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Chapter 370 - A Creature Called Emperor!

Old Marshal Qiu broke out in cold sweat. "I really don’t know about this. Supreme Wind didn’t divulge the location of the child. He was worried about his safety. Actually, his worry…"

How could the emperor listen to any sort of explanation right now? He was like an infuriated lion that was growling in a frenzy, "Absurd! Hilarious! What safety? What worry? Don’t know anything? This is treason! You should be exterminated alongside your family! Qiu Jianhan, hand the person over quickly or else not only will I penalize you, I shall execute a nine familial extermination too!"

"Do you think I wouldn't dare to do it?"

His Majesty had gone crazy, no longer making any sense.

Seeing the viciously babbling emperor, Qiu Jianhan felt exceptionally helpless. He felt numb inside as well.

I knew I would be scolded like this! His Majesty’s reaction is even worse than what I’ve imagined, much worse! I see the extent the impact of this matter has brought him.

I’m here to tell you that you have a grandson and your grandson is still alive, yet you want to charge me with treason and a nine familial extermination?

Why don’t you just ask if you should or not?

The old marshal was not only fuming mad, he felt incredibly maligned as well.

However, it was clear that the emperor was extremely upset by the information. He was hysterical!

G.o.d knew how much His Majesty had wished this news to be true.

He had always thought that it was all one-sided, that it was only a glimmer of hope keeping him alive; he had even long thought that it was already an impossibility.

His son had placed all of his attention on the Nine Supremes, how else would he have the chance to get married and build a family? If he had a choice, why would he have given up the honorable t.i.tle of the eldest prince and the crown prince? One could not get the best of both worlds; he had to choose his sacrifice!

He would never expect his son, as Supreme Earth, would still have the chance to tie the knot with Supreme Water who was a woman, and had even given birth to a son!

The emperor’s hope that he no longer had faith in had really come true!

His eldest child’s son!

His Majesty felt his blood burning – soaring and boiling!

"My son!"

The emperor cried, both in happiness and grief.

His eldest son whom he felt very sorry for, whom he thought of each time he woke up in the middle of the night, and whom he was still weeping over, had left behind a bloodline after all! He had given him a chance for compensation!

The emperor’s emotions were utterly mixed.

"Your Majesty." The old marshal was fairly worried and said placatingly, "Please don’t be overly anxious. It can’t be rushed. Since Supreme Wind has opted to speak up about this, he won’t take his words back… He’ll show the child sooner or later. Why the impatience? It isn't really a suitable time."

The emperor was still unusually fretful as he paced around, disregarding his image, like a lion that was trapped in a cage. "How could I not have known this? I also can’t wait for a second longer. I want to see the child now!"

To His Majesty, this was really a torture that could hardly be endured. He knew of the news now but he could not see the real person. It felt like a small itch that could not be scratched.

"Old antique! You’re here today to intentionally torment me, are you not?" The emperor glared daggers at Qiu Jianhan. "Not only do I see no one, I don’t even know where he is nor when he can be sent to meet me. Are you making me wait like this? Did you think I’ll be in a wonderful mood?"

Qiu Jianhan sighed inwardly. He knew that this fellow was just using him to vent his frustration.

"Your Majesty, even if you were the supreme of all and imperiously so, you have to be reasonable. I’ve also thought of whether I should tell you only when the child was here…"

The old marshal continued, "However, this old official knows that Your Majesty has been looking forward in yearning for so long and there’s finally news now. It’s worse if I keep it from you for a period of time but now that you’re like this, not only did you render this old official’s effort futile, it’s bad for your health. I hope Your Majesty can keep calm and think further ahead with a collected mind."

The emperor said in a rage, "What a loyal, great official you are! It's your effort to tell me when you have news. Telling me like this, how can I withstand the following days of torment? Keep calm, think further ahead? You f*cking nonsense! How can I keep calm at such a time?"

The emperor had cursed aloud.


Qiu Jianhan felt faint.

Whatever he did was wrong; not only was the man unreasonable, he had just sworn out loud!

It was wrong to give him a vaccination shot first, it was treason; hiding the information and bringing the child directly to him would all the more be treason as well – You’re taking me as a joke now since you’ve known it earlier, aren't you?

There would not even be the need for a groundless charge. This was an accusation that needed no explanation!

"If you really don’t want me to be vexed, bring the child to me quickly!"

The emperor roared again but it was a low growl and was only meant for the old marshal’s ears. His Majesty was obviously himself again and knew that some words and some matters could only be exchanged between the two of them. If a third party were to know, it would instigate needless mayhem.

"This… This old official is helpless regarding Your Majesty’s request…" Qiu Jianhan was already cursing Supreme Wind in an endless loop. Look what mess you’ve put me into! Now I’ll be trapped in this palace with no way out!

