large ... this state makes me feel uncomfortable. In order to talk to you fellows, I actually have to hold my head up, really tiring indeed. How can I not be tired?"

How could he not be tired?

The most expedient choice was to kill the two mystical beasts; naturally, he would not have to hold his head up to talk again. This was the simplest solution to the problem.

"Hum ..."

The huge, gigantic, body of the Niello Bear suddenly trembled and began to shrink. Quivering again, it continued to shrink, wobbling for eighteen separate occasions as it slowly reduced in size. After a while, it looked like an ordinary black bear, gazing at Yun Yang with eyes filled with worry.

This was most likely its natural state.

Yun Yang shook his head, "You are still too large! I have to look up at you. Look up at you, do you understand?"

The Niello Bear hummed irritably. Having no choice, it then gritted its teeth and painstakingly quivered once again as its whole body echoed with the vigorous sound of cracking bones. A yellow, hazy, glow began to radiate from its body...

When the glow faded away, a furry, three-foot-tall bear appeared in front of Yun Yang. With a wet, runny, nose and a pleasing countenance, it lay on the ground and looked up at Yun Yang.

"Splendid! You got it right this time. Let me give you some reward." Yun Yang, satisfied, stretched out his feet.

The Niello Bear diligently came over to accept the reward, sticking out its tongue to lick the shoes of the devil, clean and neat.

"Roll over!"




"Jump on one leg!"


Yun Yang was exhilarated, "Brilliant! What a great performance! You can stand by the side, I will give you your rewards later!"

Upon hearing that, the Niello Bear felt like it was being granted amnesty. It scurried away to the Yun Yang's side and laid down with a well-behaved and adorable posture. Yun Yang raised his foot for the Niello Bear to climb over. It let the devil's feet land on its own head so that the devil was more comfortable…

What was there to speak of concerning the dignity of the king of mystical beasts and the others?

The Niello Bear admitted that these things did not even matter at all when compared with the dominance of the devil.They were utterly insignificant!

When life was at stake, what value does dignity hold?

As long as this bear could stay alive, it would consider itself lucky, even if it had to eat feces.

Yun Yang indicated his satisfaction with the bear, making the Niello Bear feel somewhat smitten.

Yun Yang turned his head to look at the Moire Python and frowned, "Why are you still so large? Do you still want me to hold my head up to look at you?"

The Moire Python had been shocked that its snake’s bile had shattered. With an imploring glance at Yun Yang, the snake’s head, which was the size of a house, could be seen desperately banging on the ground.

For so many years of its life, it knew that there was a need to abase itself when there was a need to beg for mercy from a human.

It began to bow rhythmically.

Thump, thump, thump ...

"Hiss hiss ..."

The Moire Python desperately released its mental energy to explain itself.

You almost scared me to death! Such a gaze is not to be trifled with!

"Do you mean that you will be growing smaller? Do you also mean to say that I've inadvertently rearranged your bones? Is that why you can’t shrink? Are you lying to me? How could there be such a restriction?"

Yun Yang tilted his head, his eyes filled with questions.

The Moire Python desperately nodded. How could there be any cruelty or maliciousness left anymore in those fierce, cold and indifferent eyes? There was only sincerity, pity and fear as well as the sign of an imminent collapse.

"If that's the case, it's very easy to settle."

Yun Yang rose up above.


He had kicked the Moire Python’s body.

Behind, the three-foot-tall mini bear winced.

Its own rival, with nearly ten thousand catties on its frame. The Moire Python had actually been kicked up into the air like a ball!

Why am I not surprised? Wasn’t that the devil who had been clutching the Moire Python to hit me with earlier? This living organism that had hissed its entire life was actually being kicked to the point where it's wailing sounded like that of a duck. What was going on?

It was clear that the nasty python was suffering an extremely tragic, brutal, attack. Why did the bear feel a deeply similar experience and a sense of empathy?

That terrible demon had made a total of a hundred and eight kicks on the Moire Python’s body; it felt as if it was the one being kicked for a hundred and eight times!

What was even more frightening was that the Moire Python did not even fall to the ground throughout the entire ordeal.

It had been kicked continuously in the air, without ever getting the chance to touch the floor.

The Niello Bear watched it until its two bear eyes were filled with horror. Oh, my bear mother! I actually felt the fear of losing my own volition after being dominated by the demon. That unspeakable terror!

It was indeed too ... horrifying!


The Moire Python had finally landed on the ground. Judging by its appearance alone, it had to be feeling utterly miserable!

"Are you alright now?" Yun Yang gently asked, "You aren’t faring too badly. You actually have a hundred and eight jointed bones, that isn't too small a number!"

The Moire Python, having regained its freedom of movement, did not even have the slightest hesitation or procrastination. With a sigh, its entire buddy coiled onto itself.

Then with all its might, its body glowed with a faint, green radiance. The large coils shrunk rapidly.

Gradually, its size shortened to that of a normal python of about ten feet. It uncoiled itself, resting its body flat and straight on the ground. It lifted its head, looking up imploringly at Yun Yang, " Hiss, hiss, hiss…"

Yun Yang nodded his head, "Very well! However, according to the legends, you Moire Pythons, when you grow your hundred and eight jointed bones, there will be a Luminous Pearl in each and every section of the bones. Were they all priceless treasures?"

The Moire Python had stiffened up, looking at the horrifying demon before him. It's entire body spasmed, with its mouth issuing a sorrowful hissing. It turned into a fist-sized snake’s head that could be seen desperately banging on the ground.


"I like the Luminous Pearl." Yun Yang uttered, "However, I like obedience more."

The Moire Python and the Niello Bear anxiously cried out at the same time, desperately trying to prove that they were the most obedient of all!

"I need to witness the evidence of obedience." Yun Yang smiled with satisfaction, "For example, can you fellows turn smaller?"

The Moire Python and the Niello Bear then attempted to put in their all to prove their worth.

Just when Yun Yang thought that these two actually had the courage to battle by betting their lives desperately, he heard a double thumping sound. There was a yellow gleam and a green smoke that dispersed together at the same time…

The bear and the snake had actually shrunk another size smaller again.

The Niello Bear was now only two feet tall. It was smaller than an ordinary black bear cub. It was impossible to know that it was from a ferocious family. As for the Moire Python, it had turned three to four feet long, with the thickness of a finger. It was shimmering gold and was quite glamorous.

At this point, Yun Yang only smiled with satisfaction.

"Now, this is what I'm talking about! Isn’t this more pleasing to the eye? Cuter and more adorable? Much greater than the kind of vicious virtues you were displaying earlier? Don't you fellows have some aesthetic sense?"

The hearts of the bear and the snake were filled with helplessness. If they had dared to cry, they would have done so loudly.

We were mystical beasts! What was the use of being adorable and cute?

The deadly, sorrowful, feeling was br.i.m.m.i.n.g in their hearts all along.

This was the result of them having to exhaust a substantial amount of life force to shrink themselves.

After this incident, they would need at least twenty years of cultivation to return to their original states.

In other words, this devil, with just a single word, had led the two major kings of mystical beasts to lose more than a tenth of their combat powers!

"Don't be so upset! Come, let me give you something good to eat. As long as you remain obedient, there will still be more to come!"

Yun Yang sent out two lumps of power, rich in vitality; both of them had a lump each, unequivocal and fair.

Upon witnessing the refined gleaming lumps of the power of vitality that lay before them, two pairs of eyes stared greedily.

Oh... gosh!

What was this?

With a flash of golden light, the Moire Python had consumed its lump. While turning around and eyeing the other covetously, it discovered that the mini bear had already had its two claws around the lump of Qi, gulping it down quickly.

Great stuff!

What great stuff indeed!

It was merely a lump, but it had managed to replenish all the energy that they had lost, including those losses of being beaten up, the losses of being forced to transform, and also the losses of visceral scales... there was still substantial residue after that!

Suddenly, the glances of the bear and the snake looking at Yun Yang had become completely different.

A pair of snake’s eyes, a pair of bear’s eyes; they both exuded an extremely eager gleam!

Big Brother, if you had such a good thing, why didn't you show it off earlier? If you were to show it off earlier, we would have surrendered at the first instance!

If you could have shown it off earlier, why didn’t you do so?

If you had done so earlier, it would have been better for us!

What a pity that we had to endure such a terrible experience!

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