The emperor’s rage was not a fear the old man was willing to take. The old marshal exhaled a long, deep breath.

You fellows say women are difficult to appease because you fellows have never become a high-leveled official! Wait until you’ve become an official and you’ll know that there’s one creature in this world that’s harder to appease than women! It is a creature with emotions that are more volatile than a woman’s and is much more unreasonable than women!

Such a creature is called the emperor!

The most you’ll feel is miserable when a woman quarrels with you. As long as you spend some time, some money, and at most, some sincerity, you’ll get her back. However, when an emperor has a fall out with you, it can lead to a decapitation!

Even when you bear the purest intentions in your heart, the utmost sincerity when you are thinking only of him!

After a good venting, the emperor finally caught hold of his own temper. He fluctuated from being sad in one moment to being happy the next, to being agitated, to being frustrated…

"Sigh…" His Majesty heaved a long sigh in the end.

Old Marshal Qiu breathed in relief.

It looked like he had pa.s.sed the worst stage. Otherwise, this old man would not have sighed like this.

The old marshal understood the emperor well enough as the emperor asked, "Did Supreme Wind mention when he would send the child over?"

Qiu Jianhan answered, "Supreme Wind didn’t mention a particular time. After all, he’s thinking about the child’s safety as well. He wished to know our reactions first, especially that of Your Majesty’s…"

As he spoke, the emperor’s rage that had just simmered down soared up high once again as he slapped the table and roared, "b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Since when is he qualified to judge my att.i.tude? That my biological…"

Before he finished his words, his mouth was already covered by Old Marshal Qiu, who was long prepared for the tirade and who did so by risking the world’s greatest crime. His voice was anxious, "Your Majesty, watch your words, watch your words. If you insist on being so, not only would Supreme Wind disallow you from meeting the child, I wouldn't agree either!"

"Mmph…" The emperor freed himself forcefully but dared not continue his previous sentence. He bellowed angrily, "Old Useless Qiu, how dare you do that to me! Are you rebelling now? I’ll convict you of treason and exterminate your families!"

Qiu Jianhan rolled his eyes.

He was a goner today. No reasoning would work with this fellow. Whatever he said, whatever he did would be wrong! Anything would be treason or result in a nine familial extermination. Could he still act out a peaceful scene between an emperor and his official?

For a moment, Old Marshal Qiu felt like he wanted to retire and return to his old home. He dared not voice it out though.

The old marshal guessed that if he did say so, he would never have to do that anymore. It would not be treason either. The emperor would just swallow him whole right here and then.

In spite of it, this fellow was truly ridiculous…

The old marshal knew that his emotions were in a turmoil and he very much wanted to see his grandson whom he had long antic.i.p.ated, but he had to know the line. Old Marshal Qiu desperately wanted to grab His Majesty’s gown and ask, "Why are you so unreasonable? Are you a woman? Why are you so ridiculous? Are you a woman?"

If he could, and if it was possible, Old Marshal Qiu would have loved to ask that a hundred times in a loud roar.

A hundred times!

His Majesty then paced around the royal study with a thrilled expression, walking faster and faster, with arms behind his back. From what the old marshal saw, it was like a lion that was prancing back and forth with a swishing tail…

"Old Qiu!" The emperor made several rounds and suddenly went for Qiu Jianhan, pressing his shoulders with both arms and said, overjoyed, "I have a grandson! The person I’ve longed for the most has come! I have a grandson now! I’m so happy!"

Old Marshal Qiu looked stupefied. One who had no idea would have thought that the emperor had found a new continent, but this news was relayed to him by the old marshal himself. The emperor could tell anyone, but telling it to the old marshal…

Besides, he was the one threatening to sentence the old marshal with nine familial exterminations and treason as well. Now, here he was, calling him "Old Qiu" so endearingly…

What a sudden change of heart!

"About this child…" Qiu Jianhan started but suddenly realized that His Majesty had not doubted the sincerity of his words ever since he brought up the matter!

He had just thrown the words into the air and the emperor accepted them as they were, much faster than simply believing!

Where was the art of being an emperor – the guarded caution, the skill to not simply believe anyone?

"Did Your Majesty not doubt the truth of this matter?" Qiu Jianhan asked, just a little astounded.

"I don’t doubt it, not a single bit!" His Majesty snorted and said confidently, "First, I believe Supreme Wind; second, I believe my eldest son that he’d definitely keep a surprise for me! Thirdly… don't I have you as well? I believe you equally. If this matter is even the slightest bit suspicious, you wouldn't have told me about it so fast! Since you dare speak of it, then you must be confident about this!"

"We’ve been brothers for so many years. I still have my complete trust in you! Old Qiu, who are we?" The emperor said appealingly.

Qiu Jianhan was speechless.

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